Buying guide: which pressure washer how to choose the best?

What is the actual use of a pressure washer? This is often the first question someone wants to purchase a suitable cleaning tool for their car, for their home. We are here to give you some ideas to help you answer them. The elements to take into account when choosing this type of device is the use to be made of it, the level of pressure that the device can provide and the accessories that accompany it. A quick tour of our comparison will help you figure it out. However, if reading is something that turns you off, why not look at the next two models? With its 2100 W power, the Kärcher K5 is the one we recommend to remove all dirt. It is equipped with an 8m hose that deeply cleans even the most remote areas of your car. The alternative to this model is the Bosch AQT 37-1. With a power of 1700 W for a maximum flow of 370 l/h, it is a high pressure cleaner equipped with a 5 meter long cable that will allow you to clean your vehicle without difficulty.

Comment choosing a good pressure washer?

It's no wonder that many people get lost in choosing a pressure washer given the availability of this device in large varieties. Especially intended for outdoor maintenance work, it is a piece of equipment that every home should have. To help you spend less time researching the item you're buying, here are some tips on its key features: intended use, pressure, and accessories.

Intended use of your high pressure cleaner

If you want to find an item that is good value for money, you should consider the intended use of pressure washer before buying one. . The use that each household intends to make of this product is not always the same and the devices intended for them are not the same either.

Some items are intended for routine cleaning, such as when you keep your vehicle or furniture outdoors and exposed to the open air. It is especially for more arduous maintenance jobs such as washing a terrace that other appliances are intended for. There are also devices on the market that allow you to perform more complicated tasks such as cleaning facades and ceilings. A model that has more power, considerable pressure and flow allows easy removal of dirt compared to one that is less efficient, but can be used for ordinary maintenance.

Kärcher K5 High Pressure Cleaner

Kärcher K5 high-pressure cleaner see on Amazon

If you want to easily identify which one is the best pressure washer on the market, you should turn to Kärcher K5.

This item is rated at 2100w to allow it to easily cut through various types of dirt in a very limited time. It comes with a garden hose adapter so you can easily reach the areas to be cleaned further from the appliance. This product is also equipped with an 8m high pressure hose to carry out work in more remote places without difficulty.

For a length of 51.6 cm, a width of 29.5 cm and a height of 28.2 cm, this device is not bulky so you can perform each cleaning with maximum comfort.

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The pressure of the high-pressure cleaner

The pressure of the device is expressed in bar. Although it is not the only indicator that allows us to deduce the performance of this product, it is part of it. The higher the value corresponding to your measurement, the more this device ensures that cleaning does not require you to make a lot of effort to remove dirt. When a high-value flow is added to this pressure, your work becomes fast.

The accessories

The accessories that The support of a high pressure cleaner plays a decisive role in the possibility of carrying out various jobs with the model you have chosen. These include rotating brushes and hose extensions. Its presence makes it easier to carry out certain jobs if, for example, you have stubborn dirt or cleaning to do at height. You can also check that the cable that comes with the device is long enough so that cleaning is always done with the greatest comfort.

Considering the performance of the device compared to the money you will have to invest in its purchase, it is easy to find out how to choose the best pressure washers of 2017. Here are some models with interesting features.

Bosch AQT 37-1 High Pressure Cleaner

Bosch AQT 37-1 high-pressure cleaner See in Amazon

Bosch AQT 37-1 allows working with a pressure equal to 130 bar. The force that this best pressure washer exerts on each treated surface is therefore important to easily loosen dirt even if it has stuck there for a long time.

Its power equals 1700 watts to allow you to perform maintenance without much effort. Its maximum flow reaches up to 370 l/h so that you can quickly complete all cleaning, regardless of the size of the area to be washed.

The length of its 6 meter hose guarantees you work with more freedom in your movements. Its cable measures 5 meters to avoid having to use an extension cord when you have to get to a place further from the power outlet.

Kärcher K2 Basic high pressure cleaner

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For the Kärcher K2 high pressure cleaner, the maximum pressure reaches 110 bar to exert a lot of force on each element you clean to remove the dirt that is there. Its maximum flow is equivalent to 360 liters/hour.

This saves you from wasting a lot of time on maintenance, especially on maintenance work. 'span.

In addition, with a power of 1400 watts, the efficiency of this device to process quickly without you expending maximum energy. more to prove.

