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How to choose the right Cookeo? Buyer’s guide and comparison 2021!

If you are looking for a complete and intelligent culinary assistant for your daily meals, it is commonly called pressure cooker smart electric or multifunction food processor , we highly recommend the multicooker Cookeo Moulinex which turns out to be a gem of technology. Available in a number of highly aesthetic configurations, this modern and inexpensive model guides you step-by-step and helps you hit many Cookeo recipes with the goal, for example, of making a good stew with less supervision than a traditional pressure cooker. The Cookeo Moulinex is a high-end device that incorporates automatic directives and functions and that perfectly satisfies the need for quick cooking. It is part of the family of multi-kitchen robots. Presentation, functions, operating modes … In this article you will find all the information you need to use this high-performance multicooker correctly.

Moulinex CE701500: The best Cookeo multicooker of 2021!

The Cookeo Moulinex CE701500 multicooker is a flagship of its range thanks to which cooking has never been so easy. In fact, on its own, it combines all the advantages of what you have the right to expect from a device of this type, as it offers, in particular, extreme ease of use, irreproachable cooking reliability, but also the possibility of making all kinds of very different recipes, from the most classic to the most original or exotic.

If the Cookeo CE701500 from Moulinex is also popular today 'hui, this is also due to its remarkable autonomy which will have the effect of really simplify your daily life. In fact, after you have chosen the recipe you want to make, you just have to add the different ingredients and leave your appliance. A few minutes later, you will be notified via a sound signal that your dish is ready to be tasted. Clearly, if you want a whole new culinary experience while having fun no matter what, then choosing the Cookeo CE701500 is probably the best option for you.

Cookeo: a compact, autonomous and easy-to-use device

The Moulinex Cookeo is a model for lovers of refined and diversified cuisine, because it incorporates automatic programs and recipes for cooking for several people. But it is its compact and highly aesthetic configuration that attracts at first glance. In fact, the multicooker weighs 6.40 kilograms and measures 38 x 32.5 x 35 centimeters for a capacity of 6 liters (suitable for 1 to 6 people), which makes it a very easy to handle kitchen helper that you does not need. You will not tire of using it as it is as ergonomic as a modern microwave oven for example. This Moulinex kitchen is equipped with a digital display and an interactive culinary guide to accompany the user, whatever the recipe. It has a power of 12,000 W and is equipped with an easy opening and closing device. The materials used for its design are steel and thermoplastic, a guarantee of safety and durability like no other. Plus, it's compatible with a freestanding or built-in dishwasher and its removable ceramic tub has a non-stick coating. which facilitates maintenance. There is a bowl for cookeo as a spare or for change.

Comparison table of the best Cookeo

Cookeo is an intuitive menu

  • the menu “ ingredient ” (the device works only after selecting the ingredients);
  • the menu “manual” (selection manual mode of the cooking time and cooking in pilot mode) ;
  • the menu “recipe” (executing pre-programmed recipes);
  • the “favorite” menu (integrate your favorite recipes into the device memory and access them whenever you want).

Cookeo of advanced functions for easy use

Buy your Moulinex Cookeo at the best price on! In terms of operation, this Moulinex multifunction cooker has a central “OK” button that is used to activate many key functions. To activate these functions, simply orient the button to the left or right depending on which side they appear on the control screen. To return to an order, all you have to do is press the “cancel” button, which will allow you to return to the previous menu. The “OK” button is also used for power on; once turned on, the machine may make a loud noise. To adjust the noise level and adapt it to your preferences, you just have to go to the “Settings” menu and select the “screen and sound” function. You will then be given various prompts.

For better use, the Moulinex Cookeo displays visual opening and closing signals at the top. They help you handle the cap carefully to avoid releasing pressure. Menu selection is also very easy. You just have to navigate through the menus by pressing a button that scrolls the selection, as soon as you find the menu you are looking for, select!

Discover all versions of equipment for quick cooking

Because it is designed to be A smart and intuitive pressure cooker, Cookeo thinks for you, chooses the ideal cooking time and method for you and adapts them to the number of diners. Thus, for a good convergence between the configuration of the apparatus and the programs executed, the designers decided to reject this multicooker in three different models. Therefore, we distinguish:
The classic model: this Cookeo Moulinex offers the same cooking methods as the others, however, it is limited in terms of the choice of pre-programmed recipes. Very elegant and ultra simple, this model offers 7 cooking modes, including the keep-temperature function available on all other models. It is also a steam pressure cooker, it offers an excellent cooking speed as well as steam cooking without forgetting the total freedom in the realization of your Cookeo recipes. Therefore, the Moulinex Cookeo can be considered as an excellent alternative to the Vorwerk Thermomix. If you have a limited budget or do not want to buy a more complex model, this is for you because it is a true multifunction kitchen. Note that you can purchase additional equipment for your Cookeo, such as a steamer basket.

