Is the oil bath radiator still a good heating method?

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We know this device as bathroom radiator is a device that has used for many years. Only that it gave way to other much more modern devices such as the wick oil stove or the pellet stove. However, these many advantages have helped regain your rating.

Here, we will introduce you to this device. By flying over its characteristics and advantages, you will understand it better in order to better adopt it. Of course, buying it is reduced to following selection criteria that will also be detailed to you. Also, you will be presented with some recurring models in the market that may interest you.

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Get to know the oil bath radiator

To know the oil bath radiator , it is necessary to know how it works. Generally speaking, an oil bath radiator consists of a frame that is often made of enameled steel or cast iron. It is inside where we find the oil, also known as heat transfer fluid. There is also a resistor in the device that is responsible for heating the oil. In turn, the heated oil will spread the heat throughout the housing. This method is really effective as a warm-up. However, you should wait several minutes before you feel the first effects of the heat.

One of the great advantages of this device is that it constantly diffuses a pleasant warmth.Unlike other devices of the same type, such as the traditional fireplace, you will not have to experience a sudden drop in heat.A comfort that has been popular with oil bath radiators for many years.

We can find various models of oil bath radiators on the market for various types of energy.Generally , the power of these types of devices varies between 800 watts for the small models and 2300 watts for the larger ones.A power that tends to ask questions about energy consumption.Certainly, some devices in the same category, such as electric heaters, are true energy consumers, the oil cooler does not consume more than these models yes, but it will cost you more than a pellet stove.To reduce your electricity bill, it should be used sparingly.

Choosing the right oil radiator

As with all household appliances in the house, choosing an oil radiator is a matter of judgment.Keep in mind that it is not really difficult to choose one, since the characteristics to consider are relatively simple.

First of all, it is important to take into account the power of the device.Generally speaking, an oil cooler does not consume much This is why it is used as a backup heater.Only, the wattage will need to be chosen according to your needs.For example, if you plan to heat a small area, small models will be more than enough.Then your use will determine the power of your future model.

Then comes ease of use.After all, a device that offers a good grip ensures good comfort for the user An important choice criterion that concerns all consumers Note that with its cast iron or steel frame and the fact that it is filled with liquid, this type The radiator is heavy.So opt for models with wheels and handles to make the least physical effort possible.The comfort of use will be felt especially if you plan to move the device frequently.

Models to discover

AigostarTummie 33JIE oil bath radiator

The AigostarTummie 33JIE is an efficient, powerful and safe oil cooler

Here, the brand has taken care to take account of each in detail in its design.Therefore, the device has an intuitive control panel that makes it easy to control .Equipped with a sensor, the AigostarTummie 33JIE will inform you about the heat in the room so that you can have a full control over it.Also, the AigostarTummie 33JIE has a very good price/performance ratio.

DeLonghi Dragon Auxiliary Oil Heater

The DeLonghi brand has an excellent reputation in the home appliance industry.Therefore, he infused his knowledge into the DeLonghi Dragon model.The latter has a high-quality design as it is particularly reliable.In addition, the price/performance ratio of this model is very interesting.

In total, the DeLonghi Dragon oil bath radiator provides 2000 watts of power which is perfectly enough to heat your home. Here's a handy oil-filled radiator model too. In fact, the brand designed it to be easy to move around. The DeLonghi Dragon can be used as a main or backup heating mode depending on your needs.

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