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Robots equivalent to the Comparative Thermomix 2021

Comparison of the 3 best robots equivalent to the Thermomix

In the history of multi-cooking robots dating back to 1971, the Thermomix is ​​the device that has attracted More attention. Despite the explosion of the latest model, the TM5, it still retains its particular interest, which lies fundamentally in its efficiency in the performance of its multiple functions. However, its very high cost does not make it accessible to everyone. Therefore, it seems urgent that there are other alternative solutions available to lovers of technology applied to the kitchen. This has resulted in many robots competing with Thermomix, whose prices are finally accessible to the general public. Discover in this article the robots equivalent to the Thermomix in 2021.

Moulinex I Companion much cheaper than the Thermomix

If you are looking for a Robot Very good quality Thermomix type, lean more towards the Moulinex Companion , an excellent device appreciated above all for its efficiency and its many functions. It is made in France and it never fails to impress everyone who discovers it. We appreciate it very well for its integration of most of the features that the Thermomix offers. And also, we could do without rest without support. The Moulinex Companion is a high-end electric pressure cooker always delivered with a 300 recipe book. And always to enchant fans of technology applied to the kitchen, its designer has equipped it with 6 very interesting automatic programs.

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These are the soup, sauce, slow cook, pastry, steam and dessert programs. We also note the large product community that continues to make books and magazines available to the general public. This Thermomix type robot offers a clear view of the dishes you are preparing through its very transparent lid. Quick and easy to use, it has a maximum temperature of 130 degrees and can be adopted by a household of 4 to 8 people. With a complement of accessories such as a baking kit, a vegetable cutter or a steamer, the appliance will offer even more convenience.

Magimix Cook Expert robot an alternative to the Thermomix

The Magimix Cook Expert multicooker robot is positioned as an exceptional model that will allow you to make any recipe with extreme simplicity. However, it must also be recognized that it is a high-end equipment and that, therefore, its price is also very high since it is about flirting with the 1000 euros. Anyway, thanks to it, for example, you can prepare your meals with the same ease as if you were using your multifunction robot since in total, there are more than 100 different tasks that you can take care of.

If the Magimix Cook Expert also stands out above all the others, and if it is probably the model of its generation that is the closest technologically to the Vorwerk Thermomix, too It must be that it offers ergonomics as incredible as that offered in heated mixers, with the difference that you can imagine all kinds of dishes and be sure of being able to cook them. If the Thermomix puts you off a bit and you still want to be able to cook in the best conditions, then you will like the Magimix Cook Expert!

Moulinex Cookeo CE701010

In the market for multi-kitchen robots that compete with Thermomix , the Moulinex Cookeo CE701010 turns out to be the cheapest machine with a price ten times lower than that of the Thermomix itself. It is a very suitable robot for people whose budgets are more or less reduced. Compared to the Thermomix, it has fewer functions, but still offers some interesting basic functions. With 7 cooking modes, its temperature of up to 115 degrees cooks your dishes quite quickly. You'll have fun simmering, browning, baking, browning, and even steaming. However, the cooking method must be adapted taking into account the number of people to feed.

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The Moulinex Cookeo CE701010 presents a tank with a volume of 6 liters, which allows its appreciation even in large families. We are also seduced by its low power consumption that amounts to 1200 watts of power. We must also emphasize its delivery with a book of 50 very interesting recipes. Even if perfection is still a highly coveted asset, an enjoyable experience can be dispensed with and delivered at a lower cost.

Moulinex Cookeo Connect +

For those who prefer products with the best quality/price ratio, the Moulinex Cookeo Connect seems to be suitable for us. It is a Thermomix-type robot with quite advanced intelligence that achieves a balance between the Moulinex Campanion (the most efficient) and the Moulinex Cookeo CE701010 (the least expensive). We see it as an improved version of the classic Cookeo. Its peculiarity lies in that it allows its user to connect to the Cookeosphere and order among the more than 500 recipes available to insert the ones they want in their machine.

The freedom that everyone can create their own recipe and share it for the community, in fact, reserves an infinite possibility in the number of recipes. This allows for a wide opening and allows you not to be limited to just 150 recipes and 90 pre-programmed ingredients. Lovers of connected objects will certainly appreciate pairing with their smartphones via a simple Bluetooth connection. This will allow them to get the most out of their multi-food processor while lying down in their room or taking a few walks in their garden. Due to its efficiency, the Moulinex Cookeo Connect has 6 cooking modes and can provide a meal for a household of up to 6 people.

Comparison of Thermomix and the Thermomix Cooking Chef robot

We deliberately left out another formidable competitor of the famous Thermomix in our comparison of the 3 main. He's the Kenwood Cooking Chef and the reason is pretty simple. Its purchase cost is extremely high compared to others and is often only set above 1000 euros. Added to this is a more or less considerable inconvenience. Its weight seems high since it is 18 kilograms. However, the device has some very cool features, which tend to lift it up almost as well as the Thermomix.

We especially appreciate it for its kit which is very complete and also offers impressive versatility. It has a total of 24 different functions, to which are added its many additional utensils. The Kenwood Cooking Chef is particularly quiet and does not require much effort for its users to clean. Quick and very easy to use, this Thermomix-type robot is really worth showing off.

Kenwood KCC9040S Cooking Chef Gourmet Food Processor

In conclusion

Ultimately, despite its impressive performance and remarkable efficiency, the Thermomix won't last long without see your formidable and powerful competitors behind. Several multi-kitchen robots can boast of being as efficient as it is today, with very affordable purchase costs for the general public. In this article we have brought the best to our eyes and we sincerely hope you enjoyed it.

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