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The 4 best air purifiers of 2021!

As you know, the air we breathe is, of course, essential for us, but our health and our well-being depend very directly on its quality. In fact, whether you live in the city or the country, it is sadly loaded with molecules that are harmful to the body, such as germs or even exhaust gases, for example. Therefore, to breathe better at home, it can be very interesting to be interested in the air purifier, a practical and inexpensive device that will allow you to take care of yourself and those around you at a lower cost, and without having to dedicate any effort. In this article, we tell you all about it so you know which one will suit you best.

Dyson TP04 Pure Cool: The best air purifier available at Boulanger!

The Dyson TP04 Pure Cool Air Purifier is an exceptional device that can offer you extraordinary living conditions thanks to its high performance. Thanks to it, the air in your home will be healthier than ever, and what is even more noticeable is that just a few minutes after turning it on you will notice drastic changes. Dyson is known to develop high-performance stick vacuums, but now this brand has also become a leader in the field of air purifying purifiers.

What makes the Dyson TP04 Pure Cool air purifier different from all the others is the fact that it is capable of automatically detecting the level of pollution in the air so that it activates autonomously. Be it exhaust gases, allergens due to animal hair or cigarette smoke, for example, no unwanted substance will escape thanks to its many specific filters. In addition, this Dyson air purifier offers 10 different speeds and can also be used as a fan. To conclude, if you are looking for the best in this field, do not hesitate, the Dyson TP04 Pure Cool is the equipment you need!

How to choose an efficient air purifier air? All editorial advice!

Air purifiers now exist in large numbers, and it is true that some models are proving to be much more efficient than others. And, of course, your daily well-being will largely depend on the equipment you buy. That is why, below, we wanted to list and detail the different criteria for choosing an air purifier that must be followed to the letter. Only by being perfectly uncompromising can you guarantee a purchase satisfaction that will meet all your requirements.

The power and functions of the air purifier

First of all, it is important to note that the most powerful air purifier is not necessarily the best. To be considered truly effective, such equipment must above all be able to purify the air in the largest room in your home. Thus, if your living room offers an area of ​​30m² and this is the largest room, then it will be necessary for you to resort to a treatment offer to take care of this area at least. Therefore, you can also use it in your other rooms with the guarantee that it will be up to the task.

Then we also recommend that you interest a few moments on the features offered by your future device. During your research, for example, you will come across air purifiers capable of activating automatically as soon as the pollution level is too high or that can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance, so that you take advantage of 'perfectly clean air when you get home. work, for example.

Filters installed in your air purifier

It is also essential to take all the time necessary to study the different filters installed in the air purifier. In fact, this is a highly variable characteristic depending on the model. Today, some devices offer up to 10 different devices that have a very precise function, while others only offer one or two that are much thinner and therefore will be able to hold more effectively. different allergens and pollutants in the air.

Also, there are many different types of filters. Some are called Hepa filters which have the advantage of being versatile and formidable in efficiency. Others are carbon filters that effectively retain odors and others may be made of cotton to retain animal hair, for example. As you may have understood, the efficiency of an air purifier depends more on the quality of its filters than on the number of them.

The ease of use and reliability of an efficient air purifier

Finally, it goes without saying that your next air purifier should be as simple to use as possible, so that you can fully enjoy your home without having to take care of your equipment all the time. To do this, make sure, for example, that it is sufficiently ergonomic, such as the fact that its control panel is intuitive. To get an idea on this topic, do not hesitate to consult the opinions of the clients, which will bring you a lot of very valuable information.

In addition, it is also very important Do your research to make sure your air purifier is perfectly reliable. To do this, for example, you must offer a system of indicator lights that will illuminate when filters need to be changed. There are also many differences between devices here. However, it shouldn't take several hours to find an all-round perfect air purifier.

Rowenta PU6020F1: the best value air purifier sold by Amazon!

The Rowenta PU6020F1 air purifier is a model that should be of great interest to you as it is one of the most reliable and efficient of its generation while being offered to a quality/price ratio hardly credible. In fact, by deciding to offer it to you, you are unlikely to have a blame for it, especially since it was designed with the aim of perfect ease of use. in every way.

Thanks to its innovative Intense Pure Air XL technology, the Rowenta PU6020F1 air purifier is capable of '' eliminate up to 99.99% of fine particles and allergens present in the air, which is also due to its 4 different filtration levels as well as its intelligent sensors that will automatically calculate the level of pollution present in the air. air. As you can see, the Rowenta PU6020F1 more than deserves all the success it is experiencing today, and in choosing it, you can't go wrong.

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