Why is it such a good idea to invest in new properties?

Do you have some money reserved and would you like to invest it with the certainty of obtaining a profitability that is both sustainable and safe? In this case, you've probably already thought about investing in real estate. In fact, many French, as soon as they can, choose to bet on real estate, this type of property generally increases in value year after year, while allowing them to receive additional income each month. And if there is an economic investment that can be especially profitable, obviously it is the investment in new properties which represents many advantages that we are going to reveal to you here. So in a few minutes, you will know why investing in new real estate is so popular now.

Invest in new safe real estate

When you buy a property that already exists, you know that it is not impossible to find unpleasant surprises and have You have to put your hand in your pocket to undertake repair, improvement or renovation work. 'interview. On the other hand, choosing to invest in new properties, so as not to run any risk, since the home that will be delivered will comply with the latest regulations in force and obviously will not have had time to deteriorate.

Also, if you are investing in new real estate with a view to renting your home, it will be much easier for you to find tenants who are logically more attracted to a property that has just emerged from the ground than for a home that could exist for several decades, especially since it will be able to propose the energy and environmental performance of your home.

The possibility of investing in new properties on credit

If you already have it You started to invest money in the stock market, to take actions in companies or being tempted by cryptocurrencies, for example, v Then you know that you need to have the money readily available and that, obviously, there is a very good risk of financial loss. With new properties, these different limitations do not exist. Even if you don't have several tens of thousands of euros apart, you can still, under certain conditions, invest in new real estate.

In fact, if your income allows it, your banker or a credit organization can offer you a credit offer that will allow you to invest in new real estate. This type of credit is also easier to obtain than a primary home loan as it is a self-financing investment. If you buy a new home in a highly desirable city with a tight housing market, your home will inevitably always be occupied by renters. The rent that these tenants will pay you will allow you to repay the monthly maturity of your mortgage, which is very simple to say that your tenants will pay your mortgage for you, allowing you not even to have to dip into your savings. to buy a new house.

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