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What is the best laptop for students? The opinion of the editorial staff!

TOP 4 best laptops for students of 2021!

It is true that being a student today is not easy. In fact, successfully reconciling your studies with your private life while managing a tight budget requires a lot of effort and, unfortunately, often sacrifices. In addition, nowadays, no one imagines being able to carry out their studies correctly without using a PC to research, rewrite their lessons or even access certain online lectures and lectures for example. In this Student Laptop Review , we wanted to show you some of the most popular models among consumers today. And it may be that among them is the one that will soon position itself as your best asset to lead you towards your diploma.

Our opinion on the Asus C423NA-BV0044 Chromebook 14 “laptop for students

Today we are in the Internet age and everything revolves mainly around artificial intelligence devices.Whether for browsing, looking at photos and videos or for research, there is nothing better than using a Chromebook, especially when you are a student.Compared to a laptop, the latter is a Better solution.Chromebooks are cheaper than laptops and more efficient than tablets.In this article you will discover one of the best Chromebooks available on the market right now: the Asus C423NA-BV0044 14 “Student Chromebook Laptop.

Asus C 423NA-BV0044 14-inch Chromebook Student Laptop Technical Specifications

Promo Asus C423NA-BV0044 Chromebook student notebook PC 14

Asus is a brand that enjoys an international reputation for the exceptional quality and performance of electronic devices. 'she designs. Their toy, the C423NA-BV0044 Chromebook 14 “, proves once again that the brand really deserves its reputation.But above all, let's take a close look at its technical properties:

  • Keyboard description: AZERTY (English keyboard);
  • Maximum screen resolution: 1366_x_768 megapixels;
  • Operating system: Chrome OS (not equipped with Windows);
  • Display: 14 inch-1366 x 768 pixels.Battery: 2 cells 38 Wh;
  • Storage and memory: 8 GB RAM, 64 GB EMMC;
  • Processor: Intel Pentium N4200, Quad core 1.1 Ghz;
  • Graphics card: Intel HD Graphics;
  • Connectivity: 0 HDMI port (s) 0 USB 2.0 port (s), 2 USB 3.0 port (s) 0 VGA port (s).

The Asus C423NA-BV0044 Chromebook 14 “student notebook: the best compromise between notebook and tablet

Whether you're a student or a professional, this Chromebook template will surely it will please you. This is a stylish Asus with a silver aluminum color. It is quite light and its keys are very pleasant for the fingers. It will allow you to work in better conditions. You can easily replace your PC and you won't even regret it. Its battery has an autonomy of 10 hours or even 12 hours in offline mode. In addition, it recharges very quickly. And its price is unbeatable. From now on, you will no longer need to spend a fortune on a computer to be comfortable thanks to the Asus C423NA-BV0044 Chromebook 14 “Student Laptop, which is a responsive and multitasking machine given its storage capacity.The only downside is This Chromebook is lacking in Ethernet and HDMI ports.This means you have to go directly to a WIFI network to connect or get a USB-C hub to expand the screen.However, its performance makes you quickly forget this little detail that is can easily adjust.

MacBook Air I5: Best Student Laptop of the Year!

Apple is obviously an internationally renowned brand for the quality and impressive performance of the equipment it develops.And by introducing its new MacBook Air New I5 , it shows once again that It fully deserves its reputation as a leader in its field, in fact it is a perfect device from all points of view that will allow you to work in particularly exceptional conditions, although it must also be recognized that, although it is justified, the price of this MacBook Air is still relatively high.

With its 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD hard drive, the MacBook Air I5 student laptop is a monster of power that will be super fast and responsive.But what also makes all its interest is the fact that it weighs only 1 , 3 kilograms, which will allow you to take it wherever you go without any problem.Finally, its 13.3-inch (33.8-centimeter) screen offers an IPS panel and will offer you an image resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels, for Incredibly sharp and accurate images.

