How to protect your home?

Your home is the most valuable asset you own for two reasons. Firstly, inside are all your personal belongings that you have invested your money in over the past years. But your home is also the home of your family, whom you want to protect for Above all, it is therefore essential to ensure that your home is properly protected against theft so that you can fully enjoy each day that passes without having to fear any incident. It is true that protecting your home against burglary is not as easy as it sounds, especially since it is often necessary to invest money in this process. However, we are tempted to say that this is a necessary gesture and an essential expense.In fact, when the theft occurs, it is sadly too late and the risks that you will never get your hands on your personal belongings are very high. To help you protect yourself as best as possible, we will explain in a very concrete way how to properly protect your home against theft.

Reinforce the front door and windows

Many burglaries occur without the slightest difficulty in entering homes. In fact, homes equipped with reinforced front doors or windows are rare. And yet, if the task is too difficult, thieves will quickly be put off by a door that is too strong and will go on their way. It is true that buying a reinforced door or reinforced windows is quite expensive, however, it could be especially protective.

Install an exterior light with a presence detector

A simple exterior light with a presence detector could deter potential criminals. Obviously, they want to operate in the most discreet way possible, and if they are discovered by a light, they will tend to escape as quickly as possible so as not to be arrested by the police. Such a device costs only a few tens of euros, and it must be admitted, its efficiency is particularly interesting.

Install a security device

If you want to optimize your security and that of your home as much as possible, then you will have the possibility to install a security device outside of your home but also indoors that works with Wifi. In this area, there are many solutions, since you can choose between a wireless home alarm with motion detector, a CCTV camera or even a violation detector, for Example. Some of these devices are very affordable economically, but others are a bit more expensive. In any case, this is a highly recommended solution, especially since some companies Insurance companies offer discounts on their contracts if your home is equipped in this way.

Simulate a presence in your home.

There are also a relatively unknown device that, nevertheless, is very interesting. Indeed, the presence simulator is a device that will connect to your electrical network and that will turn on and off certain rooms of your house successively and independently. Its programming can be quite complex, however, when you are away, its efficiency will be exceptional. Anyone who passes by your house will be convinced that you have not left, and therefore will not dare to venture into your accommodation.

Let us know the police

The other reflex to take before leaving your home for an extended period is to notify the police in your area. In fact, give them the dates details of their stay, a period during which they will visit several times a day around your property to make sure everything is normal. Also, seeing the police or gendarmes loitering around your accommodation will obviously have a very dissuasive effect on criminals.

Be discreet

Finally, one of the golden rules for protecting your home against theft is to remain as discreet as possible. And this is even more true today. Indeed, at any time of the year, you just have to go to social networks to find out who is absent from home. And you can even get this information from people you don't know at all. More and more thieves check these social networks before acting. In case of prolonged absence, therefore, only inform your family members and the police. The more people know about your absence, the greater the risk of theft.

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