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How to properly equip yourself to start running?

You have finally made the right decision to start playing sports and running, since it is a sport that can be practiced anywhere and requires minimal equipment. In this case, you are not without knowing it, your body is going to be put to the test. However, to get started as it should be, we suggest that you find out here how to properly equip yourself to start running. As you will see, it is not necessary to plan a large investment, however you will need to be very careful with some accessories in particular.

Finding the right running shoes


Obviously, running shoes are the most essential gear for running. But they are also the ones that will have the effect of absorbing shock and protecting your joints when you exercise. Therefore, your choice must be made with the utmost rigor. We can only recommend that you choose Nike shoes, as they have been developed in collaboration with the best athletes and are also the result of many years of intensive research with a view to always improving the comfort and performance of athletes, amateurs or professionals.

By choosing to offer you good running shoes, you will benefit from two main advantages. The first one, obviously, refers to comfort and respect for your body. You can run for hours minimizing the risk of injury. But good running shoes are also shoes that allow you to benefit from better cushioning and rebound, which will optimize the breadth of your strides and, therefore, your performance.

Useful accessories to keep track of your running sessions

Other running accessories are optional, however they could greatly enhance your fun running and motivate yourself to repeat these sessions. For example, if you want to know exactly your performance, the duration of your sessions, the distance traveled or even your heart rate, equipping yourself with a smartwatch can be a great idea. However, the choice of your connected watch must be done very carefully, as it is important that your device offers all the functions that you think are useful.

Also, if you want, you can also invest in wireless headphones to listen to music from your cell phone when running your running sessions. And if it doesn't seem like a lot, in fact, running to music is especially recommended since you will no longer focus your attention on the physical effort you are putting in, which will allow you to plan your session. running less difficult than it seems.

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