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TOP 3 of the best bagless vacuum cleaners of the moment!

In France, since 2006 more than 3 million vacuum cleaners have been sold every year. This is almost the equivalent of one sale every 10 seconds! There is no doubt that this device is essential in homes today, just like the steam plant or the summer mobile air conditioner. Among the types of vacuum cleaners, three main types of devices compete for demand. This is the bagless robot vacuum cleaner, broom and. In this article, we will talk about bagless vacuum cleaners.

Comparison of the 10 most popular bagless vacuum cleaners among consumers

The history of the bagless vacuum cleaner and its evolution over the years

In the 60s, the technology was not very advanced but it still had to get rid of the dust. Therefore, Daniel Hess developed the Carpet Broom. The latter worked thanks to bellows that created a vacuum to suck up the dust. The success of this device was very brief. It was in 1901 when the British Cecil Booth made the first electric vacuum cleaner.

However, many did not like its size. Horsepower was required for traction and a 30m hose motor before it could be used. Research accelerates and new models are offered every 2 to 3 years beginning in 1900. In 1906, Spangler invented the first bagged vacuum cleaner.

Presentation of the 3 best bagless vacuum cleaners of the year

Today, 40% of the vacuum cleaners sold are bagless , which puts them way ahead of the best stick vacuums or the best robot vacuums so far extremely trendy now. Without a doubt, it is the most efficient and popular model among households. There are a wide variety of bagless vacuum cleaners available in supermarkets and specialty stores. You can choose one of the 3 mentioned below for total ease of use.

Powerpro Active FC9532/09

It weighs 6 kg for a power of 750 W for a weight of 6 kg. It is inexpensive and has good efficiency. Thanks to its Tri Activ + brush and Power Cyclone 4Il suction technology, it is clearly above average. It is sold with a 2-year warranty and is easy to use.

Unlike most vacuum cleaners, it is equipped with a HEPA 10 filter and a power variator. It comes with its essential accessories. It is notably accompanied by a groove tool, telescopic handle and TriActive brush.

Dyson Ball Stubborn

El-ci rises to second place. It is one of a kind. In fact, it is capable of absorbing all allergenic substances from the soil. Clear hard floors of all light debris, be it animal hair or other trash. It comes with Radial Root Cyclone suction technology, which is its main asset. It has been combined with a 600W motor and a permanent washable filter for best results.

It weighs 7 kg and has' a tank with a capacity of 2 L. It is easy to use and does not consume much energy despite its size. However, the latter performs less on carpets and rugs than on hard floors. It also makes more noise than its predecessor.

Dyson DC33C Origin

This is one of the best-selling vacuum cleaners on the market. . It is often compared to the previous model. Indeed, they have a unique weight of 7 kg, the same tank capacity, the same power of 750 W, and to top it all, they emit a sound of 84 dB during operation. However, it has an advantage as it combines 2 suction technologies, the Root Cyclone technology and the Ball technology. It does not work well on carpets and rugs like the DC37C.

How much does a good bagless vacuum cleaner cost?

It takes between 75 and 700 euros to get a vacuum cleaner. Everything depends on what do you want. Either in terms of performance or endurance. But, if you have between 200 and 500 euros, you can easily find excellent products.

Bagless or bagless vacuum cleaner?

There are many types of vacuum cleaners, but there are two main types: the bag and the bagless bag. Both types of vacuum cleaners work the same way when it comes to their ability to suck dirt and debris from the floors of your home. Additionally, both types come with a variety of accessories, attachments, and extensions that will make cleaning hard-to-reach places easier.

However, the removal method for each type has many implications besides the fact that you will throw away the dirt. Whether you have a bagged vacuum or a bagless vacuum, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. We will focus on bagless vacuum cleaners.

The benefits of bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagless vacuum cleaners are a somewhat new innovation in the world of vacuum cleaners. This is because people have found them easier to use, clean and maintain.

The price of the bagless vacuum cleaner

Once purchased, a bagless vacuum cleaner is less expensive to use and maintain than its bag equivalent. This is mainly because you don't need to buy more and more bags to use your vacuum cleaner.

The tank full indicator

Standard clear chambers on bagless vacuum cleaners, as on better models of essential oil diffusers, make it easy to see when the vacuum needs to be emptied. It's also easy to see if your vacuum is working as efficiently as it should. One of the similarities between bagless vacuums and their equivalent is that the fuller the unit is, the less effective it will be at picking up dirt and debris. This can be easily avoided by emptying your content frequently.

The green side of the bagless vacuum

By Compared to its bagged counterpart, a bagless vacuum is easily the greenest option. Bagged vacuums can use hundreds of bags in their lifetime. But with a bagless model, you won't throw away anything superfluous with dust and dirt.

If you're extremely eco-friendly, you can even empty the chamber directly into its compost bin. If you choose this route, make sure that everything in the chamber will benefit your compost.

The bagless vacuum cleaner: a popular ultra-cleaning device!

Bagless vacuum cleaners tend to be the most popular choice with customers. This is probably due to many reasons, mainly because it is not necessary to constantly buy bags just to use the device. It's also easier to remove dirt and debris, because you can do it as often as you like.

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