It comes with a garden hose adapter so you can reach an item to clean in a more remote location. Its hose is 3 meters long so you can work comfortably.

Nilfisk C 110.4-5 X-tra high-pressure cleaner

Nilfisk high pressure cleaner see on Amazon

Nilfisk C 110.4-5 X-tra is a device whose dimensions include 240mm long, 240mm wide and 660mm high.

It is one of the very compact models in this comparison of high pressure cleaners. It does not take up much space and is a good storage aid when you don't have to dedicate a lot of space to it.

Its performance is equal to 440 liters per hour so you do not have to take several hours to remove the dirt that adheres to the treated surface.

Its power is 1400 watts so it reduces the effort you will have to do to get through some dirt. The ergonomic 360 ° swivel gun with which it is equipped makes it easy to access hard-to-reach places.

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Our complete archive on Karcher K7 Full Control: Our full test and opinion!

Karcher is a brand that has a great reputation and is recognized everywhere in the world for the quality of the products it offers. It can be used for both professionals and individuals. The products of this company are of superior quality, irreproachable and will help you to carry out your various activities correctly with formidable efficiency and very little achieved in the field. However, it should be noted that some models stand out from others. This has to do with the far superior power they offer, as well as the ergonomics that are of the highest level. The Karcher K7 Full Control pressure washer is a typical example of these models. It will be the subject of this article, in which we will give you our full opinions.

Presentation of the Karcher K7 Full Control high pressure cleaner

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The Karcher K7 Full Control high-pressure cleaner by virtue of its functions is a device that immediately gives you the appetite to be his favorite team given the impeccable quality found there. It exists in yellow and black like the rest of the products of this brand. Far from the elegance of the equipment, it is above all a very powerful device that will allow you to carry out various tasks of different kinds with the security of being able to perform them well and above all in very good condition. In addition, the Karcher company, specializing in the manufacture of devices such as high-performance value cleaners or versatile cartridge vacuums, specifically launched this equipment with the aim that it can experience a great number of years of use without however weakening and revealing the slightest flaw. The Karcher K7 is unanimously recognized as one of the most reliable devices of the German brand. By offering you this valuable product, it is clear that you will make an investment that will undoubtedly be very profitable for you. The probability that you will regret it after buying it is very low or non-existent. For your cleaning, if you think that your equipment is not only powerful but also resistant and makes your work easier, then you have come to the right place. The following lines will allow you to answer your gray areas.

The advantages of the Karcher K7 total control

The K7 Full Control model of the Karcher brand, is a high pressure cleaner in the top. He is considered one of the best in his field today. It stands out quickly, far from being a fluke, and you have to admit it. Thanks to this equipment, you can enjoy many benefits that will undoubtedly impact your daily life in a positive way. We briefly list the benefits of Karcher K7 Full Control for you, so that you have an idea of ​​what exactly to expect if you decide to purchase this valuable cleaning tool.

A very easy to use high pressure washer

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The K7 model Full Control is very simple in terms of use even if its weight (18 kilograms) could seem a disadvantage and leave some doubts to escape especially in the question of handling the device. You have to be calm, the German brand has planned everything to facilitate its use. A handle has been integrated into the equipment, as well as two wheels, to facilitate movement. Regardless of the type of surface (grass, asphalt or gravel), you have the possibility and above all the ease of rolling your pressure washer. The height of the device is 67 centimeters, a standard value that is within the required standards. The Karcher K7 Full Control Cleaner is a real gem. We particularly appreciate its many features on this device. There are several compartments there. These places will allow you to store the various accessories. Advantages that reinforce the practical side of the device. Also worth noting is the 5 meter long power cord, which is not retractable. At the rear of the device, there is a spool that has been installed to avoid any risk of overheating the motor. In short, if you opt for a particularly powerful cleaning device that will make your job easier by working under optimal conditions, the Karcher K7 Full Control high-pressure washer is ideal for you.

