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Why is the microwave so essential today?

The microwave is an integral part of every French home, as it can cook, reheat or defrost all kinds of dishes. But this is also a device that comes in dozens of models that are very different from each other, such as the raclette or induction hob, which therefore does not make it easy to choose one of them. To help you find the one that will satisfy you completely, in this article we provide you with some very valuable shopping tips.

To start with, we wanted to explain why installing a microwave in your home can be so interesting for your comfort of life. Certain advantages are well known, but others much less. Next, we will list the different criteria to choose a microwave and then we will give you some advice so that you can buy yours at an unbeatable price. Finally, we wanted to share with you our opinion on several models that stand out for being both efficient and practical as well as economically very affordable.

Top 3 of the best microwaves of the year 2021

Whirlpool MWP 304: The best microwave oven of the moment

The Whirlpool MWP 304 microwave oven is an impressive model as it is reliable and versatile at the same time. In fact, in addition to its ultra-modern design that will inevitably enhance your kitchen décor, this is a piece of equipment that has been designed to be able to serve you proudly every day for many, many years. What also explains all the success of this microwave is the fact that it offers a generous 30-liter volume that will allow you to cook in large quantities at once, while still being guaranteed to enjoy excellent cooking reliability.

If you are looking for a cooking appliance as easy to use as a deep fryer fat-free electric or a multicooker from the Cookeo range, then the Whirlpool MWP 304 microwave oven is sure to please. Actually, it is equipped with 29 preset recipes and will even allow you to make delicious homemade yogurts or desserts. Finally, it also has a soft/melt function that ensures a perfect redistribution of heat to offer you a perfectly homogeneous result. To conclude, if you are looking for the best microwave oven of the year then look no further, the Whirlpool MWP 304 is the appliance for you!

Microwave oven comparison 2021: The TOP 10!

Why install a microwave at home?

When choosing to equip yourself with a microwave, there are many advantages that you will benefit from. The first of these is obviously the heating speed which is exceptional and that no other device can match. But what is less known is that the microwave is also capable of retaining the flavors of food, unlike a built-in oven. In fact, the heat will be produced by waves that will cook up to the heart without damaging the molecules of the different ingredients.

Most of the time, a microwave is very easy to use. To use it, you just have to press a few buttons or turn a dial. But if the microwave is so convenient, it can save you a lot of time and effort. For example, to heat your coffee, you just need to place your cup in the appliance and wait a few seconds. Without a microwave, you would have had to take out a pot and use your stove, which would have resulted in more dishes being washed as well.

What are the criteria for choosing a microwave?

To find the microwave oven that will suit you perfectly, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours doing all sorts of research. The selection criteria are relatively few and, in general, very easy to study. The first of them refers to power. It is preferable that this one adapts to your expectations. If you are looking for equipment only for the purpose of defrosting some foods, a low power will suffice.

On the other hand, if you want to be able to fully cook food, it is better to resort to a microwave that offers at least 700 watts of power. Then take the time to study the volume of your next device which obviously needs to be adapted to your needs. The last criterion to take into account refers to the general ergonomics of the microwave. To be more productive, it is essential that your device is as user-friendly as possible. To get an idea on this topic, do not hesitate to consult the opinions of customers who are always very honest.

Where to buy a cheap microwave?

The microwave is a very popular appliance that is offered for sale in a large number of stores such as supermarkets, specialized appliance stores or even certain furniture brands. But it must be recognized that most of the time you will have no choice but to pay full price for said product, while there is a simple solution that will allow you to compare the different models with each other while with unbeatable prices.

Buying a microwave on Amazon is saving money by making sure you find a device that suits your needs. In fact, the brand offers a large number of devices from the main brands. But what is even more interesting is that you will enjoy unbeatable prices on microwaves or other kitchen appliances such as electric pressure cookers from major brands, as well as exceptional services. For example, your product can be delivered the day after your order and you will also benefit from a withdrawal period extended to 60 days.

Our favorite microwave oven models:

H.Koenig Vio4

The microwave H.Koenig Vio4 is currently the favorite model of the French, and the reasons for its successes are numerous. This is a major brand device that is still very affordable from a financial point of view, but will also be essential in your daily life thanks to the many features it offers.

Thanks to its 700 watt power, this H.Koenig Vio4 microwave will be able to defrost and cook your food, guaranteeing irreproachable homogeneity. Easy to use thanks to its two dials equipped with pictograms, this model will satisfy you from the first use you make of it. Finally, if we wanted to present it to you, it is also because its quality/price ratio is one of the best in this category.

Candy cmxw22ds microwave oven

Versatile and ultra powerful, the Candy cmxw22ds microwave is the ideal appliance for anyone looking for an inexpensive solution but not wanting to skimp on quality until now. In developing it, there is no doubt that the brand has done everything possible to satisfy consumers. The result is almost perfect, except for the fact that, sadly, the ergonomics are not the best out there.

With a volume of 22 liters and a power of 800 watts, you can definitely consider cooking generous recipes, although it is true that you will have to pay attention to cooking to avoid unpleasant surprises. What we really appreciate about the Candy cmxw22ds microwave is the fact that it offers several very practical features, like a grill or keep warm function, for example.

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