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Oil-free fryers comparison and review

Top 3 oil-free fryers

Our favorite: Actifry Original SEB oil-free fryer

For a long time it has Been used to using classic fryers. In fact, this model did not save you from its share of drawbacks, especially the large amount of calories you eat in a world where food hygiene has become a major concern for everyone. So, you who love French fries so much have been forced to deprive yourself of this pleasure. But, the invention of oil-free fryers was a true social event and allowed you to renew with even more fries. However, the fact is that you are not yet at the peak of your satisfaction. And good ! You are at the end of your sentences. The Actifry Original oil-free fryer comes to go. Why choose this brand of oil free fryer? And what makes it special among the many brands available on the market?

A quick cooker from the Actifry Original range

To get crispy, golden fries, you need a better quality oil-free fryer. Our favorite for you will be the Seb Actifry Original FZ710000 Oil-Free Fryer. She has already conquered more than one. Recommended by the entire team, this model is part of the Top 3 of the best oil-free fryers of 2017. It is an oil-free fryer that allows you to cook in a short time a good amount of french fries thanks to its power of 1400 watts. To use it, you will only need a tablespoon of oil to have 1 kg of crispy potatoes that only have 3% fat. You will get healthy potato chips that keep your cholesterol from rising. It is a gadget at the service of your health. All this is possible thanks to its Actifry technology that ensures the circulation of hot air inside a tank equipped with a blade that gently turns the chips so that they brown. Another advantage of this fryer is that it can work with oils of different types and fry other things. For more recipe suggestions, you can download the Actifry mobile app . But these words will seem less practical if we don't explain how to use them.

A very easy to use oil-free fryer

To use, nothing could be easier! Insert the fresh fries into the bowl with the small measuring spoon provided. To really get 3% fat at the end of cooking , you put oil in the fries and start the process. You agree with us that even a child can use it without any risk.

The oil-free fryer: an autonomous machine

If you have other occupations, don't deprive yourself! Your machine no longer needs your intervention before the end of cooking. You don't need to stir fries anymore: the SEB Actifry FZ71000 oil-free fryer takes care of everything while you're away, because cooks automatically . It's even equipped with a timer that alerts you when cooking is done. Also, you can go wherever you want with him, if your occupation does not allow you to return to the kitchen. Very impressive, right?

A very original design

The Seb Actifry Original FZ710000 has a rather round and closed shape. Your tank is made of aluminum and covered with porcelain . It has a transparent glass lid that allows you to visualize the cooking. It is decomposable, because be it its lid, its tank, its tourniquet and even its timer, all its accessories are removable. Its folding handle allows easy storage. The programmer is located on the top of the device. This rig has a featherweight 1kg and a plastic liner that makes it easy to move and u ne dazzling beauty . This golden potato chip maker offers everyone the opportunity to have professional equipment in their kitchen. Recommended for potato chip lovers and obese people.

Why buy an oil-free fryer in our opinion?

A deep fryer that works without oil ? Yes, we do not stop progress and much better. For years we have been warned about eating too much fried food, too much fat, increased cholesterol, risk of heart disease, etc. Many people were on the verge of ending their eating habits, but a dream product appeared a few years ago: the oil-free fryer . It must be said that if we did not know that this product exists and that it has been on sale in supermarkets for more than 7-8 years, we would quickly claim the scam, because it is very difficult to fry without oil. However, it is the case.

An oil-free fryer has overcome the smells of frying

This challenge, the fryer wins without a problem. The food that you can prepare in your Odorless Fryer will probably be oil-free and some of the flavor will be lost, even if it is very small, but it will still be delicious. By the way, there is another great advantage of using the deep fryer: the smell. The smells from the kitchen are good, but also incredibly overwhelming. By using a deep fryer, cooking is done without the slightest odor. The Seb Fryer and Philips Fryer are the most popular fryers right now. You can also find a Tefal fryer if you are looking for a cheap fryer.

Eat healthier with an oil-free fryer

The oil-free fryer has a relatively simple operating system. Inside the device there are infrared resistors, therefore when you insert your basket of french fries, for example, into a deep fryer, these resistors will heat them up little by little until golden brown as you had them. cooked in the traditional way. You can buy a deep fryer that uses absolutely no oil, or you can buy a deep fryer or you can use a little, however the result will always be the same.

French fries without oil, so good?

Will it be possible to compare the quality of the fries in the fryer with those made in a conventional way? One can only be honest. Of course not, the taste of classically made French fries will always be different from French fries made in a deep fryer. However, it must be remembered that the purpose of the deep fryer is not to achieve the same performance that would be achieved with a conventional deep fryer. The fryer is supposed to help anyone who wants to eat healthily or who for health reasons cannot afford fatty foods in order to maintain their eating habits.

The price of a fryer without oil

The price of the fryer is not a cause for concern. It is possible for € 140 and to have a good fryer. The maximum price is not as high as you might expect. The most expensive fryer will cost you around 200 euros. For this price, the Philips oil-free fryer and the Seb oil-free fryer are good options. Anyone who takes care of their health will surely be interested in buying a Philips fryer or a Seb fryer, the leading brand in France. Eating habits are part of us and changing them is not easy. With a Seb or Philips oil-free fryer, you can keep leading your life, a healthy life. Please note that SEB not only manufactures deep fryers, but also designs the pressure cooker of modern times.

Top 10 cheap oil-free fryers

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