Impressive powerful cleaning

Karcher K7 Full Control cleaning device has a very high power. Its power can be considered absolutely extreme. In fact, its 3000 watt motor can run at full speed developing up to 180 bar as maximum pressure, a huge value and an optimal flow of 600 liters per hour. Simply put, this is an absolute record for this type of device because even high pressure cleaning equipment is not capable of such feats. All its features mean that you only have to put in a little time and effort to get any cleaning job done with this high-performance device. For example, in just one hour, you can clean a dirty area of ​​approximately 60 m². However, we must also admit that in this case the water consumption is a bit higher, which also seems normal since it is found in all high-pressure cleaners. The appliance also has a specific mode for cleaning carpets or other thick upholstery. This arrangement allows these types of fabrics to be cleaned efficiently without their properties being altered to the point of damage.

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Karcher K7 accessories, each more useful than next

In this high pressure cleaning model, there are many accessories. They are all useful for better use of the Karcher K7 Full Control. Among other things, a rotabuse to work more efficiently. It is a device that will allow you to achieve better rotational mobility. There is also the Vario Power 3 in 1 lance, which is very important for regulating the flow as well as the water consumption depending on the type of work to be carried out. The Quick & Coupling system is present in the Karcher K7 Full Control which is a tool that facilitates the installation and removal of all accessories. This device is equipped with an accessory, called T Racer 450 that is used for cleaning PVC garage doors for example, all this apart from the tap connector that allows to carry out other tasks. The effectiveness of this accessory will be multiplied by the bottle of the specific cleaner for exterior facades. Cleaning the roof of your house will be even easier without resorting to anti-foam products for the roofs. The Full Control premium pack is very beneficial due to its many advantages.

Various pressure modes for cleaning always adapted to your surfaces

3 The pressure modes characterize this model of high pressure washer. These different modes allow the user of the device to have the certainty of being able to carry out their cleaning work regardless of the degree. First of all, the device gives you a medium flow rate, enough for small or complicated cleanings. It also allows you to have control over your water consumption. Strong flow will serve you when you have to do more complex cleaning jobs. Compared to the average flow, this flow is twice as high. The third mode is called cleaning mix. This mode proposed by Karcher K7 Full Control has nothing to do with the speed used but with the type of product used to perform the tasks. If active, the water will mix with the detergent product. Blend mode allows you to overcome particularly stubborn dirt. The flow in this case is at maximum and the quality of the product is irrefutable with formidable efficiency. The third mode is used for special cases such as house facades, stones or concrete slabs, for example.

An ultra-reliable Karcher high-pressure cleaner!

A two-year warranty is given to each device of this brand. The same goes for accessories. However, in the particular case of the Karcher K7 Full Control, the warranty can be extended up to 5 years. This is another testament to the confidence the company has in its device. However, the extended warranty does not cover accessories. The reliability of the device is explained by the fact that the raw materials used by the factory to design this pressure washer are nothing more than high-end materials. As proof, the helmet was designed with a strong, ultra-thick plastic. The pump is made of aluminum which gives it maximum resistance to any type of pressure. Basically, the Karcher K7 Full Control is ultra-reliable and durable equipment.

Weaknesses of the Karcher K7 Full Control high pressure washer

The functions of this device may not be suitable for some people, or rather functions depending on the requirements or needs. We present the two missing situations in this model that constitute weak points.

There are no specific accessories for washing the car

The German company has not integrated exclusive accessories for cleaning the car into this device. The Karcher K7 Full Control would have been the ideal equipment to clean your car without spending too much. However, in this case to wash the car, it is advisable to prefer the medium flow so as not to damage the bodywork. Most of the visible dirt on the vehicle can probably be washed away. Unfortunately, there is no specific accessory for you to do the deep cleaning. So if you want your washing machine to be able to take care of your car too, then it is better to look for another product from this brand that is full of accessories that can meet your needs.

The flow change is done manually

The Karcher K7 Full Control high-pressure washer offers three different pressure modes to meet your needs . Changing from one mode to another can only be done manually. This means that you need to pause your tasks for a while before making gear changes. Still, it would have been better if these adjustments could be made automatically. This aspect is a weak point of this device that unfortunately suffers from a small lack of ergonomics. However, this in no way detracts from the quality of the equipment, which is easy to use and top-notch compared to other high-pressure cleaning devices.

The technical characteristics of the Karcher K7 Full Control

Model: Karcher K7 Full Control Colors: yellow, black and gray Dimensions: 46, 3 x 33 x 66.7 centimeters Weight: 18 kilograms Power: 3000 watts Maximum flow: 180 bar Power cable length: 5 meters Accessories: 1 telescopic carrying handle/1 reel with hose/1 Plug'n'Clean system/1 hose hook/1 storage system for lance and handle/1 Vario Power lance 3 in 1/1 pistol grip with display/1 flow control button/1 tap nozzle/1 home kit with T-Racer 450/1 liter of detergent for stones and facades.

