How to save on fuel bills without changing your habits?

If you are in the habit of heating your home with oil, then you are in the best position to know that this heating method can be very expensive, especially since the Fuel oil, with the incessant increase in the price of a barrel of oil costs more and more. However, if you don't want to have to change your heating method but want real savings on this expense, this article should interest you. We offer you to discover some tips thanks to which you can make real savings on your oil bills without having to radically change your habits.

Opt for a more efficient diesel boiler

First of all, you probably know that a Too old diesel boiler runs the risk of consuming too much oil to supply your radiators, thus leading to a need to replace it. In fact, if for example it is more than 10 years old or you notice that it consumes more than during its first months of use, this may be a sign that it needs to be replaced. On this topic, Projet Gaz tells you how to replace an oil boiler. But of course this is a great project that must therefore be thought about and done according to some precise rules.

When it comes to when to replace a diesel boiler, the first concern that arises refers to the expected expenses. Between the purchase of the device and its installation, there are several hundred euros to spend, which is never very easy, even if it is a project that aims to reduce its consumption. fuel oil and thus save you money. But also keep in mind that you may be eligible for financial assistance from the state. So, even before ordering a new diesel boiler, take the time to learn about these different assistive devices that can take the form of tax credits or even direct payment of the price of fuel. household appliance and installation.

Rigorously analyze your fuel consumption

It can also be very interesting to take the reflection to analyze your fuel consumption very precisely, also possible with thermostats connected for electric heaters. This is not very complicated since in reality you will only have to take a reading of the fuel level and count the number of hours that your radiators have been on. For example, if you constantly heat your home to 21.5 ° C, check the level of fuel you have available before starting the boiler. Then a week later, take a new reading. Therefore, the difference in the fuel oil level will correspond to its consumption in one week.

After this reading, turn down all of your heaters by just half a degree. This difference will not affect your comfort in any way and it is very likely that you will not even notice this difference in temperature. Once again, after a week, take a new reading of the fuel oil level and you will notice that your consumption has been much lower. Then calculate the difference between the first and second reading and multiply it by the price per liter of fuel oil. Then you will get the exact amount of savings you could achieve in one week by lowering your heaters by just half a degree.

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