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What is the best electric scooter in 2021? Complete comparison!

TOP 3 of the best electric scooters in 2021!

In the field of urban mobility, there are now many very different devices. And while they all have the main functionality of allowing us to move more easily, they all stand out for their technical performance. In this article, we wanted to present you a comparison of electric scooters. As you will quickly notice, even if it is not a complete sports equipment, as may be the case with different weight benches, this type of equipment only offers advantages. So that you know which one is right for you and how to choose your electric scooter, we are going to share with you all our tips on this topic.

MacWheel MX1: A high-performance folding electric scooter!

Many manufacturers offer their own models of electric scooters. While some are off-road, others offer puncture-proof wheels, record range, or even optimal driving comfort. However, very often, choosing an electric scooter means having to compromise on certain criteria. On the other hand, by choosing the MacWheel MX1 electric scooter, you will be sure to become the owner of a model that will completely satisfy you on all levels.

The MacWheel MX1 electric scooter is one of the most recent models, but also one of the most advanced. And what's even more remarkable is that while it offers truly impressive performance, it is nevertheless offered at a very affordable price, allowing you to indulge yourself. without having to dip into your savings. Until now, the MacWheel electric scooter brand was little known in France, but now it will be necessary to get used to it as it could very quickly establish itself as one of the leaders in this category.

Macwheel Powerful folding electric scooter

The technical characteristics of the MacWheel MX1 electric scooter

  • Model: MacWheel MX1
  • Range: 30 kilometers
  • Maximum speed: 25 km/h
  • Motor power: 350 watts
  • Features: Puncture-proof tires
  • Folding electric scooter: Yes
  • Dimensions: 105 x 44 x 115 centimeters
  • Weight: 11.7 kilograms

Our opinion on the MacWheel MX1 electric scooter

The scooter The electric MacWheel MX1 is a model that is destined for success in France, but throughout Europe. In fact, it has the advantage of offering exceptional technical performance while remaining very attractive from a financial point of view. With its urban look , it immediately makes you want to use it, and one thing is for sure, after trying it, you have surely made the best decision as it is powerful and practical. at the same time, offering optimal wearing comfort.

What also makes the MacWheel MX1 electric scooter stand out is that it has a very interesting safety system. In fact, below 5 km/h, the electric assistance will not activate, which guarantees you power in to maintain full control in any situation. Finally, with its anti-puncture wheels and folding function, the MacWheel MX1 electric scooter can also be considered the most practical model of the year.

M MEGAWHEELS cheap and quality light electric scooter

Do you want to get a good quality electric scooter? Then you need to read this article. Previously designed for the entertainment of children, the scooter consisted of a board carried by two or three wheels. Then he could put one foot on the board and use the other leg to propel himself. Today, it is no longer an object of entertainment, but a means of personal transportation. Economic, practical and ecological, the electric scooter is widely used. Don't confuse it with skateboarding. It differs from the latter by the fact that it has a handlebar, but also a certain number of wheels. Discover the M MEGAWHEELS Light Electric Scooter.

Presentation of the M MEGAWHEELS Light Electric Scooter

M MEGAWHEELS Light electric scooter see the promotion

This electric scooter is manufactured by M MEGAWHEELS , an American company formed by young entrepreneurs. The brand specializes in the manufacture of hoverboards, electric scooters and skateboards that enjoy great resistance. For your information, all the products they design have CE, UL or RoHS certifications.

Now let's move on to the M MEGAWHEELS lightweight electric scooter, which is a high performance brushless scooter. It is made of aluminum alloy and weighs only 8 kg (ultralight). With a power of 250 W, this device has a very good acceleration. It can reach a maximum speed of 23 km/h. It is equipped with a large capacity lithium-ion battery (5000 mAh). This gives it a lot of autonomy. You can drive it for 8-12km for 2-3 hours of charging. With a 15 degree gradeability, this electric scooter has shock absorbers. It is also equipped with a dual brake system, brake light and LED taillight. The light electric scooter M MEGAWHEELS is foldable and adjustable in height. Folds up in 3 seconds and is very easy to store. Its transport is also simple. The rubber tires are very robust and withstand 6.5 and 5.5-inch wear well.

Our opinion on the M MEGAWHEELS electric scooter

The M MEGAWHEELS Light Electric Scooter is a very aesthetic model with a good finish. By using it, you will see the battery level correctly, which will save you some nasty surprises. It is easily foldable and transportable unlike other models we tested. The wheels are solid with grooves. You will not have any problem even to use it during the rain. The scooter has a whole series of adjusting screws that allow you to tighten the handlebars and other parts. Therefore, you do not need tools for maintenance. Also, there is no latch between the “mast” and the rear wheel brake. This makes it easier to learn.

Note that the balance is excellent and the recommended age to use it must be over 15 years. Finally, the device should not be used on public roads.

Xiaomi FBC4004GL: The best electric scooter of the year!

If you are only looking for the best electric scooter on the market and you demand To have a perfect shopping experience in every way, choose the Xiaomi FBC4004GL is definitely the best decision you can make. And rightly so, it is an exceptional model that acts as a leader in its field, which is mainly explained by its irreproachable overall quality as well as its high-level technical characteristics. There is no doubt that by choosing to buy the Xiaomi FBC4004GL electric scooter, you will be offering yourself urban mobility equipment that will be essential in your daily life.