Cookeo connect: The connected version

The USB model: in addition to the basic functions, this model is compatible with USB keys where Recipes Additional are registered classified by theme (Freshness, Mediterranean, Tradition, Asian, Bistro and recipes from around the world). Each key contains 25 recipes and costs between 15 and 20 euros. However, note that this is the Cookeo Moulinex USB key supplied with the recipes, the appliance is not compatible with standard USB keys.
The Connect model: The particularity of this high-end model is that it can connect to tablets or mobile phones through mobile applications. These apps contain recipes that can therefore be transferred directly to the pot. You can even set up shopping lists based on user saved recipes. You can download the “ My Cookeo ” application on your tablet or smartphone, as long as your device supports it. For those who want to experiment with a high-tech tool with more functionality, this Cookeo connect model is the most suitable.

Cookeo Connect + the flagship model of Moulinex

The Connect + model: this model presents, in addition to the capabilities and functions of the Cookeo model It connects with a power that reaches 1600 W. It has 150 pre-programmed recipes compared to 100 of the previous model. A function to change the cooking time remotely has also been added to this new model. However, it retains the sleek, modern design that made the brand successful with a more ergonomic black handle. You can always find other Cookeo recipes online or by buying a book.

A lot of functions that will guide you to hundreds of recipes

The Moulinex Cookeo se positions itself as a pioneer in amateur and professional cooking. Its very tempting quality/price ratio, its unbeatable preparation speed, the appliance is one of the few that can cook under pressure. It is truly the modern SEB pressure cooker that, remember, had revolutionized the world of cooking.

The options of a Cookeo pressure cooker

Find your ideal Cookeo on!

  • The main option on some Cookeo models is the Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect the machine to your mobile devices through the My Cookeo application for smartphone and tablet .
  • The ability to use a well-stocked catalog of recipes (one hundred!) and to discover technical videos and key tips through the application. The latter is compatible with iPhone 4S and higher models, iPad 3 tablets and higher performance models. For more details, visit the website dedicated to the Moulinex brand, where you will find in detail the models of tablets and smartphones that can use the application.
  • The delayed start program that allows you to delay the start time of cooking by letting the appliance choose the duration. In this case, the end of the cooking time is determined by the volume contained in the appliance.
  • The Library application allows you to collect and access downloadable menu packages on your device. You can “launch” these recipes by accessing this parameter.
  • The ability to choose a country of use, a language (obviously), to remove bulky recipes, to adjust some configuration details related to the display screen ( sound, brightness, display mode). You can even enter an operation code to operate your cooker in Demo mode.

What are the cooking modes offered by this multicooker?

Bypassing old pressure cooker technologies, your multicooker 2.0 also allows you to experiment with various cooking modes. For example, the CE855800 offers 6 cooking modes:
  • The classic modes with gentle cooking, boiling, browning, reheating : practical for successful family dishes especially (meats, sauces, stews and cereals …) . This function also allows you to brown or brown meat or vegetables with butter or oil.
  • In steam mode (109 ° and 115 °): highly recommended for foods such as rice, pasta, vegetables or eggs, this mode allows you to preserve the vitamins of the food as well as its taste qualities.
  • In pressure mode : this quick cook mode allows you to cook the contents of the pan using steam. It can also reach 115 ° C.
  • One option keep warm : convenient for reheating or preheating food. For example, when you need to keep a meal at the proper temperature while waiting for guests to arrive, this feature comes in handy.
  • The reheat food : Recommended for reheating food or dishes cooked the day before.

The Cookeo pressure cooker is a family service for everyday use

In short, this Cookeo multicooker is still a food processor that offers very good performance in terms of duration and quality of cooking. It is perfectly recommended for families, singles, students or catering professionals looking for designer kitchen equipment at the forefront of technology. Whether for starters, entrees, or sweet or savory desserts, the pressure cooker is ideal to replace your cookware. It even has the functions of a pastry robot to make good cakes with a special Cookeo silicone mold!

In the family of pressure cookers or multi-cookers there is also the Russell Hobbs multi-cooker, which is no less useful than a Cookeo or a slow cooker electric. To find a cheap Cookeo on the web, we recommend that you compare prices on several sites. Sometimes the price differences can be significant. But if you are looking for a traditional multi-cooker, know that the Cookeo can be used very easily as a pressure cooker or as a rice cooker.

Kitchen accessories for Cookeo

Moulinex Also also a range of accessories for using your Cookeo in order to have a different fire cooking by changing the bowl.

  • Non-stick silicone cake pan.
  • Moulinex bowl with cuffs.
  • Tray collects condensation drops.
  • USB memory with 25 bistro recipes.
  • Stainless steel steam basket

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