Do airlines offer youth discounts?

As the summer season approaches , many are thinking about their free time and what to do with it. If most people have worked all year to save a little money, it is of course to be able to afford the trip of your dreams.=”Text-align: justify;”> However, you You choose your holiday destination based on several criteria, in particular price, which is an important criterion in your choice. It would be a shame to spend your entire budget on transportation and have to tighten your belt once you get there.

To know all the discounts and to be able to choose wisely, it would be interesting to consult Easyvol , the latter being a site that allows you to compare the prices of the different flights over time. real. Thanks to its user-friendly user-friendly interface, customers can easily enter their searches and view the various offers that are available to them.

With the environment of 770 extras , Easyvol constitutes a very complete portal that competes between these companies to offer the ideal solution for the customer .

All information is provided to you on Easyvols, a flight comparator recognized for its reliability and ease of use.

The Air France youth rate

Youth rates are also offered for various companies, whether they are well-known companies such as Lufthansa or Aigle Azur, but also others like Ryanair.

Air France is no exception to the rule and also offers very attractive prices for adults and young people with interesting promotions.

For a Paris-Algiers ticket, for example, the offer comparer may allow you to get a ticket close to 229 euros, which allows you to save ten compared to other promotions.

A youth card in Hop!

If you are really looking for a plane ticket, no dear, the solution is still Hop! The latter is a subsidiary airline of Air France that offers flights for around 100 euros.

The only drawback is that the flights only go to European countries. However, the number of possible destinations is still quite interesting and therefore it should allow you to find the dream location for your next stay.

To get the HOP ! map, all you need to do is register on the company's website 30 hours before the departure. You will then be offered several options. You will even have a catering service and a loyalty program has been created to offer certain customers long-term benefits.

Advantages of Scandinavian Air System

We close the article to tell you about the Scandinavian Air System, which presents a series of advantages to ensure a good travel.

  • You have the option to carry excess baggage. You can also carry carry-on luggage and your student laptop without worrying.
  • The ticket can be exchanged several times after purchase.
  • Reservation is allowed even 22 hours before departure.
  • A point system configured to retain customers has been established.

As a reminder, the link to the site (Easyvol) is as follows:

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