How to save on cigarettes? Our advice!

In France, the price of tobacco is constantly changing, and all smokers know it, the purchase of cigarettes or rolling tobacco can have a real impact on your power to 'buy. However, there are also solutions that will allow you to make significant savings in this area of ​​expense. So that you can learn more about it, we wanted to tell you everything in this article.

I prefer to roll cigarettes to industrial cigarettes

As a first step, and you probably already know, to get real savings on your cigarettes, it will be better that you start bundling them yourself instead of consuming the pre-existing products-offers whose prices are reaching peaks. In fact, for the same amount, you will have many more cigarettes, allowing you to drastically split the budget you normally spend on tobacco.

And for good reason, if the price of tobacco continues to rise in France, buying rolling tobacco is still much cheaper. In addition, the price of the rolling sheet remains very stable and does not follow this increase, which will allow you to control your budget as closely as possible and therefore be able to continue smoking without seeing your purchasing power melt like snow in the sun. .

Buy cheaper rolling papers

And while tobacco can obviously only be bought from a tobacconist, cigarette paper can be bought anywhere. And you will see from your research, if buying these products from your tobacconist at the same time as your tobacco is a reflection, you could make real savings by deciding to buy them separately.

In fact, if you are a follower of the regular short sheet or the thin sheet, in any case, you can buy these products on the Internet, which, even with shipping costs, you can drastically reduce the budget spent on this purchase. Also, by choosing to buy your rolling papers in bulk, prices will generally decrease, again representing a significant source of savings.

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