Buying guide, comparison and opinion on the best upright vacuum cleaner

Comparison of the 4 best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2021

The stick vacuum is a very useful piece of equipment nowadays, and it is even one of the best-selling devices at the moment, far ahead of better wet and dry vacuum cleaners or even compared to different autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners. It has seen several improvements over the years. Therefore, it has become more efficient from all points of view. Practicality, power and maneuverability are the assets that it now offers to homes. To meet the needs of the latter, manufacturers have multiplied the models on the market. However, this multiplicity of the product poses a choice problem for consumers. In practice, one wonders which is the best upright vacuum to choose from the crowd available. Therefore, this guide presents a comparison of the best models of the product according to various criteria. . The budget, the quality of the finish, the suction power, the autonomy, the maneuverability and even the accessories are criteria that are taken into account in this comparison of vacuum cleaners. Follow this guide to the end to make an optimal decision.

Proscenic I9 test: the best quality/price ratio of stick vacuum cleaners available in 2021

Proscenic I9 Cordless Bagless Broom Vacuum see price

This broom is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and offers a suction power of 250 watts. So you won't be shy about using it to suck up all kinds of dirt, from the smallest to the largest. Its lithium battery has a longer lifespan compared to NiMh batteries. In fact, it benefits from 45 minutes of autonomy at minimum power. The charging time will take between 3 and 4 hours . Obviously, it is possible to use the power inverter depending on the degree of dirt to be vacuumed. This equipment also has a dust collector with a capacity of 1 liter that is very easy to empty without coming into contact with the content. Unlike the Proscenic P9, this model has a hepa filter and 4 levels of suction power: AUTO/10500pa/16000pa/22000pa.

Proscenic I9 delivered with a handheld vacuum

The Proscenic I9 vacuum cleaner model is also offered with many accessories, including a handheld vacuum cleaner. This will allow you, for example, d '' Vacuum car seats and other small everyday dirt such as animal hair on the sofa. In addition, the device is equipped with an LED brush very practical for sucking up dirt in the darkest areas (under the bed for example). So it is obvious that this powerful cordless stick vacuum is efficient and offers a good grip. On the other hand, keep in mind that it is quite noisy. However, these weaknesses in no way diminish the quality of the product.

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Cordless stick vacuum comparison: TOP 10 of the year!

The Dyson V8 Absolute: The best stick vac on the market in 2021

Recently released, the Dyson V8 Absolute is one of the most popular Dyson brand products. For that reason, it has all the features one could wish for in such a device. A priori, it is equipped with an engine that gives it unparalleled power. With its 115 watts, it also easily vacuums up even the smallest dirt. You not only save energy, but also save time when using this product.

It is also equipped with a variable speed drive and various accessories that facilitate its use. In addition, it offers an autonomy of 40 minutes and recharges in 5 hours. Its handling and its various technologies are unprecedented. So you can use it to suck dirt from floor to ceiling, making it just as effective as a powerful bagless vacuum. Considering these specs, it's obvious that the Dyson V8 Absolute deserves its place as the best stick vacuum in this review. We recommend it without hesitation. However, keep in mind that your Achilles heel is its noise level that remains a bit high. Its price is too, but compared to all its advantages, buying a machine in this range represents a good investment in

The Rowenta RH8872WO Air Force Extrême Vision Pro stick vacuum cleaner: a model efficient and economical

If you are looking for a high-performance product, but at an affordable price , the Rowenta RH8872WO Air Force Extrême Vision Pro is what you need. It is a bagless stick vacuum that is effective in removing all types of dust and dirt. It has a power of 2,200 watts doubled with a battery life of 65 minutes. In return, it will take 6 hours to fully recharge. This rather long recharge time is an acceptable limitation if you have to consider the price of the device and especially its performance.

Very useful, this equipment has a variable speed drive so that you can deal with any type of dirt. In addition, it has a triangular head, which allows you to easily remove dust and suck up dirt in corners and corners. It is also equipped with LED lighting useful for vacuuming in dark places. As a bagless broom, it has a 0.5 liter dust collector that empties quite easily. Even if you don't have a handheld vacuum, we recommend this device. In fact, its low price compared to its impressive efficiency is enough to choose it.

The Proscenic P8 stick vacuum cleaner: a powerful model with multiple accessories

The Proscenic P8 is the oldest of the Proscenic P9 stick vacuum cleaners. However, it is no less effective. In fact, it will delight those on a tight budget looking for an additional vacuum cleaner for small areas. At 120 watts, it obviously can't soak up the biggest dirt. However, it is an inexpensive piece of equipment that will be sufficient for daily use, regardless of the type of soil. However, it will take 4.5 hours to recharge it before using it for 35 minutes. Supplied with various accessories that confirm its practicality. Specifically, you mainly benefit from the following elements:

  • A tabletop vacuum cleaner;
  • A set of 4 brushes (for a better adaptation to the type of floor);

Furthermore, the Proscenic P8 has a fairly large collector (1 liter) that can be easily emptied with a trigger. Handling the device is quite easy, you will certainly appreciate it.

