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When the low temperatures return, the question of choosing the correct heating mode begins to arise again. In fact, between the pellet stove, the oil bath radiator or electric heating for example, it is never very easy to navigate, especially since it is necessary to find the perfect balance between efficiency and savings. Therefore, in this article, we invite you to discover a comparison of fan heaters in which we will introduce you to some models that might well catch your attention. In addition, we will also explain how to choose a fan heater that suits your needs, thus ensuring you have a complete purchase satisfaction.

TOP 4 best fan heaters of 2021!

Rowenta SO6510F2: The best electric heater of the year!

The Rowenta SO6510F2 heater is an exceptional equipment that will comply with the lower than your expectations with extreme precision. In fact, it is equipped with a powerful 2400 watt motor that will allow you to heat the air in your home in just a few minutes, although it must also be recognized that in the context of heavy use, its impact on your energy consumption could be high. Anyway, if you like powerful and reliable devices, then this fan heater model will surely please you.

If we have judged the r Electric fan Rowenta SO6510F2 as the most remarkable of the year, this is also due to its heat distribution system that is carried out through a fan, which allows you to enjoy a better distributed and more homogeneous warmth. Finally, and something rare in this area, it is a silent fan heater that will allow you to enjoy all the comforts of your home, even at night, without having to suffer any kind of noise pollution.

Comparison of the 10 best fan heaters of the moment

How to choose a fan heater? All selection criteria must be met.

Even if a fan heater, at first glance, is simple and relatively inexpensive equipment, choosing it well cannot be done randomly as it is essential to take into account certain very precise characteristics. To help you conduct your research in the best possible way, therefore, we wanted to present below the three main criteria to respect when choosing such equipment. Taking each one into account and without compromising, you will make sure buy a fan heater that is perfect for you.

The ideal power of a fan heater

Choosing the right fan heater is above all choosing equipment that is efficient enough to meet the smallest of your requirements. That is why it is necessary that the next device you choose offers a power adapted to your expectations. Usually it is between 750 and 2000 watts. However, don't be fooled into choosing the more powerful model, as depending on your home configuration, a low-power model may be right for you.

Specifically, even before launching your research, you will first need to list your actual needs. For example, ask yourself if you want your next appliance to act as an auxiliary heater or if the fan heater you will buy will be your main heating mode, in which case, effectively, the power should be the highest. possible. As you will see during your research, very often the average power of a fan heater is 1500 watts, which is suitable for almost all scenarios.

Which fan heater for which surface?

To go further, it will also be important that your fan heater can heat all your rooms; otherwise it would be considered inefficient. which would prevent you from being completely satisfied with it. Most of the time, manufacturers or resellers communicate this characteristic which, naturally, is expressed in square meters. However, if this is not the case, we recommend that you take no chances and turn to another model that offers this information.

Also, you know, the heat It tends to rise when diffused, which means the higher the ceiling, the more you will have to turn on the fan heater to heat the entire room. This leads us to say that if you are lucky enough to enjoy high ceilings, you should also plan to buy a fan heater that is slightly more powerful than average, otherwise you may have a hard time reaching your desired temperature.

The ease of use of your next fan heater

Of course, it goes without saying, for your convenience to use is best, the heater fan should be the easiest to use. That is why this criterion is essential. Before proceeding with the purchase of your equipment, make sure in particular that the programming is carried out easily, that its transport does not cause you the slightest problem and that it is able to indicate the current temperature, for example. or that can be programmed.

There are also electric fan heaters that detect the temperature of a room and that activate as soon as it is no longer the same as its expectations, which of course dramatically increase your satisfaction. Finally, we advise you to spend a few minutes of your time reading the opinions of customers who have the advantage of always being very honest and therefore will help you a lot when making your decision.

EssentielB ECSB 1500: Boulanger's Best Budget Fan Heater Sold!

With its power of 1500 watts and its type of ceramic fan heater, the fan heater EssentielB ECSB 1500 will be able to take care of a room of up to 15m², guaranteeing it a soft and homogeneous heat thanks to its ceramic technology. What also stands out about this equipment is the fact that it is very easy to handle thanks to its weight of only 1.90 kilograms, which will therefore allow it to be used as an auxiliary heater. in any room in the house.

The EssentielB ECSB 1500 fan heater is currently one of the cheapest models of its generation, but it is also one of the most ergonomic and practical. Immediately after receiving it, you will only have to plug it in and configure it, which, in total, will not take you more than thirty seconds, after which you will see how effective this model is. In short, if you are looking for an efficient and economical equipment at the same time, this Boulanger fan heater is for you.

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