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The robotic vacuum cleaner will do the cleaning itself, even when you are not at home. Since it is an essential device for you, you can also choose it with optimal functions.

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Our opinion on the ILIFE A4s robot vacuum cleaner

Maintaining your apartment or interior your house always clean requires rigorous maintenance of the floors. Due to time constraints or efficiency reasons, housework can be done with specific tools. Robot vacuum cleaners are devices whose effectiveness is well established. The ILife A4s robot vacuum cleaner is a model that has many advantages and will meet your expectations. Let's discover together in this guide the basics to know the characteristics and benefits of this robot vacuum cleaner.

Presentation of the ILife A4s robot vacuum cleaner

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner for sale on Amazon

The ILife A4s is a circular shaped robot vacuum cleaner that it has a design very suitable for use. As it does not have a carrying handle, this device is not bulky at all. It easily slides anywhere without any difficulty. In fact, it is equipped with two sprockets that allow it to steer in all directions. Plus, it weighs only 2.3kg, maximizing its ease of use. Among other technical characteristics that this device offers, we have:

2 side brushes; 1 remote control; 1 carpet brush; 1 infrared sensor strip (to avoid obstacles); 1 HEPA filter; 1 bagless dust bin…

Its brushes are highly resistant to stress and impact from debris. On the one hand, this allows for more efficient vacuuming and removal of waste. On the other hand, it gives the device a good longevity. With the control, you can control the ILife A4 remotely and enjoy cleaning more comfortably. The device also has 5 different cleaning programs to choose from. Depending on the particularities of your floors, you will choose the most suitable cleaning. It is also important to add that the ILife A4s is a device that enjoys great autonomy. In fact, its fully charged battery offers a range of 3 hours. The device can also run continuously for 140 minutes. This model of vacuum cleaner has serious advantages and gives you a better interior maintenance experience.

What are the advantages of this robot vacuum cleaner?

Silent Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The ILife A4s is a device that will pleasantly surprise you. First of all, its sale price is surprising given its technical characteristics. So you no longer have to worry about cleaning flat surfaces under dressers and sofas. Its smart navigation system also enables precise cleaning and dusting of edges and corners without hitting obstacles. You no longer have to move your furniture before cleaning your hidden surfaces. It is run by remote control. You can schedule and specify the cleaning that suits your floor. You can view the battery level at any time and decide to direct it to the charging station if necessary. So whatever floor you want to clean, you can make it easier with this robot vacuum cleaner.

Weaknesses of ILife A4

Despite its many strengths, ILife has some weaknesses. It is a device with a slightly reduced suction power compared to some models. However, this low power is compensated by the performance of its rotating brush that effectively directs dust. The robot vacuum cleaner is not equipped with a camera that can map the interior for more optimized cleaning. On the other hand, its infrared sensors make it possible to detect obstacles. Although it can be used on all flat surfaces, the maintenance of covered floors (carpets, rugs, etc.) is less effective with this device. However, the device removes up to 90% of dirt on:

Hard floors; Tiles; Wooden surfaces …

Also, it is important to keep an eye on the device when it is in operation, as it has no virtual barriers.

So if you are looking for an efficient robot vacuum cleaner, you can go for the ILife A4. It has several advantages that will allow you to do household chores more comfortably.

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Our opinion on the iRobot 960 robot vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners are devices whose use is increasingly democratic. They are available in different models. In the age of the Internet, to have an exceptional tool, you can go for a vacuum cleaner that can be connected to the Internet. The iRobot Roomba 960 is a model that has all the assets to meet all your requirements. For you to know more about this model, we will offer you this guide.

What are the specificities of the iRobot Roomba 960?

The iRobot Roomba 960 is a device that boasts impressive design quality. A tool at the forefront of technology, it allows the cleaning of its interior surfaces with intelligence, ease and efficiency. It comes with many accessories including:

  • Brushes (two side brushes and two center brushes, one of which is a spare for each type of brush);
  • HEPA filters that allow optimal suction of dangerous particles;
  • The charging base with its power cord;
  • The two virtual walls (Virtual Wall)…

iRobot 960 Robot Vacuum Perfect for animal hair

Unlike the old models of the brand, the brushes of this device are made of semi-rigid rubber. These brushes are very efficient and are perfectly adapted to cleaning all types of floors, even covered floors (carpet, mock heads …). They also allow you to effectively and easily remove the remains of hair and long hair from animals.

