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Which vibrating platform to choose in 2021? Our full comparison!

TOP 3 of the best vibrating platforms in 2021

In the field of fitness, there are many very different equipment. And if some of them are well known, even essential, such as the best treadmills or different weight benches, others are more recent, such as the vibrating platform that we will talk about in this article. As you can see for yourself, this is truly a one-of-a-kind home sports equipment with countless benefits. So that you can quickly find out which is the best vibrating platform in 2021 and how to choose the most suitable for you, we suggest you discover a complete buying guide as well as a comparison of the best devices of the year.

SportsTech VP300: The best vibrating and oscillating platform of the year!

If you want to be completely satisfied with your next vibrating rig but don't want to have to do hours of research, then choose the SportsTech VP300 en the best decision you can make, whatever your requirements. In fact, it is an exceptional fitness device from every point of view that will allow you to achieve your various goals with astonishing ease and speed. The German brand SportsTech has made a real show of force by developing the VP300 vibrating platform which is currently the best-selling in its category. Its success is such that it now equips many fitness clubs in France and abroad.

If the SportsTech VP300 vibrating platform is so popular today Much of this is due to the fact that it has been designed to withstand many years of heavy use, as its overall quality is just perfect. In total, you have 120 different intensity levels at your disposal, which guarantees an optimal elimination of your calories, and all with the greatest comfort since the vibrating and oscillating platform SportsTech VP300 offers a base of 80 x 45 centimeters. Finally, for greater efficiency, training ropes are also integrated, which will have the effect of working the whole body.

Our opinion on the SportsTech VP300 vibrating platform

If the vibrating platform SportsTech VP300 is so interesting, of It is by no means a coincidence, since it is an exceptional device that perfectly illustrates all the know-how of the brand. In particular, it is equipped with a bluetooth system that will allow you to play your favorite songs when you train and, of course, you can control all the functions of the SportsTech VP300 vibrating platform via a remote control, which will avoid having to worry about having to pause the exercises to change the particular intensity. To conclude, if our opinion of the SportsTech VP300 is so positive, it is naturally explained by the fact that it is a perfect vibrating platform.

Comparison of the 10 favorite vibrating platforms for customers in 2021

What is a vibrating platform? History of a technological innovation.

The invention of the vibrating platform is not very recent since it dates back to the 60s. This technological innovation is the result of several years of intense research carried out carried out by the USSR with the aim of optimizing the muscles of cosmonauts returning from their trip to space. In fact, due to the variation of the different physical and gravitational laws of space, these cosmonauts saw their muscle mass melt like snow in the sun during their stay. Upon their return to Earth, it took several training sessions on a vibrating platform to help them recover from their journey.

What if the vibrating platform has only known professional use for several decades, it was from 1998 that it had the opportunity to be presented to the general public thanks to a Dutch sports coach named Guus Van Der Meer who had the ingenious idea of ​​stimulating the muscles of his athletes thanks to vibrations. It was he who created the Power Plate brand, a benchmark in the field of vibrating platforms. Later, of course, other brands embarked on the design of this equipment, to such an extent that the vibrating platform now enjoys exceptional worldwide success, the sales volume being even higher than that of Roman chairs.

Bluefin Fitness: the vibrating platform with the best quality/price ratio of the year.

The vibrating platform Bluefin Fitness is also one of the favorite devices of athletes because it offers a wide range of possibilities thanks to its 180 different speeds as well as its 5 training programs. Thanks to it, you can lose weight just as easily as gaining muscle mass or strengthening your cardiovascular system, with a disconcerting simplicity that may well leave you speechless. Even if sport is not your favorite field, there is no doubt that you will appreciate the Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform at its true value.

With its 1000 watt motor and its maximum supported weight of 150 kilograms, the Bluefin Fitness vibrating platform is one of the best technical features in 2021. In addition, It also has a bluetooth system and lids-Speakers that will allow you to enjoy your music while you exercise. In short, Bluefin Fitness has it all.

What is a vibrating platform for? All the benefits!

The advantages of a platform are particularly numerous, and what makes all the interest of a fitness device of this type, besides the fact that it is very simple to use, is the fact that it provides benefits both to the body and to health. So that you know very specifically why buying a vibrating platform can be so beneficial for you, then it is important for us to show you all the advantages.

