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Reviews and full comparison to choose the best USB power strip of 2021!

The 3 best USB power strips of the year!

Electrical outlets have become essential with technological devices that are constantly evolving. To be in absolute comfort at home or in the office, you need to power various devices that perform fixed functions for both work and maintenance. In fact, it may be that your new turntable or wifi repeater amplifier is plugged in in the same place, and very quickly, such a mass of material can become complicated to handle. However, electrical outlets are insufficient to power all of these devices. For that, nowadays it is necessary to attach a multi connector with USB .

To overcome this, multiple connectors have emerged and it quickly became popular in the world of electronic devices. It has several categories of multi-plugs, however the most commercial ones are the USB multi-plugs. Allows one or more devices equipped with a USB interface to be simultaneously connected to a single power source.

Comparison table of the multiple USB plugs preferred by customers

All about the multiple USB plugs

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The USB power strip allows you to connect various electronic devices to power or charge connected devices like the new one Amazon's Echo Input or your nomadic photo printer. It can be an extension cable or a sector, equipped with several USB inputs. Some models only have USB slots, however electrical plugs are built into other models in addition to the USB inputs. So you can connect your electronic devices and at the same time connect your devices with USB interface.

There are several models:

  • The USB wall strip : connects directly to the power outlet without using a power cord and it has multiple USB ports.
  • The USB power strip Corded: Unlike a wall outlet, keep a convenient power cord if you don't have one. close enough to an electrical outlet.
  • the multiple socket with terminals or charging stations: it is larger than the previous ones. It has to plug in appliances and locations to plug in devices for charging.

USB power strip, Operation, use

A USB power strip has an adapter built into a station that allows It lights up power to the USB ports. The models differ according to the incorporated technology or the maximum power. Some models are equipped with iSmart technology, which allows you to systematically detect the power of a connected device. Since then, it has supplied the energy needed to charge the device with variable intensity at the ports. On the other hand, other models have fixed amperages (2.1 to 2.4A). Some multi-USB plugs also have low currents (1A) for devices that use less power.

A USB power strip needs a power supply power to run to distribute power to USB ports. You will find them in all formats, however the multi-USB plugs are not bulky. You can connect a USB multi jack wherever you like while taking care to make the multi jack available for devices to be charged.

Some multi-outlet models have a change to be more economical with respect to the invoice. For models with iSmart technology, you just have to connect the cable to any USB input, convenient for connecting a cheap color laser printer or your smartphone. On the other hand, for classic models, you must plug the device into a USB port, taking into account the power of the device to be charged.

The criteria for choosing a USB multiple socket

It is essential Check criteria for choosing a practical and ergonomic socket strip:

  • Take care the quality of the device, in particular the resistance, the tension of the cables and the level of protection. Make sure the multi-plug is equipped with copper wires and surge protector. Therefore, you will be protected against short circuits, overvoltages, overheating, overcurrents and overloads.
  • Choose a device with more ports, the more your various sockets have ports, the more convenient it will be for you. However, if you want to use it at home, a 4-port power strip will suffice.
  • It is recommended to opt for USB power strips equipped with the technology. Be smart. If this is not the case, choose a multi-plug according to the devices to be charged.

Best Multi USB Plugs in 2021

RAVPower 40W

It is a model that allows up to 4 devices to be charged simultaneously, in particular smartphones or tablets. It is equipped with iSmart technology and therefore detected the energy it takes to generate to charge a device. Considering its maximum current of 2.4A, it is supplied with protection against overloads, overheating or any possible short circuit. This RAVPower USB strip model is also equipped with an LED to notify the charging status.


You can charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. Equipped with iSmart technology, the registry detected the correct power to be supplied for fast charging of your devices. It is also equipped with 6 removable sturdy dividers that allow easy storage of connected devices in one place. The power strip is also equipped with protection against overvoltages, overheating, overloads and short circuits.

POWERADD Surge Protector/Power Strip Surge Protector

It is a multi-socket with terminals because it can charge your connected devices or plug in electrical appliances. Provides 4 sockets for connecting electronic devices and 5 USB ports for charging your smartphones, tablets, and many other devices. The regulation maintains a power of 4000W there is protection against overcurrent, overload, overheating, short circuit, overvoltage.

RAVPower USB Charger

The RAVPower brand is recognized for the design of quality USB power strips. This model is equipped with iSmart technology. It systematically detects the power of the device and provides the necessary energy needed to charge the devices. Up to 3 devices can be charged simultaneously. The RAVPower USB power supply regulation is guaranteed to protect against overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage and overload.

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