If the Xiaomi FBC4004GL electric scooter is considered the best at this time, it is initially due to its record autonomy of 30 kilometers that will allow you to go to work or go out to walk without worrying about breaking down. In addition, with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and cruise control, this model is positioned as one of the most efficient of its generation. Finally, and it must be admitted, although it is exceptional, this electric scooter is still economically very interesting. To conclude, if you want to make a smart purchase without running the least risk of disappointment, buying the Xiaomi FBC4004GL electric scooter is the best idea you can have, whatever your requirements.

The technical characteristics of the Xiaomi FBC4004GL electric scooter

  • Buy the Xiaomi FBC4004GL at the best price on! Model: Xiaomi FBC4004GL
  • Range: 30 kilometers
  • Maximum speed: 25 km/h
  • Motor power: 500 watts
  • Features : Cruise control
  • Folding electric scooter: Yes
  • Dimensions: 108 x 43 x 114 centimeters
  • Weight: 12.5 kilograms

Our opinion on the Xiaomi FBC4004GL electric scooter

The Xiaomi FBC4004GL electric scooter is currently the best-selling model of its generation, and it is to recognize, the success you are experiencing is well deserved. In fact, it is an electric scooter that will fulfill all its promises and that will allow you to move effortlessly in the city or in the countryside, over long distances and with impressive comfort.

Besides the fact that it is offered at an unbeatable price, the Xiaomi FBC4004GL electric scooter has convinced customers around the world that it is visually very stylish. And proof of this, in 2017 it won numerous awards such as the Design Award which designates it as the most beautiful device for urban mobility. In short, all the reasons to buy the Xiaomi FBC4004GL electric scooter are good. And when you've taken the step, too, you're probably wondering how you were doing without it before.

Comparison table of the 10 best electric scooters of the year

How to choose an electric scooter? All selection criteria!

Would you like to make no mistake when buying your next electric scooter? In this case, the few tips that follow should interest you since we wanted to explain in as much detail as possible what to look out for when choosing an electric scooter. In fact, choosing an electric scooter is like choosing a vibrating platform, it is essential to consider each criterion with a great deal of rigor to make the best possible decision. So after reading, all you have to do is follow these tips to the letter to ensure you have an unforgettable shopping experience.

The general quality of an electric scooter

First of all, a good electric scooter is above all a team that benefits from excellent overall quality. This criterion is, indeed, all its importance, since it will have a direct impact on the useful life of the product, on its technical reliability but also on the safety that it will guarantee. Therefore, before even starting to study the rest of the characteristics, we invite you to inform yourself in depth about the general quality offered by the model that interests you, just as you would when buying an electric chainsaw. or when choosing a 3D printer.

To get an accurate idea of ​​the overall quality of an electric scooter, there are two solutions available and of course they can be stacked. First, study the presentation of the device that generally highlights the type of materials used to make the equipment. Obviously, it is better to choose a model made of strong and resistant materials such as stainless steel. But you can also refer to the opinions of consumers who have the main advantage of being extremely honest and transparent, and who will inform you in the best possible way on this subject.

The autonomy and functionalities of your electric scooter

Once you are sure that it is a quality electric scooter, it will be You need to be interested in the autonomy of the device which, ideally, should be as high as possible, which will allow you to reduce the frequency of recharging. In the vast majority of cases, manufacturers communicate about this autonomy, but it is also possible that you do not have access to this information, in which case we advise you to continue on your way. Ideally, choose an electric scooter that offers a range of at least 15 kilometers.

But you should also study the different functions offered by your next electric scooter, a very common criterion since it also comes into play when choosing a thermal brush cutter or a material detector. And at this level, you will have many options to choose from. In fact, if some devices don't offer one, others are much more generous instead. For example, you can take advantage of cruise control, LED headlights or even a flashing system that will allow you to indicate to other users the different paths you plan to take during your trip.

The safety features and options of a good electric scooter

Of course, even if its use on the road is prohibited, the electric scooter that The purchase should be as safe as possible. To do this, first find out the quality of the brakes. These must be receptive and relatively flexible at the same time so that the braking that you are going to make is fast without being too brutal for all that. It may also be interesting to opt for an electric scooter equipped with an audible warning device that will allow you to warn other users in the event of an unforeseen or imminent risk.

Finally, to finish your search for the best electric scooter, study the different options that you have at your disposal. Again, at this level, you will have many options to choose from. Some electric scooters offer, for example, a digital display that allows you to know the remaining battery level or the speed in real time. Others can be folded down for easy movement when not in use.

UrbanGlide Ride 80XL: the electric scooter with the best value for money!

The UrbanGlide Ride 80XL electric scooter is a device that can attract your attention for several reasons. Indeed, it has a particularly interesting quality/price ratio that will allow you to equip yourself correctly without breaking the bank. But what also makes the strength of this model is the fact that it was designed to last since to develop it, the brand has chosen to use only very high-end materials.

In total, the UrbanGlide Ride 80XL electric scooter offers a range of 25 kilometers and a maximum speed of 22 km/h. Of course, depending on your environment, you will have 6 different speeds to always be able to move in the best possible safety conditions. In conclusion, if your budget is relatively tight but you don't want to skimp on quality, buying the UrbanGlide Ride 80XL electric scooter is one of the best decisions you can make right now.

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