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Let's discover the 3 best robotic vacuum cleaners of the moment

Obviously, for many, cleaning is a thankless and time-consuming task that we all wish we could do without . having in spite of all the security of enjoying a perfectly clean accommodation. And if it may seem like nothing more than a fantasy, in reality, there is some equipment capable of cleaning for us, with total autonomy, without us having a single finger to wash. And this is particularly the case with the robot vacuum that we wanted to tell you about through this comparison. As you can see, this type of equipment is so powerful and so versatile that very soon, you will not imagine for a single moment being able to do without it.

What is the value of the Proscenic Vacuum Cleaner? Robot 830 T with mop connected to Wi-Fi and Alexa?

You need a quality vacuum cleaner to quickly and properly clean your carpet or rug. However, manufacturers offer various models of vacuum cleaners that are fighting an uphill battle to capture the attention of customers. Having trouble choosing your vacuum cleaner? We decided to help you by telling you about the Proscenic 830 T robot vacuum. It's arguably one of the best vacuums currently available on the market. In this article you will know all its characteristics.

The Wi-Fi and Alexa connected Proscenic 830 T robot vacuum cleaner: an easily adjustable and portable device

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Circular in shape and with a refined style, the Proscenic The Wi-Fi and Alexa Connected 830 T Robot Vacuum Cleaner is in line with the rest of the brand's models. It comes in three different colors. You should also know that this machine is easily transportable due to its thinness.

The Proscenic 830 T robot with Wi-Fi connection and Alexa has an ergonomic remote control with which you can clean your home without having to travel. All you need to do is properly configure the device and start it. It is designed in materials that allow it to move easily on any surface. The device is specially equipped with iPNAS technology that allows you to program the cleaning mode in two steps and three movements.

See the price of the Proscenic 830T

The Connected Proscenic Robot 830 T: a machine that can be controlled with a smartphone and that does little noise.

Remember also that you will be able to control the Proscenic 830 T Connected Wi-Fi and Alexa Robot Vacuum Cleaner from your smartphone. Depending on the type of cleaning, you can easily choose the appropriate cleaning mode. You will also be able to monitor the progress of the cleaning process live. This appliance is also completely silent when you put it in wash mode. It has a fairly comfortable suction power and thanks to its sensors, it is able to easily identify and avoid obstacles that stand in its way.

The Proscenic 830T Robot Vacuum Cleaner: a device with good autonomy and an automatic recharging system

What you still need to know about the robot vacuum cleaner Proscenic 830 T Connected Wi-Fi and Alexa is that it has a battery life of two hours. This magnetic edge compatible device also has a system that allows its battery to recharge automatically. As soon as it reaches a critical level, the Wi-Fi connected Proscenic 830 T robot vacuum cleaner and Alexa go systematically to its charging point.

The advantages and disadvantages of the connected Proscenic 830T robot vacuum

Advantages Disadvantages Really very interesting price Effective on all types of floors, parquet, tiles, rugs and carpets Additional washing function Can also be configured and control easily from a smartphone or Alexa Slightly squeezed water tank max 50 m2

Editorial opinion

The Proscenic 830 T robot vacuum cleaner connected to Wi-Fi and Alexa is defiantly one of the most efficient and practical vacuum cleaners available on the market. Buy it to take advantage of its many features.

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Proscenic 811GB: A high-performance connected robot vacuum cleaner!

The Proscenic 811GB robot vacuum is a truly exceptional device, which stands out from most of its competitors, in many ways. Thanks to him, you can always enjoy perfectly clean accommodation when you return home. If this model is so popular with customers, it is because it is the most reliable robot vacuum cleaner of its generation, but also because it is one of the cheapest at the moment. Clearly, by opting for the Proscenic 811GB, you're sure to get a good deal, and at no point will you regret deciding to give it to you.

Specifically, the Proscenic 811GB robot vacuum cleaner will start by sucking up all the dirt present on the floors, and even the smallest. But it is also capable of taking care of the hair or animal hairs present in upholstery fabrics such as carpets for example. Then, during the same step, will steam clean the floor and then disinfect the floor , so that your home is clean but also very hygienic. It is true that by developing this model, the Proscenic brand, rather specialized in the design of cheap robot vacuum cleaners, has shown that it masters its subject to perfection and that it is undoubtedly one of the best brands of the moment in this category.

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What are all the good reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner and mop?

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If the robot vacuum cleaner has become so popular, this is of course due to the fact that it works independently and therefore allows you to better enjoy your time free without having to schedule specific times for cleaning. When you receive it, all you have to do is schedule it to do the cleaning for you at the times you indicate. So when you're at work, outdoors, or even at home, your team will take care of cleaning your floors without you having to think about turning it on. But of course, for a unique need, usually with a remote control, you can also order your appliance to turn on.

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is also an interesting device in the sense that, like the best steam cleaners, it doesn't just clean floors. Because it works with water transformed into ultra-high temperature steam, you will be able to disinfect your floors without the need for any chemicals. Thus, in addition to enjoying a healthy home, you will save money and make a small gesture for the well-being of the planet. Finally, the last advantage of the robot vacuum cleaner refers to its price. This is actually much more affordable than if you were to buy a vacuum cleaner in addition to a steam mop. To conclude, all the reasons to buy a robot vacuum cleaner are good!

Robot Vacuum Cleaner Comparison: Top 10 Customer Favorite Devices This Year!

How to choose a vacuum cleaner adapted to your home and your needs?

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To choose a good robot vacuum and mop , you will not have any real difficulty in planning, however, there are some very specific criteria to take into account . The first of these refers to the autonomy of your equipment, which must correspond to the size of your home. The autonomy of a robotic vacuum cleaner is generally expressed in minutes and can, for the best devices, reach 120 minutes. However, to help you, the marks indicate which area this autonomy may correspond to, which will prevent you from making a mistake in your choice. But also take into account the charging time of the device. If you plan to use it very regularly, it is better to choose a robot vacuum cleaner capable of recharging very quickly.