Thanks to the two virtual walls, the device avoids obstacles. They also allow you to detect dirt and soil type. It also features an interior mapping system, helping you clean much more easily and efficiently. Its infrared sensors allow it to effectively circumvent furniture, litter boxes and any obstacles that may prevent its operation. Whether under the bed, furniture or stairs, this device guarantees exceptional cleaning.

iRobot Roomba 960: a connected device with good battery life

In addition to all these features, the iRobot Roomba 960 is a device connected. It can be controlled remotely by smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is use an app to schedule it, in particular the cleaning duration, the cleaning start, etc. Through a Wi-Fi connection and the application that can be used on a tablet or smartphone, you can also:

  • Check the progress of cleaning remotely;
  • Postpone cleaning up to 7 times a week;
  • Establish cleaning plans and configure the maintenance of your facilities …

It is a robot vacuum cleaner that can work continuously for 75 minutes. Therefore, it has enough autonomy to thoroughly clean small spaces. Note that this is a smart device that only walks to the charging base. It only takes 3 hours to fully charge and resume cleaning where you left off.

Why use this robot vacuum cleaner?

Using the iRobot Roomba 960 is beneficial in many ways. First of all, it is a device with very good suction power (5 times higher). This allows it to vacuum and attract debris, dirt, animal hair and other debris from the floor. Its powerful suction system together with its HEPA filter allows the capture of 99%:

  • Dust;
  • Smaller allergens (up to 10 microns);
  • Dust mites…

Therefore, it is a suitable device for people suffering from allergies. It also incorporates several very useful functions. Equipped with Dirt Detect technology, the iRobot Roomba detects dirt for faster cleaning. Whatever the type of floor inside, this robot vacuum cleaner guarantees exceptional maintenance. Cleaning hidden areas, corners and edges of walls is done perfectly. These side brushes can be tilted up to 27 degrees. It is a device that has memory and works autonomously. Automatically recharges when needed and resumes cleaning where it left off. Controllable by wifi through a mobile application, you can start/stop the Roomba 960 n 'no matter where. The device is also compatible with certain devices, including Google Assistant and Alexa. Therefore, it is the vacuum cleaner that offers you everything you need for the automated maintenance of your home.

For simpler and easier maintenance of your facilities, you can use the iRobot Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner. It is a connected object with many features that you can control remotely to effectively clean its parts.

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The best economic robot vacuum cleaner among the top 10

To make your purchase profitable, opt for a well-known brand robot vacuum cleaner. The brand models are in most cases more robust and more functional than the inexpensive ones. The robot vacuum cleaner should also slide around every corner, so remember to choose the one that is as flat as possible and that can remove dust anywhere in the house: under beds, sofas, coffee tables, etc.

The performance of the device, a crucial criterion

The surface to be cleaned must also be taken into account. This type of appliance works with a rechargeable battery, and it is better to opt for a model that can work enough and does not stop in the middle of the room. For added convenience, prefer a programmable model because it can automatically start at the times you specify and spontaneously return to your starting point. The most advanced robot vacuum cleaner even returns to its base as soon as the battery runs out, recharges power, and then picks up where it left off.

Choosing a robot vacuum cleaner that adapts to your lifestyle

Criteria that we do not always think about, but that are very important: the device must be able to adapt to any type of floor, be it parquet, carpet… and it must be able to suck up as much dirt as possible (dust, hair, pieces of paper, etc.). The robot must also be equipped with a sensor that prevents it from falling down stairs or hitting furniture. Finally, if you need peace of mind, go for a quiet robot vacuum cleaner.

Advantage of a robotic vacuum cleaner over a conventional one

The robotic vacuum cleaner has many advantages that explain its growing popularity today. Like the vast majority of household appliances used in the home to perform daily tasks, a typical vacuum cleaner requires a person to operate and dust the floor. Unlike the latter, a robotic vacuum cleaner has efficient software and an efficient processor that allows it to be completely autonomous and automatic. He only evaluates the extent of the surface to be cleaned, determines the starting point and establishes the best route to cover the entire floor. The more advanced models can be programmed and controlled remotely, in particular via the Internet or even a smartphone.

