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Document shredder: comparison, test, opinion and choice of the best

Best paper shredder

Some confidential documents must be destroyed to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. For this, the use of a document shredder is important. The document shredder is an urgent office accessory in your business or home. It is the best tool to effectively destroy any document that you want to keep secret or that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands. Then this article comes in a standard point to help you explore the universe of these devices to choose yours without major difficulties.

Top 3 document shredders

AmazonBasics Document Shredder AU1226XB

This document shredder model has captured the hearts of all users based on their positive comments. With its 22.1 cm slot, this document shredder is capable of taking 10-12 sheets simultaneously. Regarding confidentiality, the particles resulting from the shredding of the sheets are impossible to read and therefore unusable because it reduces the sheets to small pieces of very reduced dimensions (5.5 cm X 0.6 cm). In addition, this grinder can hold up to 18 liters. It also has the particularity of shredding everything simultaneously such as clips, DVDs, CDs, staples and more. Documents do not need to be sorted for insertion into this shredder. However, it should be noted that this paper shredder automatically shuts off when it comes into contact with a foreign object. All this for your safety.

Fellowes 62MC-4685201

Fellowes is a recognized brand in the world of document shredders. Document shredders of this brand are used to shred highly confidential documents. Capable of taking 10 sheets simultaneously, this shredder cuts each A4 sheet plus 1000 micro-confetti. Plus, it accepts credit cards and staples. Its basket has a capacity of 19 liters. So you are faced with a very practical document shredder model.

Rexel Auto + 100X Paper Shredder

This is the most widely used document shredder model in large offices. Therefore, you can shred from 100 to 130 sheets simultaneously. Furthermore, the confetti resulting from this destruction is unreadable. Its capacity is 26 liters. In other words, this shredder's trash can holds up to 250 sheets. In addition, it should be noted that it is an ultra-quiet model that accepts paper clips, staples and credit cards.

Why buy a document shredder?

The main reason people or companies buy a document shredder is to prevent such important documents from ending up in the hands of malicious people. Therefore, personal documents related to personal transactions or business contracts are so expensive that they are systematically destroyed if they are no longer used. In addition to paper documents, thanks to a document shredder you can destroy CDs, DVDs and other media that may contain sensitive information to always keep your belongings. However, it is necessary and essential to ask the question of how to choose this tool. To do this, you must first define the place where the document shredder will be used (business or home). Then the number of people who will simultaneously use this office accessory. By addressing these two concerns, you can easily set your shredder duty cycle to purchase. Note that duty cycle is defined as the time the shredder has to run before cooling down afterwards. For example, in business, many people are likely to use the document shredder. In this case, you need a device with a long operating cycle. This is not the case at home where the number of people is limited, then it is necessary to resort to a paper shredder with a short operating cycle.

The criteria to follow to choose a cheap paper shredder

The most important criteria to consider when purchasing a document shredder that meets your requirements and needs are:

  • Security level
  • Technologies
  • The capacity of the recycling bin
  • The speed of the paper
  • The security level of a paper shredder
  • The security level

The security level is chosen according to the degree of confidentiality of the documents you want to destroy.In fact, this level is related to the shape of the cut that the shredder makes.For this, the higher the security level, the more particles of the destroyed document will be impossible to use later.7 lev Security levels and are grouped into 3 classes in the case of document destruction.

Security levels 1 and 2: These levels are the most suitable for newspapers journals that do not contain important confidential information.Shredded documents are cut into medium-thick strips.This is the lowest security level elsewhere.

Levels 3 and 4: Unlike the previous case, this category of document shredder is used for document shredding with a medium degree of confidentiality.In this case, the papers are shredded into small discs of various sizes.Therefore, these papers are shredded lengthwise and widthwise to result in nearly 800 pieces.This makes the destroyed document impossible to read even if some words are still recognizable.

Levels 5, 6 and 7: in this case, it is figures, very sensitive documents that must be destroyed completely at all costs.These documents have a high degree of confidentiality.To do this, shredders of this type of document reduce a sheet to between 6,000 and 12,000 small pieces of size 10 mm2.The possibility of reading the information is not offered in these documents after the shredder action.In addition, these shredders are used for the destruction of top secret documents.

In terms of technology, the options To look for at the level of a document shredder are, among others, the security functions, the anti-jam technology, the silent destruction, but also the energy saving.

Anti-jam technology a document shredder allows the shredder to handle the jam.In fact, some document shredders do not work when the amount of documents being fed exceeds their normal capacity.

Regarding the security functions, the Some document shredders are equipped with a manual lock.However, others are equipped with stop technology when a hand approaches the slot where the documents are inserted.The main thing is to buy a document shredder that will avoid accidents due to manual shredding.

Also, to save energy, the document shredders are programmed to sleep automatically when not This helps reduce the amount of money spent on electricity.

Working quietly is ideal.For this, document shredders are equipped with technology to destroy documents without making noise.It is also the most sought after paper shredder in terms of choice.

Document shredders also have a shredder capability. simultaneously several sheets, with capacity to destroy staples, bank cards, sleds, CDs and another for the trash. Also, it is important to note that capacity varies from model to model. However, it is advisable to choose a paper shredder model that not only has a large capacity, but is capable of simultaneously shredding sheets, clips and staples, as some documents are stapled or bound with clips. This type of document shredder will save you time. So you are well prepared to choose your shredder. However, we offer you one of the top 3 paper shredders available on the market.

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