Acer Aspire 5 A514-52-35AY

The Acer Aspire 5 A514-The 52-35AY Student is a model that we particularly like for it's both powerful and practical, while remaining very affordable, making it simply the best value for money student laptop in 2021.Developing it, the brand has taken into account specific student needs, and the result is more than satisfactory.Firstly, its 14-inch screen with HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels gives it a relatively compact size on the one hand, which makes it makes it easy to use, but also develops excellent image quality that will allow e each student can work in excellent conditions, or enjoy a Netflix series in high definition when the need to breathe arises after exams.

In addition, the Acer Aspire 5 A514-52-35AY student laptop is equipped with the Intel Core I3-8145U processor, one of the most recent to date, and its 4GB RAM allows it to boast responsive, even when running.perform multiple tasks.With a 256 GB SSD hard drive, your student will be able to store a large number of digitized lessons (or afternoon photos) there, and as for its operating system, it is Windows 10 Home 64-Bits, a classic.This is not a cheap laptop in the strict sense of the word, however, we can only acknowledge that this model is worth its price.It is very pleasant to use, due to its above-average performance.

Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C4SG: Best Cheap Student Laptop Sold By Amazon!

The Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C4SG Laptop Student is a model that can attract your attention, since it is very economical and practical without ceasing to be good obviously.In fact, with its 4 GB RAM memory, it will be able to offer you a perfect response capacity so that you can work in truly pleasant conditions without ever having anything to reproach it.But fortunately, its power is not its only asset, on the contrary.

If the student laptop Acer Chromebook CB3-131-C4SG is also popular today, this is also explained by the fact that it is ultralight with a weight of only 1.1 kilograms, a real record in this category, which is due in particular to its smaller dimensions as it is an 11.6-inch laptop that offers a classic screen resolution 1366 x 768 pixels.In short, given its dazzling price point and very good performance, this student notebook PC could well become an essential in your daily life.This is not a cheap laptop in the strict sense of the word, without However, given its exceptional performance, We can only agree that it is worth the price!

How to choose the right laptop for students? All selection criteria must be considered.

The next student laptop to equip will be in part the source of your graduation as it will allow you to benefit from several important advantages, as long as you make sure you choose it well, exactly as you would if you had to ” data-token=”875″> buy Amazon Echo Input .That's why Next, we wanted to list the different characteristics to consider when buying a student notebook PC, which will allow you to be sure of finding the ideal product for you.

Ideal power of the student laptop

First, in order for you to work efficiently, it will be imperative that your student's laptop is powerful enough to be fast and responsive And it must be recognized, at this level, that there are many differences between c Each device.Specifically, the power of a student laptop is expressed in GB, as far as RAM is concerned and can range from 2 GB for entry-level models to more than 16 GB for much more efficient equipment that can also be used.Gaming PC.

Most of the time, especially for office work, a 4GB RAM will work and allow you to take advantage of 'a student laptop which is responsive enough so that you don't waste time on your work.Obviously if you want more power, you will need a much higher budget as, for example, a computer that offers 8GB of power can cost up to twice as much as a 4GB model.GB..

The weight and dimensions of the next laptop for students

As a student, it is obvious that your laptop will have a vocation to accompany you during your particular lessons, or when you go to the university library to work.In fact, as you can imagine, it is important that the equipment you have chosen is practical to transport, that is, it is neither too bulky nor too heavy.And again, at this level, You will have many options to choose from, as there are ultralight devices and others much less recommended.

While some student laptops are very light with a weight close to a kilogram, others can weigh up to 5 kilograms.Therefore, it is imperative to take into account this selection criteria and also look at the dimensions.Once folded, it is preferable that your equipment is as compact as possible, both in thickness and in width or length.Therefore, you will feel free to take your device with you everywhere, especially since nowadays some backpacks offer a specific storage compartment, as may be the case with some Functions offered by a student's laptop

Finally, we also recommend that you take a few minutes to study the different functionalities that your future student laptop offers, as some of them could really contribute to your complete satisfaction.And there, again, the different manufacturers compete in imagination so that you prefer your equipment to those of your competitors.While some features may be considered uninteresting, others are remarkable.

Today, for example, you can buy one Student laptop that can be transformed into a touchscreen tablet, which of course will really increase your working comfort. Models are also offered that are delivered with an office automation package or others designed to be able to stand alone for hours no need to recharge.

Comparison of the 10 best laptops for students of the moment!

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