How to choose an oil stove?

Being one of the best portable heaters for various reasons, the kerosene stove comes in a multitude of different models, so ultimately finding the right appliance can be of great help. be relatively complicated. To help you, we have put together this kerosene stove comparison in which we will present our selection of the most interesting equipment in terms of price and performance. So, in the end, choosing the best electronic or classic kerosene stove will take the form of a simple procedure, and then you can spend the winter in the best conditions thanks to a gentle heating by heat that you will not regret. have bought.

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Which oil stove to choose?

If you are looking for an inexpensive backup heater, the kerosene stove will meet your expectations. On the market, you will find wick kerosene stoves and electronic kerosene stoves. They are distinguished in particular by their capacity, their technology and their various characteristics. To help you choose the best one, find all the necessary items here.

Our positive comments about the ZIBRO LC-300 oil stove

When temperatures drop, it becomes very difficult to live comfortably at home unless you turn up the thermostat. It is an expensive heater, the impact of which on energy bills will no longer be present. To correct this situation, simple heating appliances such as the kerosene stove have been on the market for several years. Among these equipment is the ZIBRO Lc-300 oil stove. It is a small and very efficient device that is also currently booming on the Internet. We have tested it for you and we have decided to give you our positive opinion about its performance and efficiency.

The characteristics of the ZIBRO LC-300 electronic kerosene stove

Let's first look at the main features of the device. Designed with patented Fuzzy Logic technology, the ZIBRO LC-300 is an electronic oil-fired stove. The device has a power of 3000 W and its tank has a 5.4 liters with a range of more than one hour. It can heat an area between 19 m2 and 48 m2. The ZIBRO LC-300 kerosene stove is not bulky and weighs only 8 kg. It doesn't make much noise. It exists in several colors (silver, gray, black, etc.). It is also very aesthetic and adapts easily to your decoration. It is manufactured according to the French (NF) and European (CE) Nomos. ZIBRO LC-300 oil stove, an appliance to have at home

The kerosene stove ZIBRO LC-300 is an excellent heater. In fact, it is equipped with a ventilation system that allows it to distribute the heat throughout the room evenly. We can say that it provides intelligent heating in the room. Thanks to its characteristics, you can increase the autonomy of the appliance while reducing its fuel consumption. It is lightweight and compact, allowing it to be easily moved anywhere in a room. The other strong point of the ZIBRO LC-300 oil stove is the safety it guarantees. Thanks to its operating system, it does not emit flame, which protects everyone from the risk of burns. It is also a smart device that automatically shuts off when there is too much CO2 in the air. The only thing we didn't like about the ZIBRO LC-300 kerosene stove was its coverage capacity. This appliance is not suitable for large spaces.

The Zibro RS-240 single combustion kerosene stove

  • authentic ZIBRO, made in Japan, heated area 20 to 40 m².
  • No installation or drainage: no connection or drainage required, this makes it an auxiliary heater mobile and autonomous.
  • Very high efficiency: 99.9% because it has infrared radiation.
  • Removable tank: the stove is equipped with a removable tank with a capacity of 4 liters and very practical for filling it outside and avoiding oil smells, which ensures an autonomy of 17.5 hours.
  • Fuel filter: fuel is filtered to remove impurities, thus increasing the life of the wick and tank.
  • Turning on the device is very easy. cil, just turn the knob clockwise and ignition is done with the piezoelectric.
  • Triple safety stop, the RS 240 can be turned off in three ways.

Qlima SRE8040C dual combustion kerosene stove

  • Autonomous heating: works without electricity
  • Special rooms thanks to its dual combustion system and high efficiency burner
  • Integrated CO2 detector
  • Tempered top for avoid burns

It is a dual-combustion wick kerosene stove specially designed for living rooms: hall, office, kitchen. With a power of 4280W, it can heat spaces from 40 to 85 M3 and therefore an area from 16m2 to 32m2. With an autonomy of 16 hours, you will not fill your tank permanently. Reservoir filter that protects the wick and the device for greater longevity. It has a safety system with automatic anti-tip or reverse stop if, however, someone accidentally drops it and the ambient temperature is too high (33 ° C). Clean fuel tank opening with included fuel pump to easily fill the 4.2 liter tank

Low consumption oil 7747 inverter

Powerful and economical at the same time, the stove low consumption oil Inverter 7747 has quickly established itself as one of the best oil stoves of 2021 since thanks to it you can comfortably heat while keeping control of your energy bills. With its power of 4650 watts, and its adjustable temperature, it is capable of heating up to 186 m3 evenly, which also positions it as the most efficient oil stove at this level. And for your convenience, its 7.2-liter tank is much more generous than average, so you don't have to constantly fill it up. Clearly, the 7747 Inverter Oil Range has it all.