Lose weight fast with vibrating platform

Since all the muscles in your body will be used thanks to the vibrations of the vibrating platform, Its excess calories and fat will be burned especially quickly and intensely, without you having the least physical effort. In fact, the only action you will have to do is stand on the vibrating platform. For optimal results, only two or three 15-20 minute sessions per week will be necessary.

The fact that the vibrating platform allows you to lose weight also explains the success of this type of device, which is no longer available only in the gym, as some wellness institutes are also equipped with it. Of course, to obtain lasting results, as with any other sports discipline, your training must be associated with a healthy and balanced diet, otherwise the benefits of the vibrating platform would be less visible.

Tone your body and build muscle thanks to a vibration platform

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In addition to helping you lose weight, the vibrating platform will allow you to tone your body and especially your skin. This is also explained by the vibration system. In fact, during your sessions fat will be burned, thus leaving your skin the necessary latitude to reaffirm itself as cellulite will also be eliminated. Finally you will finish with the orange peel effect of your skin and then you will find a firm and toned skin, which will also be due to the fact that the muscles of the water will also be firmed, which will allow them to tighten your skin.

To strengthen and gain mass, the muscles must undergo repeated movements, such as pedaling, for example, which forces you to bend and straighten your legs alternately. The vibration system of a vibrating platform is based on the same principle. Because they will be subjected to micro-vibrations, your muscles will strengthen and, therefore, you will naturally gain muscle mass, without doing anything. You won't need to sweat for hours on an exercise machine, as the vibrating platform will take care of everything for you.

Strengthen your cardiovascular system with a vibrating platform

Today, there are many solutions that allow you to take care of your cardiovascular system without having to perform too much physical exertion, such as preferring to move around using an electrically assisted scooter rather than in a car, or relaxing in a quality inflatable pool on hot summer days. But the vibrating platform will be even more effective at this level. This is also why it is recommended to certain people in a therapeutic setting.

Always thanks to the micro-vibration system of a vibrating platform, your heart, which is a muscle in itself, will harden and therefore resist better the effort. But it will also be more powerful and therefore better able to redistribute blood throughout the body. Without the need for intensive sports sessions that last several hours a day, then you can truly take care of your health and improve it in a very simple way thanks to the vibrating platform.

JuFit: The best oscillating platform of 2021!

Thanks to the JuFit oscillating platform, you will be able to enjoy complete workouts with which you will easily reach all your goals. Whether to lose weight or gain muscle mass, this model will prove to be your best ally since when developing it the brand has thought of all athletes, whether they are beginners or professionals. And admittedly, the versatile side of this JuFit rocking rig is particularly exceptional, even one of a kind.

The JuFit oscillating platform offers 5 different workouts as well as 20 customizable speeds and 3 intensity levels. So whatever your needs, you will surely find the environment that best suits your needs. But what sets this model apart from all the others is also the fact that it comes with training ropes that will allow you to exercise your arms effectively to find a homogeneous silhouette.

How to choose a vibrating platform? Our expert advice!

Choosing a vibrating platform is something that cannot be done randomly and requires your full attention, as if you had to choose a massage chair since your quality will depend on the results you obtain in your body and your health. Therefore, to ensure that you choose the best equipment, we recommend that you consider the following different selection criteria.

Should I choose between a vibrating platform and an oscillating platform?

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A vibrating platform in the strict sense of the term is an equipment that consists of a plate whose vibrations will be produced thanks to a repetitive movement of the plate from top to bottom for super fast speed . Thus, during your sessions, blood circulation will improve notably and your muscles will be affected, which will have the effect of making them gain mass. In short, a vibrating platform is designed for those who primarily want to build muscle and improve their cardiovascular health.

The vibrating platform is made up of a plate that, as its name indicates, will perform oscillating movements, generally left to right starting from a central axis. Then, consecutively, it will be the right side of your body that will be requested, then the left side. These swinging movements are known to be very effective in losing fat or getting rid of cellulite. Specifically, the oscillating platform is ideal for people who want to firm their skin and lose weight.