The Dyson V7 Fluffy: An Exceptional Stick Vacuum

The main features of the Dyson V7 Fluffy vacuum are summarized below :

  • A power of 21.6 V;
  • An autonomy of 30 minutes;
  • An estimated charging time of 3.5 hours;
  • A dust collector with a capacity of 0.54 liters;
  • A weight of 2.47 kg.

As a Dyson brand product, you respect your brand reputation. In fact, the Dyson V7 Fluffy is a powerful cordless stick vacuum that can replace your old cartridge vacuum. Like the other devices featured in this cordless wand vacuum comparison, a an energy rating of level A . in other words, it is energy efficient. In addition, it has a quality filtering system, which is an important advantage for people who suffer from asthma or who have allergies. Although it is as easy to operate as it is efficient, this vacuum has some weaknesses. In fact, it is quite noisy and for it to work, the user must continuously press a trigger . These weak points are no match for the performance of the device, we recommend it for its quality and ease of use.

New on stick vacuum cleaners in 2021

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cordless Stick Vacuum

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In the world of stick vacuum cleaners, innovations are frequent. The year 2021 was not left out of this trend. Specifically, we are witnessing the commercialization of more hygienic stick vacuum cleaners. They are equipped with HEPA filters (high efficiency particulate air). These filters are said to be “high filtration” because they allow the retention of microscopic particles unlike those installed in older models of electric brushes. Therefore, the efficiency of stick vacuums has increased and they now leave the treated surfaces cleaner.

Manufacturers of stick vacuum cleaners today offer 2-in-1 devices. In fact, the simple electric broom is already very popular with consumers. Therefore, it is to increase your enthusiasm for this device that the manufacturers have pushed it. The electric broom now comes with a portable mini vacuum cleaner. Very practical, you can use this table vacuum to dust your car seats or to get rid of food crumbs. Whatever your bag, you will find the right 2-in-1 stick vacuum for you.

Reviews of the cheap UP600 H.Koening cheap bagless cordless vacuum cleaner

In the line of cordless vacuum cleaners, we find the manufacturer H.Koening. Allow yourself to be tempted by this ultra-practical home appliance for an impeccably clean interior.

The H.Koening UP600 wireless cordless vacuum cleaner, a multifunction device

Do you need a regular sweep, either in the house, in the yard or even in the car? The H.Koening UP600 Cordless Bagless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is the right appliance for these household tasks.

Technical specifications of the H.Koening UP600 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner

Very light and easy to handle, the H. Koening UP600 is placed under tables, armchairs, base units, but also in car corners or under seats. Supplied with accessories such as the round brush and corner tool, it can also be used on any surface. You can use it to clean food scraps on the table or crumbs left on car seats.

Characterized by two suction speeds, this device is also ideal for removing impregnated dust from upholstery. With an autonomy of 40 minutes, the UP600 vacuum cleaner can clean all rooms of the house without interruption. Very discreet, it allows you to enjoy the comfort of sound. Lightweight and compact, it can be transported from room to room. Equipped with a rotating brush, it is ideal for dusting furniture and shelves.

By equipping it with this device, you will benefit from great freedom of movement. In fact, you won't need to unwind and rewind the cables each time you use them. Weighing only 1.11 kg, this vacuum cleaner is suitable for all ages. Your little ones can even use it to help with cleaning. People with joint pain, on the other hand, will have no difficulty using this device.

The H. Koening H. EasyClean UP600 cordless vacuum cleaner has a lithium battery. This accessory can be charged in just 4 hours.

Versatile, powerful and easy to use, the cheap H.Koening UP600 cordless stick vacuum meets all the requirements. We recommend buying it to lighten the housework.

Stick vacuums selected over the last few years

For effective prospecting, no You don't have to limit yourself to the products that are marketed this year. In fact, you can find the vacuum you need in our picks from previous years. This is a great solution to take advantage of the good deals at the end of the series.

The French's favorite stick vacuum cleaners in 2018

In 2018, some models of stick vacuum cleaners experienced incredible success with consumers. These are the most popular models.

  • The H.Koenig UP600 (The wand vacuum cleaner with the best value for money);
  • The Rowenta RH9057WO (The best multi-function upright vacuum cleaner);
  • The Kealive (Best Budget Upright Vacuum).

The selection of the best stick vacuum cleaner of 2017

The best Stick vacuums of 2017 are as follows:

  • The Dyson V6 Total Clean (the best stick vacuum);
  • The Dyson V6 Cordfree (the best quality/price);
  • The Bosch Move 2-in-1 (the best inexpensive stick vacuum).

