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When you're at home and a visitor rings the doorbell, you don't need to open the door to find out who it is. In fact, it happens that some of the visits it receives are unwanted, as when it comes to search engines, to cite just this example. To solve this problem, equipping yourself with a videophone, which can also be called a video intercom or video intercom system, could be an excellent solution. Thanks to equipment of this type, directly from your home, you can know who is in front of your house, you can decide whether or not to communicate with this person and even open your electric gate if you wish. So that you know more about this type of equipment, here are the best videophones of the moment.

Videophone comparison: The 4 best devices of the year

What are the advantages of a video intercom?

In just a few years, the videophone has established itself as a reference device throughout the world, as the advantages it offers are numerous. First of all, as we were able to inform you in the introduction of this comparison of the best video intercoms, such a device allows you to see who is in front of you. To function, it is equipped with two different elements. The first is an external box, equipped with a microphone, a speaker and a camera. The second, which is placed in your house, is the central unit, which also consists of a speaker and a microphone, as well as a screen on which the images from the camera will be broadcast. From this central unit, you can decide to perform several different actions , such as communicating with your visitor or opening your portal, for example, without having to leave your home.

The videophone is therefore an ideal comfort device in the sense that you can decide or not to communicate with your visitors, but not alone. In fact, if someone has come to your house in your absence, you will also be able to tell, as the camera will automatically record the images as soon as someone rings the doorbell. Then you can find out if you missed an important visit or not. The video intercom is a very easy device to install . To set it up, you will only have a few minutes of work to plan, even if you are not used to this type of device. Finally, the last advantage of the Videophone is its price, which is still very affordable and therefore allows you to equip yourself very well without having to plan for large expenses.

The TMEZON Corded Touch Videophone

Today there are many different video doorphones and, in the end, find the best of them is never the best. easier, especially since many different characteristics must be taken into account. Yet the TMEZON Corded Touch Videophone is so powerful and so practical at the same time that everyone agrees. The brand, hitherto unknown to the general public, made a sensational entry into the field of videophones. The TMEZON video intercom has established itself in just a few weeks as one of the best-selling models in Europe.

In this comparison videophone, we present several different devices that stand out for their high performance. But as for the TMEZON Videophone, things are even more impressive as it is a device that you can connect to 4 monitors to always see who is coming to your house and what is anywhere in your house. In addition, you can choose to activate the recording mode automatically as soon as a visitor rings the bell, which will allow you, a posteriori, to check who the people are who came to your home in your absence. We took the time to research and compare, we couldn't find a better videophone than the TMEZON.

Extel Videophone Connect: The best video intercom!

If your goal is to equip yourself with the best video intercom of the moment, then it is obvious that this device will please you. In fact, the Extel Connect Videophone is considered by many to be the most practical and efficient model of its generation. Clearly, this is a kit that combines all the advantages you have the right to expect from your next video door entry system. From its extreme ease of use to its performance and the quality of its screen, everything is perfect with the Visiophone Connect from Extel, a model that you will soon imagine being able to do without.

The Extel Visiophone Connect video intercom is a wired device that is very easy to install because synchronization between the external box and the central unit is not necessary. What we really appreciate is the fact that its outer casing is made of aluminum, which allows it to easily withstand the elements and the passage of time. As for its central unit, it offers a screen 18 centimeters diagonal. And what makes the Extel Visiophone Connect video door phone really interesting is the fact that it can be controlled directly thanks to a mobile phone app. In silence from your sofa, you can see who is coming to your house, chat with him or open your motorized door if you wish.

Extel 642277: The best value for money videophone!

We especially wanted to introduce the color Extel 642277 videophone as, in our opinion, it is the system of video intercom with the best value for money. But it is also a device that benefits from a particularly modern design thanks to its mirror effect, which will even allow you to add a lot of elegance to your home. Also wired, the Extel 642277 Videophone is extremely easy to install, and once you plug it in, you will find that it is perfectly capable of meeting all your requirements with perfect reliability.

Specifically, the Extel 642277 mirror effect video intercom has been designed with the aim of adapting to any of your needs. It is, for example, the customizable ringtone according to 9 possibilities or the screen with a mirror effect of 18 centimeters diagonally , in colors of course, which will guarantee you to see precisely who is in front of you. And of course, with the Extel 642277 Color Videophone, you will have the option of communicating or not with the person in front of your house, without that person knowing you are there, of course. Finally, as with the previous device, you can also remotely activate the opening of your electric gate if you wish, which will also have the effect of making your daily life even more comfortable.

Avidsen Ylva 7: The best budget videophone!

The Avidsen Ylva 7 2-wire videophone is a device that we really want to present to you because, although it is inexpensive , it offers top-notch performance that you could be completely satisfied with. In recent years this model has continued to gain more and more followers, and it must be admitted, it fully deserves the reputation for excellence that sticks to the skin. To install the Videophone Avidsen Ylva 7 , you only need 5 minutes of work at most, as you simply have to hang the external box outside your home. headunit inside your home and connect the two with the provided cables, no more, no less. Unlike a wireless videophone, you won't have to plan any syncing work with your Wi-Fi booster or internet box, saving you considerable time.

If the Avidsen Ylva 7 2-wire video intercom is so popular, this is partly because it offers many settings, such as its ten different ringtones, which They will allow you to customize it as much as you want, for a unique user experience. For our part, we especially liked its impressive ease of use. Directly to the right of the screen, you will find all the buttons that will allow you to interact with your visitors. And they are equipped with very easy to understand pictograms , further reinforcing the overall ergonomics of the Avidsen Ylva 7 Videophone. To conclude, if you are looking for a cheap Videophone that is all ultra powerful, then we can only recommend you this device that will inevitably know how to seduce you.

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