But there are also multi-function vibrating platforms that are simply called vibrating and oscillating platforms. Thanks to these devices you will enjoy all the advantages of a vibrating platform and all of an oscillating platform. These models are also the most popular in their category today.

The amplitude and frequency of vibration of your vibrating platform

The correct choice of a vibrating platform must also be made according to the amplitude and frequency of vibrations. In fact, this frequency, which is measured in Hertz, indicates the number of cycles your platform will set in a single second. Thus, a vibrating platform that offers a frequency of 30 Hertz will mathematically produce 30 vibrations per second. A device that offers a frequency between 10 and 30 Hertz will be used primarily to relax, improve blood circulation, or lose excess fat. A model that proposes a frequency of 30 to 60 Hertz, as for him, will be more aimed at gaining muscle mass.

Regarding the amplitude of vibrations of a vibrating or oscillating platform, it illustrates the distance between the highest position and the lowest position of the device. Simply put, the greater this range, the more important the intensity of the work, which will have the effect of producing faster results. However, again, some vibrating platforms offer you to adjust this amplitude, which is measured in millimeters, according to your needs.

The comfort and dimensions of a good vibrating platform

When choosing a vibrating platform, it is essential to be interested in the dimensions of the table top. table as these will be directly at the origin of your work comfort and, therefore, of your satisfaction. It is important to note that the larger these dimensions, the greater the range of motion. In addition, you will also be able to perform more different exercises than with a more compact vibrating platform.

Also, the weight of your vibrating platform will also play a very important role, because if your device is too heavy, moving it will be a real task in itself. So be careful at this level and also take into account the maximum weight that your device supports which, from one vibrating platform to another, can vary a lot. Obviously, you will have to choose a model whose maximum weight supported is greater than yours.

The different programs of the vibrating platform

So that the results that you will obtain thanks to your vibrating platform are perfectly adapted to your requirements, it will be necessary that the programs offered by the device are sufficiently numerous and sophisticated. Therefore, during your research, we invite you to dedicate all the necessary time to study this characteristic on which your satisfaction will depend very directly. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, brands and vendors clearly communicate the number of programs that the vibrating platform offers.

Thanks to an administration console or a remote control, you can obviously adjust your vibrating platform to develop the desired program, which will allow you to perform all the exercises you need. you have planned to do. In addition, you can also take advantage of specific training programs according to your sport level but also according to the sport you want to simulate, such as running, walking sideways or even cycling for example.

Finether: The best economic vibrating platform!

If your budget is tight or you just don't want to pay a fortune to buy good fitness equipment, then the Finether vibrating platform will surely interest you, as it is currently the best cheap vibrating and oscillating platform. Thanks to it, you can easily consider losing weight or optimizing your health, even if you are not a great sports fan, since only two or three ten-minute sessions per week will be enough to notice changes.

Despite being very economical, the Finether vibratory platform is still of excellent overall quality since it can support a maximum weight of 150 kilograms. Plus, it offers 99 different workouts, so you can be sure you can consider all the exercises you'll need to achieve your various goals. To conclude, don't be fooled by its price to judge its quality as the Finether vibrating and oscillating platform is one of the best of the year!

SportsTech VP400: A high-end 4D vibrating platform for demanding athletes!

If you are one of those athletes who above all looks for exceptional results and performance, the 4D SportsTech VP400 vibrating platform is the model you need. In fact, thanks to its clever combination of oscillations and vibrations, in a frequency range of up to 40 Hz, it undoubtedly positions itself as one of the best vibrating platforms of its generation. By choosing to follow an example of a weight gain program and using this high-end sports equipment, the results will soon be noticeable, and these will speak for themselves. You might even find it hard to believe that this home fitness product can work so well.

What also enables the SportsTech VP400 vibrating platform to be so unique of its kind and at the same time so appreciated by consumers, is the fact that it is equipped with a slightly curved 4D vibrating plate that will offer you incomparable comfort as well as a sensation of unprecedented movements. . With its three positions plus its bluetooth speaker, this vibrating platform has it all. And immediately after trying it for the first time, you will be convinced that you have chosen the best vibrating platform of the year!

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