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Test and review of the Sportstech ESX500 exercise bike

In the stationary bike market there are a multitude of ranges on display. Therefore, when a user of this bicycle goes on the market, it is important and beneficial for him to choose the right brand among so many others. To this day, the expert manufacturers of these sports equipment continue to introduce us to extraordinary exercise bikes. Thus, the Sports Tech ESX500 exercise bike is one of the best ranges that meets consumer expectations. In this article, we'll introduce you to this bike and tell you why it's important to everyone.

The bicycle d 'Department of Sports Tech ESX500: a short presentation about it.

With a stiff and durable belt that doesn't make noise, the Sports Tech exercise bike is made with a credible mechanism.It is a dense and pragmatic team with dimensions that allow everyone to try it.It has a comfortable saddle that you can easily adjust to suit your height.Remember that your saddle can be adjusted horizontally and also vertically.With a net weight of 30 kg, the Spots Tech ESX500 bike features a triple bottom bracket system.And this with a ball bearing that is very solid.Also, the live videos of various APP players plus a 5.5 chip screen are accompanied by the hardware.With this tool you can do live coaching during your training.

The Sports Tech ESX500 exercise bike: what makes it special compared to other brands on the market?

As you will know from me, exercising regularly is important to maintain muscles.It also allows you to create new neural networks every day for your well-being.However, in order for you to have the passion to do sports kindly, you should know that the Sport Tech bicycle is the most attractive and adaptable to all.If you are a child, youth, adult or older, this bike can help you play sports.Composed of a velcro strap, it makes your training more flexible and flexible.You'll spend less energy with this device, simply because of its 22kg inertia weight.Dear readers, in addition to these reasons we just mentioned, please note that this bike comes with many other accessories.We can mention: an LCD screen, a Bluetooth to share connection, a tablet port.

What really characterizes the Sports Tech ESX500 exercise bike?

Being among the best sports bikes, this one is characterized by its color that can be black, red or gray.It is capable of supporting a maximum of 120 kg of weight.It is a unique bike with a good ergometer.Its saddle is adjustable in height and the bicycle has a resistance of 12.With a net weight of 30 kg, it measures 96.4 * 52.2 * 132.1 cm.

What do we think about this bicycle brand?

Considering all the features of this device, these functionalities and the accessories that come with it, it is obvious that it is among the best. This exercise bike is accessible to everyone and provides total satisfaction to users. This is why it is considered the perfect fit for fitness training.

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