How to choose an effective and practical window cleaner?

TOP 3 of the best window cleaners of 2021!

You know, for many, clean glass reflects the cleanliness of an entire house. And even if this is not true of Palice itself, we have to recognize that it is always much more pleasant to live in an orderly environment. Maintaining your windows is something long and tedious, and it is true that when it comes to caring for them it is essential to show patience, rigor but also certain know-how. Fortunately, the window cleaner is a piece of equipment that is now very popular and allows you to clean all the windows in your home in minutes, something that could take much longer if you did it right. classic and manual.

Karcher WV2: The best window cleaner!

Capable of cleaning up to 105 m² of glass surfaces without recharging, the Karcher WV2 window cleaner is without a doubt the best model of its generation, especially since it is offered at a price that could well leave you speechless. Thanks to it, cleaning the windows in your home has never been so pleasant, and there is no doubt that after tasting its unmatched ergonomics, you will never imagine for a single second being able to do without it in the future.

If we wanted to give you our opinion on the Karcher WV2 window cleaner, this is' also explained by the fact that it is versatile since it will be delivered to you with several different accessories that will help you, for example, to perfectly clean the corners of your windows or that will offer you the possibility of preventing dust from sticking to them. In short, if you dream of a high-performance and economical window cleaner, the Karcher WV2 is the one for you!

Comparison of the 10 best window cleaners of the moment!

How do I choose a really efficient window cleaner?

Although on the surface, the window cleaner is a piece of equipment that looks as minimalistic as the multi-function steam cleaner, it actually has several very precise technical characteristics that they must be rigorously studied beforehand. To help you in your research, we wanted to explain precisely how well to choose a window cleaner that corresponds to your real needs, which will allow you in particular to have an unforgettable buying and using experience.

The general ease of use of the window cleaner

To be considered effective, a window cleaner must be First of all really easy to use, otherwise you probably won't be able to achieve the desired results. To get an idea of ​​this, there are some specific characteristics to consider. First of all, pay attention to the weight of the device, which should be as low as possible so that you do not have to exert any physical effort.

But it is also essential that the handle of the glass cleaner is designed to fit your hand without you having to feel any discomfort or pain, even with intensive use. Finally, to find out more about a particular window cleaner, the best solution is still to check customer reviews. In fact, these have the advantage of being very honest and relevant and therefore will provide you with a lot of very valuable information that will help you make a decision.

The accessories and features that a good cleaner offers. windows

To be sure that your window cleaner will be really effective, we also recommend that you take a moment to see the different accessories that will be provided to you in addition to 'apparatus. In fact, some of them can save you precious time while guaranteeing results that will meet your requirements. Depending on the model, for example, you can take advantage of additional wipes or specific tips for the corners of the windows, for example.

It is also very important to focus on the different features that a window cleaner offers. For example, there are equipment of this type that allows the generation of steam or that offers a spray that allows the use of conventional cleaning products. Others may even tell you that the wipe needs to be changed when it is too dirty and therefore efficient enough, for example.

The autonomy and charging time of your next cleaner. windows

Finally, depending on the area of ​​the window in your home, you will need your window cleaner to be able to help you get all the work done at once without need to recharge. That is why it is important to focus on the autonomy of your next window cleaner which, in most cases, is counted in hours. However, other models only offer a battery life of a few minutes, which will actually reduce your efficiency.

In addition, the loading time is also essential since it must be correlated with the autonomy of the equipment. Ideally, the charging time should be as short as possible and the battery life as long as possible. To take into account this criterion, it is important that you manage to estimate your real needs, that is, a window cleaner that requires five hours of charge will not be a problem for you, for example, if you think that you will only use it very occasionally to clean a few windows .

Polti Forzaspira AG130: The window cleaner with the best value for money sold by Amazon!

The window cleaner Polti Forzaspira AG130 may interest you, as it has the advantage of being very efficient and offers a quality/price ratio exceptional. Indeed, although its autonomy of 30 minutes seems relatively limited compared to many other models, it is actually very satisfactory since it is such a practical device that it will allow you to clean all your windows in a minimum of time, especially since it has a generous deposit of 150 milliliters.

To be really effective, the Polti Forzaspira AG130 glass cleaner will be delivered to you with a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. But the brand has also wanted to simplify your daily life by offering you a concentrated cleaner FrescoGlass of 30 milliliters thanks to which your windows will recover their original splendor. To conclude, if you are looking for a really inexpensive, high-performance window cleaner, this model is the one for you!

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