What do you need to know about kerosene stoves?

To begin, to quickly get to the right one, we made a comparison table , taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each model . Therefore, your choice will be made in no time.

Kerosene stove with wick

Electronic kerosene stove

Advantages Disadvantages Advantages Disadvantages
Oloroso Almost odorless
Non-thermostatic Thermostat
Difficult to regulate heating capacity Easy regulation of the heating capacity
One autonomy using oil or 2 ba R20 terias Powered only by an electrical power source
Lack of aesthetics and few colors Design and customizable colors
Less expensive Very expensive
You need to periodically change the wick and lighter Requires very little maintenance
Without programming Programmable
Top heating No heating
Low autonomy Good autonomy

The different types of oil stoves

These stove models are characterized mainly by their mobile auxiliary heating that allows them to heat large surfaces of about 50 m². In the market, you will find two different ways namely: wick stoves and electronic stoves . The former can be recognized by their rudimentary functioning and autonomy. As for the seconds, with more complex technology, they not only work with oil, but can also be plugged into an outlet. These two models of stoves are also distinguished by their combustion process

Gasoil stove with simple combustion

You can get this type of stove at a very good price. Its combustion is ensured by three buttons with very specific functions, namely:

  • A round button to adjust the level of the wick;
  • A red button to turn off the stove;
  • A gray button to turn on the stove.

This model can also have only two buttons: one for the wick and ignition, and another for extinction (in this case, the lighter is activated as soon as the wick rises). For the three button stove, you will not have any problem with use either. First, to light your stove, you must adjust the wick height and then press the power button . When you release it, it will activate a lighter that lights the wick.

The operating system of this type of stove also seems very simple. First, its wick remains permanently soaked with the oil contained in its reservoir and is housed in a laminar flow burner . It consists of a metal honeycomb cylinder with a metal ring at the end and a glass shield. Then, the cylindrical metal generates an afterburner that reduces carbon monoxide (CO) at a temperature of approximately 900 °. In summary, simple combustion stoves burn nitrogen dioxide and heat to 70% by radiation and 30% by convection

The Kerosene Stove dual combustion

This model has the same base as the simple combustion stove, but costs a little more than the latter due to its more advanced technology. It has two or three buttons to turn it on and off . However, this type of stove is distinguished by its second combustion chamber and its flame burner . This remains identical to laminar flow and an oxygen supply is used to burn the gas from the first combustion at 800 ° . The almost complete combustion produced in turn generates a flame of about 1200 ° in a glass cylinder. This makes it possible, in particular, to obtain good heating efficiency and a reduction of the toxic elements discharged . In summary, dual combustion kerosene stoves burn carbon monoxide and heat 30% by radiation and 70% by convection

Wick stove lighter

To light this type of stove, you must use a lighter equipped with two R20 batteries and it looks like a small bulb without crystal . It has a cap with two lugs and a filament that becomes incandescent at high temperatures. Using its arm, you can easily insert it into the stove once the burner has been removed . The cigarette lighter can degrade over time, so you should change it as soon as you notice that it does not turn red even with fresh batteries. But for a longer duration of use, you can make quick starts of less than 3 seconds.

Electronic kerosene stove

This type of stove They are the product of the evolution of kerosene wick stoves. They are characterized by their ventilation system that ensures rapid and homogeneous distribution of heat, and the possibility of regulating the heating temperature . In most cases, electronic kerosene stoves can be programmed for several days from a digital banner. Economical, less odorous and with a customizable design, these stoves require an electrical supply for their operation due to their different combustion process. For these models, a microprocessor is used to regulate it. Electronic stoves also have an injection burner and a combustion chamber containing oil.

The technical characteristics of an additional oil heater

Always with the aim of giving you a good idea of ​​the different models, we present here some key elements of the technical data sheets of a auxiliary heating oil . Rest assured that you will not find incomprehensible numbers and units.

