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What are the criteria for choosing a good 4K TV?

Technology has had benefits and television is one of those effects. From black and white images with cathode ray tubes to the slim screen made of light-emitting diodes, this essential material for the living room has found a prominent place in everyone's daily life. We even conceived of a very different way of life twenty years ago. Quality in the field of technology points to a fierce race among manufacturers. 4K television is the result of this step towards perfection. This device has become fashionable recently due to the unique user experience it offers. With it you will see a football match in an unbeatable way, you will play your matches as if you were the very protagonist. All this, of course, leads to the fact that one of these equipment is relatively expensive. This article has been designed to help you find one within your budget.

Our opinion on the 4K TV CHiQ U40E6000 Smart WiFi TV 40 '' UHD

In recent years, 4K technology has awakened increasing interest among consumers. Note that it was not very popular at first due to incompatibility issues with the content. But since this problem could find a solution, we are now witnessing its democratization. Want to get a quality 4K TV, but don't want to invest a huge fortune? And good ! We've found what you need: the TV 4K CHiQ U40E6000 Smart WiFi TV 40 '' UHD . This is a 4K smart TV from CHiQ that is very popular due to its performance and price. Let's find out through this article.

The technical characteristics of the 4K TV CHiQ U40E6000 Smart WiFi TV 40''UHD

The CHiQ company, through the products that has been available to its customers for some time, has become a revolutionary brand in the field of electronics. And one of the products that has given it this reputation is the CHiQ U40E6000 Smart WiFi TV 40 '' UHD 4K. As features:

  • It has a 40-inch 4K screen;
  • The resolution of this screen is ultra HD (3840 x 2160) 4 times higher than Full HD;
  • Works with professional HDR technology. The latter has the ability to analyze and process signals in a higher than standard dynamic range (SDR). Thanks to this technology, you will have impressive image quality.
  • Integrates a triple tuner (DVBT/T2, DVB-C, DVB-S2);
  • You can use 4K TV CHiQ U40E6000 Smart WiFi TV 40 '' UHD to surf the Internet through a Wifi connection;
  • If you don't have Wi-Fi, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect to Internet sites. Transmission. There are also 2 USB ports on the product.

What do we think of the 4K TV CHiQ U40E6000 Smart WiFi TV 40 '' UHD

The TV CHiQ U40E6000 Smart WiFi TV 40 '' UHD 4K is a television with very interesting properties. But what is especially impressive is the quality of its image and the very high level of its resolution. In fact, its picture is four times sharper than that of the televisions you are used to and which generally offer 1080p definition. It is a great pleasure to watch your movies or play video games on this amazing TV. Thanks to the WiFi function, you can subscribe to Netflix, for example, to watch exclusive movies. For a television, the sound quality it produces is quite good. To install it, you just have to follow the instructions in the instructions that are clear and precise. As for the price, we believe that it is very affordable and suits all budgets.

The 4K Kiano Elegance TV

The least we can say about the Kiano Elegance 4K TV means it lives up to its name! Ultra-stylish 4K TV, especially thanks to its frameless frame and contemporary feet, will inevitably find its place in your living room while enhancing your living room décor. The brand, currently little known in France, offers a high-performance product here that remains very affordable in terms of price, making the Kiano Elegance the 4K TV with the best value for money. With its screen diagonal of 50 inches, or approximately 127 centimeters, its 4K Ultra HD resolution and its High Dynamic Range technology that optimizes contrasts to obtain perfect colors, the Kiano Elegance 4K TV will offer you the most beautiful images possible, if even you You'll wonder how you managed without her for so long

LG 43UJ634V 43-inch 4K TV

LG is a revolutionary brand in the field of electronics. It has been offering high-end and highly sophisticated equipment for some time. What's lovely, however, is that the company manages to produce materials with unimaginable value for money. This LG 43UJ634V 43-inch 4K TV falls into this perspective and sees its relatively low price compared to its competitors of the same generation. It also offers a 43 “giant screen, which is equivalent to 109 cm.In short, it is a smart TV that will convince you at first glance.

4K TV Samsung UE65RU7025

Even its name suggests quality.Samsung has been a leading high-tech company for several years.This TV Samsung UE65RU7025 4K falls into the high-end category.With a 50-inch diagonal screen, or about 127 cm, you can fully enjoy your 4K movies, games and clips with an impressive experience.In short, if you are looking for the best right now, this model won't disappoint you.

The Samsung UE55RU7305 Curved 4K TV

If you are a big fan of the seventh art or someone particularly demanding, we can only recommend you to interest a few moments in the curved 4K TV Samsung UE55R U7305 which is a rare exception in this field.In fact, it combines absolutely all the advantages of a 4K TV, starting with its Ultra HD 4K LED resolution that is even compatible with HDR10 +.Thanks to its screen diagonal of 138 centimeters and its Curved shape, the Samsung UE55RU7305 4K TV is capable of delivering sharp and accurate images whose depth will inevitably leave you speechless.To date, even after much research, we have not found a better curved 4K TV than the Samsung UE55RU7305!

Everything you need to know about 4K television to choose the best one

A television is easy to understand, it is a device that projects light across its screen.What's new is the term 4K.If this term sounds technical, the basics are relatively simple.This is just a screen resolution.To better approach the concept, you just need to compare an image taken by a phone with an image taken by a professional camera.You just need to zoom as far as possible to see that the image taken by a smartphone will deteriorate faster in terms of quality.In other words, the higher this resolution, the sharper the image.A 4K TV is designed to support image resolutions up to 40 96 * 2160 pixels.This offers several advantages.Now you can save yourself the trouble of moving away from the screen before having the highest visual quality.Lastly, if you can't find a way to check all of this, just grab an older smartphone model and see.

The price of a good 4K TV

With the number of technology devices built into the device, the cost will follow.However, several criteria influence this price.Basically, you will only have a screen capable of reading in 4K, which is already better.Then comes the output systems sound, compatibility with wireless devices, flat or curved screens, the operating system…There are models that even run Android.Then you can enjoy everything you have on your smartphone, but on a giant screen in 4K.Generally, a good quality 4K TV can be had around $ 400.You should note that the latter has a length of at least 80 cm diagonally.Of course, this price may increase depending on your options and features.

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How to choose your 4K TV?

Like most electronic equipment, like a “data-token=” 393 “> good vinyl record player or a digital SLR camera, a 4K TV should be studied well before you buy it.When you buy your phone, you set criteria such as RAM capacity , the camera.You should also see all the options offered, such as the number of USB ports, the video formats supported…You should also insist that the resolution does reach 4096×2160 pixels.Some companies offer QHD resolutions that provide images very sharp.Then you can get lost among them.The best advice is to download a 4K video from the net and test it on your television.

Finally, purchasing such equipment should not exceed your budget.While there are several features that may tempt you, don't forget the basics, which is just the ability to display in 4K.This is to avoid under-exploitation risks like the fact that you're going to buy a WiFi-enabled model when you don't even have WiFi at home For this ” data-token=”77″> invest in a wifi repeater to broadcast wherever you want .

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