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2021 complete comparison to choose the best food processor!

Whether you're in a relationship, single, or with kids, you need to cook. This will prevent you from eating fast food products regularly with the risk of chronic diseases later on. As well as daily tasks, cooking is also an essential activity within the home. Some are true blue laces and make the kitchen a favorite part of your apartment. On the other hand, neophytes do not hesitate to make recipes that do not require complications and are long-lasting. Be it one or the other, we generally notice that they find this activity overwhelming for a number of reasons. In fact, others return tired from work at night and are too lazy to cook. Some people complain about the complication of preparing a recipe because it requires the use of various accessories.

To remedy this, the food processor appeared and has since been experiencing phenomenal success. It is a device that offers different cooking modes including gentle cooking, steaming, boiling, pressure cooking, frying, broiling and many more. In addition, it has various characteristics such as kneading, whipping, chopping, grinding or even mixing. You will understand that the robotic kitchen performs both the functions of a multi-cooker and a multi-function robot. Based on its success, various manufacturers have embarked on the design of the device. To better help you with your purchase, we have decided to test the best 2021 models for you and share with you the criteria to check when purchasing.

The 3 best food processors of the year!

Comparison of the best-selling kitchen machines at the moment

The best models 2021

Various The brands are recognized in the design of robotic kitchens such as Cookeo Moulinex. You have, for example, the Thermomix, Companion, Magimix, Cooking Chef food processor and many others … All the models chosen for this, the selection complies with both the quality, the price, the different characteristics and accessories, and as you can see By yourself, these different kits could bring back your best pressure cooker in the closet as they are versatile!

Kenwood KM096 Cooking Chef Gourmet

This is the perfect model if you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen. It reaches temperatures of up to 180 ° C, enough to speed up your cooking so you can get on with your work. The voluminous capacity of the appliance will allow you to cook for your whole family or even for a party at home.

Also, it is one of the most popular models. popular because both classic and modern dishes can be prepared. In fact, it has several accessories such as the grater, the blender, the mixers … that are supplied with the robotic kitchen.

Moulinex I-Companion

Moulinex is one of the most recognized brands for its processors quality food, but also because he designs many other exceptional equipment, such as inexpensive oil-free fryers or xxl fondue sets. This model is perfect for both blue laces and fans. It reaches a maximum temperature of 130 ° C and provides you with various multifunction functions and different cooking levels. The particularity of this model is its technology.

Indeed, the Moulinex I-Companion will make you love cooking. It is a device with more than 500 built-in recipes for different cooking methods. Whether you like to steam, grill, bake cakes or make exotic dishes, the robot offers more than 500 different possibilities that you can easily achieve. Also, the device has bluetooth connectivity. Its role is to display the recipes you have chosen on a connected device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

Magimix Cook Expert

This model is one of the best food processors on the market. In addition, the Magimix brand ensures the reliability of the device, especially in terms of functionality, resistance and accessories. In addition, it is one of the models that has more accessories (around 10 accessories).

Not for However, it is the most popular model in France, it reaches a maximum temperature of 140 ° C. It is still particularly versatile because it allows you to make recipes of various origins of the planet.

Vorwerk Thermomix TM5

Discover the best equivalent of the Thermomix on!

This is the model par excellence. You absolutely must find out if you want to have a complete food processor. It allows you to perform various cooking modes, namely steaming, gentle cooking, pressure cooking, roasting, boiling, frying … You can also make pastry recipes with this model, exactly as you could do this with a large multi-function robot brand . In addition, it allows you to perform various tasks such as mixing, cutting, boiling, chopping…. In fact, the entire kitchen is in this device. Respecting the standards of modern kitchen, you have a scale. Therefore, you can directly weigh your food or its ingredients in the appliance to make the most sophisticated recipes.

With a cooking temperature of up to 120 ° C, it was used by professionals before, today you can have it on your shift at home, mainly in your kitchen. In addition, it has been designed in such a way that it can be easily used by a professional or hobbyist. Although it is somewhat expensive, its price is worth it, considering its ease of use, practicality and above all its ergonomics. You can also follow the instructions to make your recipes from the screen integrated in the food processor and this in real time.

The different criteria to verify when buying a food processor

Buy your food processor on!

After reading our review of the best food processor models 2021, you have probably noticed the criteria associated with the appliance. In fact, we focus on certain characteristics of the appliance, in particular the most basic ones and the specific criteria of the robotic kitchen. It has several classic criteria such as quality, reliability, accessories, power.

Despite these criteria, you also have specific criteria for the food processor especially temperature. So you can use our selection of the best models to buy a food processor or you can be inspired by the criteria to check. In fact, it is sensible, and even important, to check the various criteria that will be quoted when you want to proceed with the payment of the purchase.

The temperature range of a food processor

If this criterion is the most important , it is because it allows to make several recipes that require high temperatures. In addition, it will allow you to prepare your favorite recipes as quickly as possible. Thus, you will be able to spend as little time as possible in the kitchen, and thus go about your business.

Regardless of the brand you choose, keep in mind that the minimum temperature for the food processor to heat up must be 20 ° C or even 18 ° C. However, the maximum temperature must be above 100 ° C.

Product reliability

This is also a very important criterion because a reliable device is a solid device, guaranteed to have a fairly long service life. So you can rest assured that you can use it long term. In fact, it will not make sense to buy a device, however powerful it may be, that easily deteriorates after a few uses. However, the first clue to a reliable device is the warranty. In fact, a guarantee already ensures that the device is a quality product. Also, if you accidentally come across a faulty device, you have the possibility of being able to change part or all of the device. These are some of the brands that market their robotic kitchens offering guarantees: Thermomix, Companion, Magimix.

Plus, it has trustworthy brands that reassure your device, even if a warranty isn't necessarily part of your service . We can cite among others: Moulinex, Kenwood and many others. You also have another quite popular option. Select the models that interest you. Afterwards, you will have to check the merchants' websites and then look for their different models. Online merchants will be responsible for providing results that will include the features, reviews, and comments of the different models. Please be careful to read these opinions and comments to ensure the quality of the products you have selected.

You can also search forums on the selected products in order to also read the opinions of the users of these devices. However, you have the ability to ask questions about the service life of one or more preselected models.

How the food processor works

This includes power, multiple functions, and various accessories of the food processor. Know that completing certain recipes requires your device to have a powerful motor. Therefore, it is essential to buy a device with a powerful model to be able to make all the recipes you want. In addition, a device with several multifunctions will facilitate the realization of your different recipes.

If you can more effectively perform all the tasks for making a recipe with a single food processor, you save time and efficiency. Plus, compared to a food processor, your old kitchen appliances and accessories will pass for antiques. The more you have a robotic kitchen with various accessories, the easier you can make your cooking recipes. So consider choosing a food processor that comes with as many accessories as possible.

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