How to become a teacher in Canada while being French?

You are a teacher in France and you like to share your knowledge with schoolchildren, but you would also like to get to know the country, and is Canada one of those destinations you dream of? The good news is that it is very possible that you will leave everything in France and go to live and work in Canada, while maintaining your status as a teacher. However, such an approach does not happen overnight since you will first have to force yourself to carry out some administrative procedures that we will explain to you through this guide. Thus, in a few moments you will have all the necessary knowledge to know if your dream of emigrating to Canada is possible or not.

Take care to carry out your administrative procedures in order!

To become a teacher in Canada, you have two options. Or you will have already found an employer in the place, in which case it is very likely that they will help you in these different procedures (obtaining a visa, equivalence of qualifications, finding accommodation, etc.). This solution is in fact the simplest, but the least frequent. Therefore, the second solution will be to carry out the procedures yourself and, therefore, go to Canada as a simple tourist at the beginning. To do this, it is imperative that you request an AVE (Electronic Travel Authorization) form on the official Canadian AVE site.

Then it will be time for departure, which you can consider temporary or permanent, as you see fit. However, if you plan to stay there for several weeks, feel free to apply for a tourist visa to comply with the rules of the Belle province. Do not forget to take with you any document that may be useful for a potential future employer, such as your diplomas, your current employment contract or even your latest payroll. Thus, you will be able to carry out your job search with serenity putting all the possibilities on your side to find the position that suits you best.

Canada, the Eldorado of French workers!

You might as well put it, getting a teaching job in Canada isn't really complicated. And for good reason, school councils (the equivalents of school academies in France) compete in ingenuity to integrate French teachers into their teams because more and more schoolchildren are from France. There are even big cities that will do their best to make you prefer them to neighboring cities (Montreal and Toronto are probably the two Canadian cities that are looking for more French across all sectors).

That's when things get interesting, because unlike the French system, when you're in Canada, you have the power. You can effectively choose your employer and not the other way around. He goes through various job interviews, goes to various establishments and plays cards on the table. Dare to say that you will make a final decision after meeting with all the employers. And you see, these same employers won't hesitate to go out of their way to make sure you retain them. They can take care of your move, the payment of the different administrative documents or even find you accommodation and pay for it for several months.

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