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Why buy the Karcher pressure washer? K7 Full Control?

It is a versatile and very powerful device that will allow you to carry out many cleaning jobs in record time. Thanks to its great power and a pressure of up to 180 bars, this equipment will always meet the expectations for all your needs. In addition, it contains several very useful accessories. Therefore, the Karcher K7 Full Control remains the ideal equipment for high-quality cleaning.

How much does the Karcher K7 Full Control cost?

This device has an irreproachable quality with sublime functionalities, which undoubtedly impacts the price. Unless it is on promotion or on sale, you should allow around 500 euros for the purchase. The price seems high, but when you look at the quality of the product, it is not. In addition, they offer an exceptional guarantee of up to 5 years, reassuring about the product and unlike other brands. Any investment in this equipment can only be beneficial.

Our opinion on this Karcher K7 Full Control pressure washer

The quality is beyond reproach. This model is a high-pressure cleaner, easy to use and simplifies life with extraordinary performance. It is an exceptional product, even if it is not very suitable for car maintenance, which will only confirm every day that you are not wrong.

Lavorwash Advanced 1108 High Pressure Hot Water Cleaner

Lavorwash-Advanced 1108 is an economical hot water cleaner that it has a motor power of 2300 watts. This measurement is high, so you can complete all your maintenance work in no time.

Its maximum pressure is 145 bar. This allows you to exert enough force to easily remove dirt.

Its maximum flow is equivalent to 450 l/h to guarantee quick cleaning when dirt can be removed without much difficulty.

It has two wheels to make its movement more comfortable. Among its various accessories are a gun to access the different areas to be cleaned, an adjustable lance, an 8 meter high pressure hose to work comfortably even when the surface to be treated is large

Your pressure washer makes it easy to do many different cleanings outside the home. It can save a lot of time, and for some uses, several hours are saved. For other uses, this is the only do-it-yourself solution; otherwise, you must call a specialized cleaning company. It cleans very dirty surfaces (such as surfaces that have never been cleaned or surfaces stained by fluids used in mechanics), but also surfaces that are difficult to access and physically difficult to clean. It cleans facades and floors, for example, but it can also be used to wash cars and clean engines. It can also be used as a stripper. Therefore, we choose our washing machine mainly based on the type of power. This power is expressed in bars. The first prices are already at least 100 bars of power.

Need to do a high pressure cleaning

The pressure washer works thanks to an electric motor that drives a pump. Pump capacities allow for variable jet power. The effectiveness of these will also depend on the distance between the user and the surface to be cleaned or peeled. It is connected to the network and to a water inlet (cold). The most expensive models have heat engines. They are also commercially available, but few really need them outside of a professional activity. The high pressure thermal washer that uses hot water is not used by consumers, but by cleaning companies. However, the private washing machine is extremely efficient and easy to use. It is also a reliable device, however its use requires keeping children away and it is imperative to keep it out of their reach.

Choose an appliance for high pressure cleaning

The budget for the purchase of a high pressure cleaner will be established mainly according to the frequency of use and the maximum surface to be cleaned. As such, some manufacturers indicate suitable maximum surfaces for their devices. Inexpensive washing machines (they cost around 100 euros for a good basic model) are useful for cleaning small areas such as balconies and patios, as well as vehicles and the garden. They are often bought to clean cars on a priority basis. But the first prices start at 50 euros on average.

A quiet high-pressure cleaner

The higher-end high-pressure cleaner is usually equipped to be used longer and with more frequency. Its main characteristic is that it is usually a now silent device. It is also capable of saving even more time, because it is more effective on very dirty surfaces (and therefore engines or workshops where we do mechanics). In addition, it is equipped with wheels, which is not the case with the first prices or rarely.

The more expensive models of pressure washers are sold to individuals. It can cost more than 500 euros. Both the power and the ergonomics and adjustment options are more advanced. They are “all terrain” cleaners and also all surfaces, close to professional use. At this price, it is a very high flux heat engine. However, it is not necessary to use more water, since the extraction is almost instantaneous. They also have the advantage of being resistant to the force that is deployed, but it takes a bit of habit to handle them correctly. These models of nettoyeurs à haute pression sont également pourvus de nombreux accessoires.

