How to choose the right pellet stove?

Top 4 of the best pellet stoves of this year

The pellet stove is one of the last national in the method of heating homes. It has won the hearts of more and more people and rightly so with all its benefits. Clearly, the pellet stove saves a lot of money both in its purchase and in its use. Compared to other models that run on electricity, wood, or oil, the economy is really there. With this article you will be able to define which model best suits your needs. To do this, we will introduce you to the pellet stove with all its specificities. In addition, when buying, we will offer you selection criteria to better facilitate the process. Some models will also be presented to you. Models that you may like!

Pellet stove: kesako?

The pellet stove is also called a pellet stove. It is a device that is used to heat your home at a lower cost. In fact, this type of device is currently the most economical heating method available on the market compared to heating methods of the same type that are powered by electricity, for example. Clearly, by adopting the pellet stove, you will cut your heating bill in half. This energy saving is explained by the operating mode of the device. In fact, the pellet stove works thanks to small pieces of compacted wood also called pellets. These are consumed slowly, but regularly. This provides a gentle and stable heating. Keep in mind that this device works almost automatically since it is enough to feed it with pellets to ignite it and diffuse the heat through its ducts. It is quite possible to heat several rooms in the house with a single pellet stove. Provided, of course, that your home is suitable for this. In addition to the financial savings you will get, the pellet stove offers other interesting advantages. Like the oil bath radiator, this heater model guarantees a gentle and uniform heat in your home. In addition, the pellet stove continues the tradition of the fireplace by combining it with modernity. Also note that you may have a 30% tax credit if you are considering purchasing a pellet stove in your primary residence.

How to choose a pellet stove

Although the advantages of a pellet stove are many, its cost is relatively high. To justify this investment, it is necessary to choose the model carefully when buying. To do this, you can rely on the selection criteria. In this context, the first criteria to take into account will be your needs. After all, the device must be about your satisfaction. First, decide whether you will use the device as a main heater or as a backup heater. After that, you will define the heating power of the device. You will choose this power depending on the characteristics of your home. The insulation of the house and its surface are the criteria that you will take into account in the calculation. In general, an RT2005 house with standardized insulation will need heating equipment with a power of 4kW/m3 equivalent to 100W/m². An RT2012 enclosure, on the other hand, will look for a model with a power of 24kW/m3 or 60W/m². In addition to these criteria, it is also good to check the options present in the pellet stove. The more options there are, the more versatile the device will be and, therefore, it will offer greater comfort of use. In the market you will find simple or programmable models.

Interesting models!

Eva Stampaggi Camilla

Eva Stampaggi Camilla is a combination of performance and elegance. In fact, this model of pellet stove is very economical with quite acceptable power. Note that this brand is a recurring figure in today's market, which explains the overall quality of the product. Clearly, you will be able to heat an area of ​​100 m² with this model. In total, it only consumes 1.1 kg of pellets per hour. Equipped with a thermostat, the device is very easy to use. In addition, its quality/price ratio is very interesting.

EvaCalor Rita 9 kW

The EvaCalor Rita 9 kW pellet stove model really stands out for its monstrous power. However, it wants to be extremely inexpensive. With this device, you can heat an area of ​​200 m² on average, the adoption of this model will guarantee a certain reduction in its energy factor. With an efficiency of 90%, the daily well-being will be there and no heat losses are expected. Of course, this device is eco-friendly and meets environmental standards. Also note that the price of the EvaCalor Rita 9 kW is particularly affordable given its capabilities.

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