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How to choose the best 3D pen of the year

The 4 best 3D pens

Do you like effects? Do you want to succeed in your drawings but in 3D? This is now possible with 3D pens. This tool offers a multitude of possibilities. Thanks to him you will be able to wake up the artist who slept in you. To help you familiarize yourself with this new world of technology, we have put together this little practical guide to the 3D world.

The 8 best 3D pens

1. 3D pens 3Doodler 2.0

pen are available in various models. Among the best, we find the 3Doodler 2.0 pen which offers an ergonomic and comfortable design. It offers a wide variety of filaments which makes it easy to use. Some accessories are also supplied with the pen to enhance its performance. For this particular model, there is an automatic shutdown in case of overheating.

2. The ballpoint Yestech 3D

The ballpoint Yestech enters the ranking of the best 3D pens. In addition to its good grip and excellent design, it has a filament that can increase or decrease its speed. A safety system also forms the pen to avoid any type of burn. This model does not have metallic materials and does not heat up with use.

3. The Yaya34

pencil The Yaya34 pencil is an excellent working tool. In fact, it allows children to learn to 3D print. Like many other models, it turns off automatically when the heat increases.

4. the pen CreoPop

With the pen CreoPop, drawing will be a real pleasure. It is compatible with various types of inks and supports various formulas. From an aesthetic point of view.

5. the MyRiwell

MyRiwell pen has a rather original design. It offers excellent grip and overall this pen is satisfactory. In addition, with this model it is possible to vary the temperature.

6. the Samto 3D

We continue the list with the Samto 3D that allows adults and children to become familiar with the world of 3D. Easy to use, it is perfectly autonomous.

7. 7Tech pen

Next, let's talk about the famous pen 7Tech which is undoubtedly one of the most efficient. Its price is affordable but also, its speed and temperature are controllable.

8. the 3D Scribbler v3

Finally, there is the 3D Scribbler v3 , which is an innovative product ideal for improving your 3D knowledge. It is among the best feathers of the moment.

The most popular 3D pens

Among the best 3D pens we mentioned above, the 3Doodler 3D pen, Simo pen, YaYa3D pen, and CreoPop pen are the most popular. The 3D Doodler, for example, offers an ABS and PLA filament. It offers two types of gears that allow you to achieve many designs. The Simo Pen offers ABS, PLA, WOOD, HIPS, LAYBrick, Bendlay and Flexi filaments. Both speed and temperature are easily regulated thanks to a digital system. For the YaYa3D Pen it has 2 speeds and an ABS filament. This model offers excellent results. Finally, there is the CreoPop pen, which is one of the most notable. With ink and photopolymer filaments, it only consists of one speed, but it still works well. As for accessories, it is supplied with a rechargeable battery with USB and different types of inks.

The cheapest 3D pens on the market

Do you want to have a 3D pen but don't think you can afford it? Don't worry, there are several inexpensive but very satisfying models on the market. We can mention among many others the UV light 3D pen or the ABS/PLA/Wood plastic 3D pen. This is what we can offer you. First, the Polyes Q1 pen which is by far the safest. Ideal for designing various drawings, it has several innovative features that cannot be found anywhere else. In fact, there is a speed control button, a tilt sensor installed, a photopolymer. It is a very practical wireless model that allows you to draw comfortably and with total freedom. It is equipped with an internal battery with a range of about 5 hours. The pen CreoPop 3d has the most inks. In fact, we find temperature sensitive inks, glossy inks, luminous black inks, magnetic inks, elastic inks, and aromatic inks. This model is ideal for people with little motivation. It offers a large amount of ink that increases the power of the 3D pen. It is also possible to add eco ink and edible ink. The cheapest pen is ID03D. Designed especially for children, it offers excellent value for money. In each painting there is a theme. This improves your artistic performance. There is also a drying light, a complete manual, molds to create models and tarps to multiply production. To this list is added the model with the most options, the 7tech pencil . This model offers unmatched convenience compared to other pens. It has various functions such as advanced thermal control, filament interference detection, and mute design. The 3D pen Joyluxy is the most versatile and customizable model. Unlike other models, this one offers a multitude of possibilities. In addition to its different options and parameters, you have the possibility to manage the melting point and the speed of the filament. But that's not all, it is possible to turn the heating system on and off. We finished our selection with the Scribbler pen. This one stands out from the others for its lightness. Of course, it is also very convenient and easy to use. It offers several very impressive features for its size. The advantage of this model is that you can choose between 7 different pens. You will find the simplest, you will see the most complex and you will benefit from the most efficient. We must not forget to mention the presence of an OLED screen .

Origin of the 3D pen

It has been several years since the creators came up with the idea of ​​creating 3D printing technology. But due to many limitations, the idea only resurfaced in 2012 when designers successfully produced the advanced Computer Aided Design (CAD) digital layering process. It was in late February 2013 when the developers reported on the design of a 3Doodler prototype. Thanks to this, the Engadget company receives a grant of 2.3 million dollars and launches the world's first 3D pen. For those who don't know, 3D pens feature the same technology as 3D printers but are more compact and convenient. Compatible with two different materials, its capacity is certainly not very majestic, but it is still remarkable.

How does it work?

First you should know that a 3D pencil is not just a simple pencil. It has been specially designed to offer more possibilities to followers of the new technology. Please note that all 3D pens are equipped with a power cord which enhances their functionality. It is also equipped with thermoplastic material including polyactic acid or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene for 3D printing. The other material is softer while the other is more waterproof for a more secure fit. Once the cartridge is refilled, heating begins. It usually lasts between 50 seconds and 2 minutes. Once the pencil is ready, just hit the extrude button to start drawing. It is possible that the material does not appear immediately but gradually. Also, it is highly recommended to draw directly after the heating process. Once the pen is inactive, it cools down and will then need to be reheated to start using it. 3D pens work with slow or fast speed. For beginners, it is strongly recommended to start at a low speed, which will allow you to gradually become familiar with the tool. This speed will allow you to design quite complex designs. Fast speeds are best suited for advanced people or those who want to achieve something fast and abstract.


Do you like to draw? Do you want to make original and unique designs? Do you want to dazzle the world with 3D images? No problem, this is now possible with the advent of 3D pens. Young and old, male or female, everyone can have fun. Even if you are not an expert in the field, there are simple templates that will help you learn little by little. 3D pens offer more and more possibilities for both children and adults. You will not be disappointed in its performance, originality and functionality. With 3D pens, awaken your inner artist!

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