How to choose the best iron in 2021? Our comparison!

TOP 3 best irons in 2021

Ironing is a repetitive and relatively time-consuming task that, however, can become much shorter and much more enjoyable if you does with the right equipment. In fact, as you've seen in our steam generator comparison, some pieces of equipment are so powerful and ergonomic at the same time that they 'are capable of dividing the time normally spent on ironing by three. However, it is also true that not everyone can afford a steam plant. For this reason, in this article we wanted to present you a comparison of the best irons of the year, thanks to which you can finally enjoy some really fast ironing sessions.

Heat FV9740C0: The best iron! of the year!

The Calor FV9740C0 iron is a device that you will probably like, as it is offered at a very affordable price while being at the same time as powerful as You will be able to carry out your different ironing sessions in record time, without skimping on quality of course. The Calor brand is an expert in the design of equipment for the care of clothes and, by developing this model, it has once again shown the world that it is one of those brands to consider. Whatever your requirements, the Calor FV9740C0 is likely to be right for you.

With a power of 2800 watts, the Calor FV9740C0 iron is one of the most powerful models. But what allows it to be really effective is also the fact that it has a Durilium Autoclean sole that will ensure a perfect glide on all types of fabrics and, in addition, it is self-cleaning. Of course, thanks to a thermostat control function, you can iron all kinds of textile materials, from silk to cotton and synthetics. In short, you understand, the Calor FV9740C0 iron has everything to please!

Comparison of the 10 favorite plates of the customers

How to choose an iron? All editorial tips!

When it comes time to buy a new iron, many questions can arise, since such equipment, despite appearances, is as technical as a stand-alone vacuum cleaner or an ultra high pressure cleaner. That is why, to help you carry out your research in the best possible conditions, we have wanted to list below all the criteria that you need to take into account during your research, which will guarantee you experience a particularly exceptional purchase satisfaction.

The ideal power for your iron

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To start your research as well as possible, we recommend that you first take a look at the power developed by your next iron. However, it is not a question of looking for the most powerful model as, depending on your needs, even a slightly less powerful model could be suitable for you at this level. Specifically, if you iron very frequently, because you are the head of a large family for example, then indeed, you will need to look for an iron that offers a power of at least 2000 watts, which will have to iron mountains of clothes very quickly.

On the other hand, if ironing is a much more occasional task for you, then a 1300-watt iron might work too. However, be careful not to go below this power, otherwise the device may show some weaknesses. Obviously, the higher the power of the device, the higher its power consumption. Therefore, keep this criterion in mind, since in comparison, a 2500 watt iron consumes as much as two modern fan heaters on.

The setup and ease of use of a good plate

When you do your research, it will also be important to consider the different settings it offers your iron. Again, it's about really knowing your needs as some models only allow you to turn steam production on or off, while others may in particular have a dial or slider so that you can regulate the heating temperature, which allows you to iron your various fabrics with a heat that suits them.

Also, for your satisfaction to reach tops, and whatever your expectations, it is essential that your next iron is as user-friendly as possible. To do this, study, for example, the shape of the handle which should be slightly rounded to match the shape of your hand, but also take into account the total weight. Finally, do not hesitate to consult the opinions of the clients that will give you many answers to your various questions on this topic.

The type of soleplate and ease of maintenance of your next iron

The unique type of your plate will also play a very important role in your satisfaction final. And you'll quickly realize when you research that there are many, many different types of soles. Some are self-cleaning while others automatically detect the type of fabric to adapt the heat accordingly. Finally, there are also soles designed to offer a perfect glide over all clothing. When you have started your search for the best iron in your opinion, take all the time necessary to study this detail very carefully.

Finally, even if an iron doesn't have to be very expensive, like any other product you can buy, like a cheap steam cleaner for example, pass the Whatever happens, you want your investment to be as sustainable as possible. And this will inevitably happen because of the ease of maintenance of the iron. This should be optimal, in particular so that your device does not get in the hands of lime that could cause it to decompose. Be very careful with this last criterion when choosing an iron.

Heat FV9960C0: the best wireless iron de 2021

The Calor brand, which we have already talked about in this article, has once again revolutionized its sector by inventing equipment that could well change your vision ironing. And for good reason, the cordless iron is powered by a rechargeable battery, which means that during your ironing sessions, you won't have to suffer from the power cord that always has the unfortunate tendency to come and slip under your hands. But aside from the fact that this Calor FV9960C0 cordless iron is ultra practical, of course it is also ultra efficient.

That is a total power of 2400 watts that the Calor FV9960C0 cordless iron develops, which means that you can efficiently iron all types of textiles, taking care of their properties of course since you can adjust the power in one click of the device. As for its autonomy, it is very original since it is 25 seconds for only 3 seconds of charge. In short, the Calor FV9960C0 cordless iron has a very good chance of making its appearance in your home in the near future, especially since its price remains very affordable!

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