Nettoyeur à haute pression à l'eau chaude

Conçu pour effectuer a nettoyage parfait des sols, tout en offering an optimal comfort of use, the nettoyeur haute pressure eau chaude which is declined in plusieurs modèles, but is also used well as a private cadre that professionnel for a vast choice of 'Applications.Généralement décliné décliné pour une utilization professionnelle, le nettoyeur haute pression eau chaude is a clothing polyvalent, easily maniable, ergonomique et offering a great puissance de nettoyage quelque soit sa taille et sa motorisation even if the use is in failure.Équipé d'un brûleur that renders possible the projection of l'eau jusqu'à 160 ° C, le nettoy eur à haute pression avec eau chaude fonctionne soit à l'essence soit au fioul et est un appareil de nettoyage efficace, car l'eau chaude, dont le pouvoir solvant est maximisé par la chaleur, permet de dissoudre plus efficacement les saletés et les matières Que l'eau froide.

Well qu'adapté à un usage professionnel, le nettoyeur à haute pression d'eau chaude but être used par les privés, à condition That the maximum temperature pour chauffer l'eau n'excède pas 60 ° C.Professionnels quant à eux, peuvent chauffer l'eau à une maximum température de 160 ° C.Les particuliers peuvent ainsi use a nettoyeur à haute pressure à eau chaude pour nettoyer leur véhicule, les façades et les “data-token=” 745 “> parois de la piscine hors sol, les meubles de jardin, le sol du garage de la maison, la terrasse et la cour de la maison, dégraisser un moteur , shouldoucher the canalisations, etc.Tandis that the professionnels peuvent use a nettoyeur haute pression eau chaud and dans les transports, les chantiers en construction, les ateliers automobiles (construction or maintenance), les espaces publics, les espaces d'agriculture, etc. Certains models de nettoyeurs à haute pression fonctionnent sans émettre des substances Polluantes et sont demanés dans les bâtiments, lieux et espaces des secteurs sanitaires, hospitaliers et alimentaires comme les cantines or cuisines d'écoles, les maisons de retraite ou les hôpitaux.Vendu between 1000 and 9000 euros, le nettoyeur à haute pression d'eau chaude peut s'utiliser avec des détergents et offre des performances de nettoyage uniques.

Fonctionnement des nettoyeurs à haute pression à eau chaude

Généralement monté sur des roulettes et relié à un tube d'aspersion, le nettoyeur haute pression eau chaude se compose d'une pompe à pistons mis en route par un moteur électrique ou un moteur thermique et de deux soupapes reliées à la pompe qui sont mises en ma rche par l’utilisateur (grâce à un bouton du pistolet qui déclenche ou stoppe la projection d’eau sous pression).C’est la pompe du nettoyeur à haute pression qui va comprimer l’eau dans la cuve jusqu’à un certain seuil de pression, avant que celle-ci ne soit projetée à une très grande vitesse.C’est l’impact du jet d’eau sous pression qui va permettre la désincrustation de saletés collées sur une surface nettoyée.Lorsque le moteur du nettoyeur haute pression eau chaude est un moteur électrique, le nettoyeur est utilisé pour des tâches courantes, mais lorsque son moteur est thermique, il est utilisé pour des tâches intenses.Les caractéristiques du nettoyeur à haute pression à eau chaude sont essentiellement la pression qui peut varier de 80 à 500 bars selon les modèles, la vitesse de rotation de la pompe (entre 500 et 3000 tours par minute), le moteur et la consommation de débit d’eau (comprise entre 400 et 600 litres/heure).

Achat d’un nettoyeur haute pression

Pour choisir un nettoyeur à haute pression eau chaude, il faudra prendre en compte le type de tâches à effectuer (objets ou revêtements à laver ou décaper) et la surface à nettoyer pour définir le type de moteur du nettoyeur (électrique ou thermique), la pression (qui permet de mesurer la puissance de nettoyage), le débit d’eau, la puissance du moteur (capacité à entraîner la pompe sur une certaine durée) et la taille du nettoyeur.

Meilleur nettoyeur haute pression : TOP 10

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