A smart and efficient robot vacuum cleaner

Generally, when vacuuming, it is relatively difficult to reach certain corners of a room, especially when there are several pieces of furniture present. We often trip over the table legs, we cannot remove the dust lodged under the coffee table without moving it, we have to lean back to pass the vacuum head under the cupboard, etc. With a robot vacuum cleaner, all these problems are solved. As the machine is round and flat like a saucer, it can move around the house, even in the most difficult places. It automatically bypasses all obstacles and avoids walls and stairs. It is also programmed so that no part of the floor to be cleaned is forgotten.

Comfortable and economical

A robot vacuum cleaner is much lighter than a manual vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is quite possible to carry it in the suitcase when spending, for example, a weekend in secondary accommodation. This device also makes little noise and does not damage the eardrum of the neighbor or its owner. In addition, the latter can leave and let your robot work alone, then return to a dust-free house. Finally, the machine consumes less electricity because it is not permanently connected to the electrical network. It works on battery and automatically recharges when discharged.

Presentation of robot vacuum cleaners

If there is a household chore that many of us do not like, it is vacuuming. With a robot vacuum cleaner, this task would no longer be a chore, it cleaned the house dust on its own.

What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

A robot vacuum cleaner, as its name suggests, is a vacuum cleaner, but it is completely automatic. Therefore, it is a machine capable of sucking up dust, hair, pieces of paper and all the other particles scattered on the floor of a house, but without having to be operated by human hands to work. It carries out its task on its own and with total autonomy.

Less fatigue thanks to the robot vacuum

No more aches, cramps and hours wasted vacuuming. If it usually takes several minutes to completely dust the floor of a house with the fatigue that follows, the robot vacuum cleaner allows you to do housework while you cook, water the plants in your garden, watch television or even go to the office. It does its thing by removing dust and unwanted particles from parquet, carpets, rugs and tiles. The most advanced models can even be controlled remotely, especially via the Internet, and programmed according to your preferences.

An efficient machine

If you normally have to bend over and walk around the furniture and lift it up to eliminate dust mites, a robot vacuum cleaner is much more efficient. Thanks to its rounded and flat shape, like a flying saucer, it can fit in all nooks and crannies, even the most inaccessible ones, such as under the sideboard, under the coffee table or behind the sofa. Better yet, it recognizes obstacles and avoids them, identifies gaps so as not to fall down the stairs and goes over the legs of tables and chairs…

The house is cleaned to the nearest centimeter

When vacuuming, despite being careful to remove all traces of dust on the floor, there is always the risk of forgetting certain areas. Equipped with a specific program, a robot vacuum cleaner records various data to orient itself around the house. In this way you memorize your route and do not forget an inch of parquet or carpet. Clean the entire floor.

Save time and energy

Obviously, by not having to hold the handle of your vacuum cleaner and walk all over the house to make it look perfect, you save time. It is no longer worth spending a few minutes of your schedule doing housework. This saves time to work, to take care of your family … In addition, the robot vacuum cleaner is not permanently connected to the power socket, it consumes less energy. It charges for a moment, does its job, and automatically recharges when its battery is empty.

Some recommendations

Being a more compact machine than a manual vacuum cleaner, a robot vacuum cleaner can contain a smaller amount of particles and, therefore, requires more maintenance. It is recommended to check the filters and empty the robot regularly. To increase the useful life of the robot, it is also advisable not to leave large waste lying on the ground that could affect its operation before starting it.

Inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner: The elements that justify a higher price

A cheap robot vacuum cleaner is a robot that gives complete satisfaction without spending a fortune.

Classic robotic vacuum cleaners offer basic services that often do not allow deep vacuuming in every corner. The “next generation” robots benefit from advanced technologies and increasingly efficient accessories to reach difficult areas and guarantee impeccable results whatever the type of soil. The improvement is visible on several levels:

  • The shape of the device adapts to the environment. The Square Design envisioned by LG is a perfect example of this evolution. The angle finder takes advantage of this technology.
  • The navigation system allows intelligent movement regardless of the intensity of the light. Various sensors and detectors improve cleaning precision. The Vparquet DualEye 2.0 exceeds the expectations of any user.
  • The programs are numerous and specific: all Hom-bots have 7 programs to select according to the desired use and the details of the floor (Zig Zag, Spiral, Zona by Zone, Manual, Repeat, Turbo and Smart Turbo for carpets and rugs, My Space to determine an area to be cleaned).
  • The robot works in total autonomy and memorizes the previous routes to avoid hitting certain obstacles again or falling into the void.

