How to go on vacation with peace of mind?

If in the evocation of “vacations” we think of the sea, the sun and the tanning sessions, sometimes we forget the preparations that we have to face before making your bags. These preparations will prevent you from spending your vacation wondering if you closed the door properly or if your home is truly safe. In order to spend your vacation without having to worry more about these problems, there are certain steps that must be taken in advance. Check it out.

Install a surveillance camera

Empty houses during the holidays are particularly vulnerable, thieves often take advantage of the absence of the inhabitants to get in. To prevent this from happening, consider installing a surveillance camera for your home. This device will be connected to a remote monitoring center which, in case of intrusion, will immediately call the police. Some of these cameras benefit from the advantages of new technologies and will allow you to control all the comings and goings of your home from your phone. This will help you keep your mind calm wherever you are. All that remains is to verify that the doors and windows are securely closed, that the camera is activated so that no object enters the field of view and prevents from having a full view of your interior and garden.

Notify your entourage and the police of your departure

Before you go, remember to warn your neighbors, they can come to periodically check if everything is in order or directly notify the police if they hear suspicious noise or unusual movements in your home. If you have trusted neighbors or relatives nearby, you can leave your keys with them so they can come and make periodic visits to check if everything is in order or to water your plants. You should also notify the gendarmes and possibly register for their “vacation peace” service. By registering online, you can benefit from a gendarmerie pass at your home for the entire duration of your stay.

Sign up for “Vigilant Neighbors” to go on vacation with peace of mind

This is an approach introduced in 2007 to actually fight the thefts. This is a collaboration between the gendarmes and the neighbors who will have to report unusual movements among their neighbors who have gone on vacation . This approach refers to the smallest movements that may be suspicious: repetition back and forth, annoying noises, etc. Thus, this collaboration allows a much faster intervention by the gendarmes and especially to deter thieves. By registering, you will have a lot of peace of mind wherever you are, with much closer surveillance and above all a quick intervention by the police in the event of a theft at your home. Learn more in your neighborhood or city to understand the registration process. This device that fights crime and fosters mutual aid between security services and residents is highly recommended by elected officials due to its effectiveness.

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