Next, we recommend that you take the time to understand the ease of use of the robot vacuum cleaner you choose. It is essential that your equipment is as user-friendly as possible so that you can set it up in just a few seconds. To this end, some brands have taken the initiative to develop applications for smartphones or tablets that will connect directly to the computer and that will allow you to control it remotely. Finally, consider also the reputation of the device. Do not hesitate to consult the opinions of the clients on the robot vacuum cleaners that interest you to make sure you make the best choice according to your needs.

Proscenic 790T, a modern and elegant robot vacuum cleaner!

The Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is one of the revolutionary home appliances designed to make it easy to maintain and clean your apartment. Among the crowd on the market, the Proscenic 790T robot vacuum cleaner is a benchmark in terms of many criteria that we invite you to discover.

More information on the Proscenic 790T robot vacuum cleaner and mop

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This is a 2 in 1 robot that combines the suction function with that of washing the floor. Fully programmable and easy to operate thanks to the remote control, the device is affordable to operate and really easy to use. Equipped with other technology even superior to that of traditional controls, it has WiFi so that its owner can easily operate it from his smartphone or tablet using the Proscenic application. Cleaning can be programmed and scheduled, started, paused or even stopped, and choose between the different cleaning modes (autonomous, zone, edge) offered by the manufacturer. Other small details can be viewed through the app: view previous cleaning cycles, check clean surface, and check battery. The latest version of the app makes the robot smarter: it can now be recharged as soon as it finishes doing its work or as soon as it needs recharging.

  • Its powerful suction (power=25) is perfectly suitable and effective for hard floors, rugs and carpets. It ensures the most impeccable cleaning by removing all types of impurities from the floor, including hair, hair and the finest particles.
  • Its 3 ultrasonic radars and the two dozen infrared detectors it is equipped with allow it to efficiently locate the outlines of furniture, obstacles and even holes.
  • iPNAS technology allows you to precisely plan cleaning without forgetting any surface, even the bottom of the cabinet. Its lithium-ion battery has a formidable autonomy of 110 minutes.

Our opinion about the Proscenic 790T robot vacuum cleaner

The Proscenic 790T robot vacuum cleaner and mop is a Taiwanese brand manufacture Proscenic, who has practiced robotics applied to household appliances for almost 30 years. Therefore, it is designed with professional and expert hands. Good at maintaining most floor coverings perfectly, this robot is a customer favorite in the robot vacuum and mop market. It is one of the best sellers of the moment and his opinion is quite favorable.

Due to its thoroughness at work, we found that the device is perfectly adapted for allergy sufferers or people who live with animals. We highly recommend this equipment and emphasize that it has a one-year warranty. What to give you confidence in the robustness of the device. Another piece of news that you will love is that its instructions for use are written in French. This robot is an investment that will pay off.

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Bagotte , an accessible robot vacuum cleaner!

The robot vacuum cleaner is a practical device for worry-free cleaning. There are a wide variety of robotic mop deals on the market. This article talks about the Bagotte robot vacuum cleaner, a team that caught our attention for its performance and ergonomics.

Presentation and characteristics of the Bagotte robot vacuum

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Ideally designed for cleaning hard surfaces and thin and fine-pile carpets, this appliance has 3 functions: wash the floor, clean the floor and automatic recharge. To facilitate automatic recharging, the robot recharging station should be placed in a place that is easily accessible for the device. So as soon as you have finished your cleaning job or as soon as your battery dies, your smart equipment spontaneously turns to its power source. It should be noted that the device's battery has an autonomy of 100 minutes. So you have every chance to finish your maintenance work on a single charge. And if not, you can use it again in no time, since it has an optimal recharge time of 4h to 5h.

Its versatility is also evident in its cleaning methods. In fact, the device has 4 different usage modes. Thus, the user, according to their needs, can opt for automatic cleaning or edge cleaning, for cleaning a room or even for scheduled cleaning. Thanks to its rolling brush and its double rotating brushes, the equipment is able to remove dust, dirt and large particles from the floor. Its advanced technology allows you to delimit the work area with a magnetic strip. Its vacuum sensors prevent equipment from falling down stairs, for example.

Our take on the Bagotte robot vacuum and mop

With all these assets, we believe that the Bagotte robot vacuum and mop is essential for a refined and uncomplicated home. Because it is equipped with a mop, you can turn on your robot to perfectly clean your coatings for a perfect result. You'll only need a few prerequisites: schedule, fill the water, and empty your dust bin to have your time and let the Bagotte robot vacuum do all the work for you.

Among other advantages that you will like in relation to the purchase of the device, we can quote the manufacturer's after-sales service. The device has a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. Customer service is available to listen to your problems and, if possible, remove the device for replacement as soon as possible. Also, the device is available at a really good price compared to all the features offered. Our opinion on this device is positive if you want to have an ultra-efficient and ultra-resistant robot vacuum cleaner.

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Where to buy your robot vacuum cleaner at the best price?

Find robot vacuum cleaners today. The sale of washing machines is not complicated since you only have to go to any store specializing in electrical appliances to find a wide offer. However, it must also be recognized that most of the time, you will have to put your hand in your pocket to have the equipment that suits your needs. However, by choosing to buy a vacuum cleaner robot on, you will benefit from preferential rates on models of the main brands, which will allow you to obtain real savings, especially since it is not uncommon for the brand to also offer robot vacuum cleaners on sale , which will further optimize your budget. Finally, know that when you buy on, you benefit from a 60-day money-back guarantee thanks to which you can receive a full refund if your equipment does not completely satisfy you.

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