What is the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Hair Catcher?

You love pets. You have many who share the same spaces as you at home. Life is not always easy with them, because with their hair invading your surfaces and floors, you need to do the interior cleaning at least twice a day. You are tired of using your regular vacuum cleaner because it is no longer effective enough to remove pet hair. You know how to do it? Have an idea for a device that could make this easier for you? Otherwise, we offer you the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner. It is a device that includes more than one due to the ease of cleaning it offers with its pet hair collection function. Read this article to find out how much this robot vacuum cleaner is worth.

The ILIFE V3s Pro robot vacuum cleaner: what features?

The ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner has several features that are the basis of its success. It is one of the latest and best models in the ILIFE robot vacuum range. It's a pretty smart model that:

  • has a fairly simple configuration (easy to configure and use);
  • does not clutter (it has a small size of 45 x 40 x 14 cm and weighs only 4.4 kg );
  • has an unbeatable autonomy (stays for at least 2 hours and automatically goes to the charging console resumes cleaning after charging);
  • has a remote control for easy scheduling and cleaning planning;
  • is very quiet when activated;
  • etc.

A large capacity to collect animal hair

ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner for sale and cheap

The ILI FE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is known for its effectiveness in easily picking up pet hair thanks to its pet hair cleaning technology. This is what is leading to more and more households adopting it, especially pet lovers. It is a device that some parents even make available to their children so that they can clean their rooms in case the kitten or hamster loses its hair in the room. Both children and adults handle it very easily.

Our ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Review

Users keep asking to talk about. We too, after testing it, can say that it is indeed an excellent high-end robot vacuum cleaner. Its effectiveness is no longer proven. Regardless of the type of animal hair on the ground or on the surface, the ILIFE V3s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner is good enough to remove it. Even if animal hairs are found on the underside of your carpets (carpets with 2 cm long pile, for example), your device can detect and find them thanks to its function that collects animal hair . You do not need to control its cleanliness. Just program it with the remote control from the room you are in and your robot vacuum will do all the work. Either because of the cost (which amounts to less than 150 euros ) or because of the quality of the device, rest assured: you will not regret your purchase. It is a good investment that will continue to be your best ally for your daily cleaning. With your ILIFE V3 Pro robot vacuum cleaner, you will say goodbye to the animal hair that invaded your endless floors.

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The energy and ecological performance of a freestanding vacuum cleaner

Choosing a cheap robot vacuum cleaner does not mean choosing a poor quality Device. Practical, useful, aesthetic is the least expected of this small appliance ahead of its time.

A cheap and noisy robot vacuum interferes with daily activities. For intensive use, even when you are present during the cleaning operation, it is better to opt for a vacuum cleaner with a noise level of 70 dB or less. The Hom-Bot has a sound level of 60 dB.

An inexpensive robot vacuum cleaner must meet various standards in terms of hygiene during emptying (the LG robots have a 0.6L airtight dust container that is downloaded from the top). The cleaning accessories used must respect the environment and your health (the Square range has wide-width microfiber wipes and Hepa filters that retain dust particles and only let clean and healthy air escape).

The VR1229B is LG's most expensive Hom-Bot. At the moment, it is difficult to expect more from a robot vacuum cleaner in terms of technicality, but also accessories and options. Its fundamental difference compared to the VR1227R or Vparquet is its longer, stiffer and better positioned additional brush.

In fact, the entire range of LG robot vacuum cleaners bring together essential assets for daily use of the device. We cannot establish a correct and complete comparison of the robot vacuum cleaners currently on the market without talking about power and energy savings because a cheap robot vacuum cleaner is also a household appliance that does not inflate the electricity bill. All recent models have a 100-minute autonomy to vacuum up to 170 m2. The lithium battery is efficient and durable. Consumption under load is only 23 W/h and 18 W/h in use.

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