The area or volume of the room to be heated

Before deciding on a model, you should make sure that the stove has a surface area that adapts to your needs. To know the capacity of the surface, you just have to multiply the length and width of the device: it is expressed in m² As for the volume, you get multiplying the area by the height of the stove: it is expressed in m 3 3 3

The minimum and maximum heating capacity of an oil

The amount of food that stoves can carry varies from model to model and is expressed in kilowatts (kW). Before purchasing your device, therefore, consider its maximum capacity taking into account its volume .The higher the maximum value, the more the stove will heat up a large volume and faster in the case of a reduced volume. To give you an idea, the capacity of the stoves varies between 0.8 kW and 3 kW for the small sizes and between 1.5 kW and 5.5 kW for the larger ones

The height of the wick of the oil stove

This characteristic expressed in meters allows you to know the temperature that your stove can generate . The temperature will increase more when you wind the wick. But if you choose a wick kerosene stove, you should make sure to buy the corresponding wick, as it can also vary.

The autonomy of your electronic or classic kerosene stove

This factor is determined from the power of the stove, its type of combustion, its heat capacity and the volume of its tank . Therefore, it can be of long or short duration depending on the case. Generally, it is expressed in operating hours.

The technology kerosene stove inverter

This exclusively characterizes electronic stoves and allows to guarantee a better thermal comfort with good temperature regulation. Therefore, These models heat up quickly and then become stable.True gems of technology, have u n microprocessor that acts as a regulator. It also helps to reduce or increase the heating capacity depending on the fuel flow . This technology is also accompanied by a programming system that allows defining the temperature, the cycles daily or heating time from the digital strip of the device. Inverter technology finally reveals the economical qualities of electronic stoves . In addition, they have a sieve in the combustion chamber that ensures self-maintenance.

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I consume a kerosene stove

To better forecast the budget of energy of your appliance, it is essential to know its consumption. This depends to a great extent on the type of burner, the heating capacity, the volume of the tank and the quality of the oil . This factor is expressed in liters per hour and represents the average amount of fuel burned by the stove for a period of time. In general, consumption takes into account the heat capacity and the type of burner. For example, a 3 kW stove consumes between 0.225 liters and 0.280 liters per hour. A 4-liter tank can then be understood between 14 and 18 hours . For a 4 kW electronic stove, consumption varies between 0.1 liters and 0.4 liters per hour, that is, an autonomy of 18 at 70 hours for a 7.6 liter tank (it must be taken into account that the size of the tank depends on the power of the stove).

The type of burner

For your stove, You can choose between three types of burners, namely:

  • The laminar flow burner for simple combustion;
  • The flame burner for double combustion;
  • The injection burner

In summary, the latter is still the most economical while the former consumes more than the second.

The safety options of a kerosene stove

Obviously, the presence of combustion rhymes with an almost certain risk of accident. Therefore, a heater Electric, for example, presents less danger than an oil stove or gas heater. To minimize fears and ensure you have trouble-free use, safety standards accompany each device . On rare occasions, are still available as mandatory options. Here are some of them:

  • An anti-tip safety valve that stops the operation of the stove in case of impact or reversal;
  • Complete combustion technologies (double combustion, electronic injection) reduce gas emissions;
  • Tempered walls on some (electronic) stoves to limit the risk of burns;
  • Air control systems that stop the operation of the stove in case of detection of danger to reduce respiratory poisoning;
  • CO 2 detectors that report any abnormal carbon production.

If all these measures do not reassure you or if you fear a malfunction of your stove, you can equip your detection parts. Carbon monoxide and smoke.

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Comfort options for stoves

For ease of use, kerosene stoves in general and electronic stoves in particular have options related to comfort. wick stoves, their simple technology does not allow them to guarantee these advantages. So these are some of the options for electronic stoves:

  • U n laser detection system that suspends the operation of the device during a prolonged absence in the room;
  • A programmable 24-hour timer with integrated thermostat;
  • A 7-day scheduling system with different daily cycles;
  • A boost mode used to reach the desired temperature and then to maintain it;
  • A program to stabilize the setpoint temperature ;
  • Lock the digital band to lock all parameters;
  • An opening with clean hands to avoid getting dirty when unscrewing the fuel cap;
  • An anti-flow valve to facilitate movement.

Some with tips for use

To help you get the most out of your kerosene stove, here are some tips to help you:

  • wick is still ideal for auxiliary heating in a garage or workshop; if the house has children, opt for an electronic stove;
  • Create drafts in the room for the stove;
  • Prefer good quality oil for better smell;
  • Choose brand wick pots followed to find more easily replace wick;
  • Always transport your stove with care to avoid oil spills.
  • Ventilate your room frequently even if you have an odorless kerosene stove

Design kerosene stove

The kerosene stove is a device that is not true On the other hand, the oil heater additional is very useful. That is why some manufacturer of oil stoves wants to combine the useful and the pleasant by making design and modern stoves like the model below.

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