Note that the Dyson V8 Absolute mentioned above is more efficient than the V6 in terms of autonomy. Although it is more expensive, it has been ranked as the best seller for several years. If ease of use is your priority, this device is sure to appeal to you.

The best stick vacuum cleaners of 2016

In 2016, the devices that appeared in our comparison of cordless vacuum cleaners are:

  • The Dyson V6 Fluffy (the best of the series, it is small, light and powerful );
  • The Dyson V6 Animal Extra (the best quality/price ratio of 2016, it is very slim, maneuverable and efficient at sucking up dirt on hard floors and carpets);
  • The Rowenta RH8828WO Air Force Extreme (the cheapest stick vacuum in our 2016 comparison is powerful and has a long battery life).

The Dyson V7 Fluffy is a version of the upright vacuum that lines up opposite the ones mentioned above. It has everything to please, especially its multiple accessories that make it compatible with any type of floor. To stand out, this device offers excellent value for money.

The 3 best stick vacuum cleaners selected in 2015

By 2015, vacuum cleaners that worked well are the following:

  • The Dyson V6 Absolute (establishes itself as the best 2015, because it is the most balanced of the Dyson V6 line);
  • The Dyson V6 (entry-level model, owes its best value for money spot of 2015 to its ease of use , its performance and obviously its price);
  • The Rowenta RH877101 (although it is the cheapest of this Top 3, it is powerful, it integrates an EASY CLEAN system and LED lighting) .

What are the different types of stick vacuum cleaners?

It is difficult to categorize stick vacuums, as different models sometimes have unique characteristics. However, focusing on their mode of operation and storage, it is possible to classify them.

Electric brushes presented according to their mode of supply

A rod vacuum cleaner can be with or cordless, as can also be the case with modern high-pressure cleaners. Corded vacuum cleaners must be plugged into an AC outlet to work. The power cord is usually long enough to allow the user to cover a large area. Its main advantage is the unlimited autonomy it offers. However, the latter lacks maneuverability as the wire can hinder movement during cleaning. On the other hand, the cordless electric broom does not present this problem. It is the best selling on the market since it is easy to use. It works with batteries, its autonomy is still its first weak point. Specifically, the latter varies between 20 and 50 minutes.

Stick vacuum cleaners presented according to their storage mode

In the classification of brooms electrical according to the storage mode, there are two groups:

  • Bagged vacuum cleaners;
  • Bagless vacuum cleaners.

The first ones are equipped with a bag that receives the dirt sucked up with the device. The latter is accompanied by a hermetic closure system to protect people suffering from allergies or breathing difficulties. Bagless vacuums use centrifugal force to capture dirt. The practicality of this type of device explains its popularity.

Other types of vacuum brushes

In addition to the categorization criteria indicated above, there are a wider variety of electric brooms. In fact, manufacturers are constantly innovating to improve the product. We can cite, for example, the following improvements made to electric brushes:

  • New filters for better efficiency;
  • New brushes for better adaptation to various surfaces;
  • Fully modular handles to further simplify the use of the device
  • Technologies that promote the suction of liquids…

How useful are stick vacuums?

Similar to a traditional broom, the electronic broom has a head and a handle. The latter was not what it is today. It has undergone improvements for centuries to suit the needs of the home. It wasn't until the 2000s that the stick vacuum, more efficient than its predecessors, was introduced.

What are the reasons to buy a stick vacuum?

This device is a must-have for any home, especially those who live in small apartments. It is not cumbersome, it allows you to always maintain good hygiene on a daily basis. Lightweight, but powerful, two qualities appreciated by many household equipment, such as different models of steam generators, the stick vacuum allows you to clean all types of surfaces, without much effort. In fact, there are models of stick vacuum cleaners whose handles have variable heights. In addition to this ergonomic criterion, there are also devices with a triangular head to access corners and devices with LED light to easily clean dark places.

Operation of a stick vacuum cleaner

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The operation of a stick vacuum cleaner can be understood simply by the name of the device. In practice, this electric broom simply collects dirt on various surfaces. It is equipped with rotating brushes that retain dirt. The motor then intervenes to aspirate the microparticles previously trapped in the brush. The operation thus described is the most conventional in stick vacuum cleaners. However, it can change from one model to another, and depending on the type of brush used.

What to remember from this stick vacuum comparison? Stick vacuums have seen improvements over the years. In 2021, five of these products are doing well based on our selection. The Dyson V8 Absolute is the best upright vacuum out there. It is followed by the Proscenic P9 which is presented as the best quality/price ratio of the year. The Rowenta RH8872WO Air Force Extrême Vision Pro is the economical and highly efficient product of this comparative vacuum cleaner. Proscenic P8 and Dyson V7 Fluffy round out the 2021 pick list as exceptional stick vacuums. You can also browse the selections of recent years in search of the rare pearl. Depending on your budget and your needs, therefore, you can make an optimal choice.

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