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Our take on the Sportstech RSX500 indoor rower

If you are a professional athlete or just a hobbyist, you can equip yourself with an apartment rower. This device will help you easily to achieve your goals. And for those who want to burn calories in record time, to stay in line, we recommend the SportsTech RSX500 indoor rowing machine.

All about the apartment rowing machine

The indoor rowing machine is a device that allows you to exercise. It also allows you to work the lumbar muscles, biceps, calves, shoulders, quadriceps, glutes, abs. It is the ideal tool to tone your muscles and refine your figure. With this device you develop a good physical condition. The rower consists of a frame, a beam, a rudder, a sliding seat on a rail, a console, two pedals, and scroll wheels.

Presentation of the SportsTech RSX500 indoor rowing machine

For those who want to build muscle at home, the apartment rower is what you need.The SportsTech RSX500 Indoor Rowing Machine It is a weight training machine that helps to improve cardiovascular endurance.This is a better and perfect device to follow a complete weight training program.It comes with a free training record, which allows you to achieve your goals effectively.The SportsTech RSX500 indoor rowing machine is a device designed for those who follow a weight loss program.It allows any user to burn the calories contained in their body and always be in perfect health.It offers a multitude of cutting-edge features.It also has a compatible console with all fitness applications on IOS or Androids.It is quite comfortable and practical.It is ideal for both beginners and sports professionals.It is a perfect equipment for those who want to achieve their goals without going to a gym.

The technical characteristics of the SportsTech RSX500 indoor rowing machine

The SportsTech RSX500 indoor rowing machine is an ultra-modern device, it is equipped with a magnetic braking system and offers 16 levels of resistance.It is quite simple and guarantees 100% safety during use.Also thanks to its non-slip pedals and adjustable straps are safe from any insecurity.The device is compatible with heart rate monitors and offers 12 pre-recorded training programs.It has a 5.5-inch screen that gives you a visible reading of your performance.You have the possibility of knowing your heart rate during your training moments.It can withstand a load of up to 120 kg and weighs approximately 32 g.It is quite fluid and quiet.

The advantages and disadvantages of the SportsTech RSX500 indoor rowing machine

This device offers several advantages to its owner. First of all, it comes with a multitude of features, and yet it is It sells for a pretty good price. It is a very versatile piece of equipment that is compatible with mobile fitness applications. Helps you reach your goals, calorie loss, fitness maintenance, and performance. It is a true all-in-one that allows you to train in complete safety thanks to its many features. It offers you 12 different programs that allow you to enjoy various training modes. It is solid and offers wear for several hours without any prior adjustment. The main concern with this apartment rower is that if you don't have enough space in your house, you can't install it.

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