Choosing a good towel dryer

With the need to have a shower or bath at home, it is quite normal for a towel dryer to find its place in many homes. This kit will only allow you to spread out your wet towel. For this, the ambient air will take care of drying it. However, this operation takes some time. And besides, it is a bit uncomfortable, even illogical, to dry off with a still damp towel if the need arises. To overcome this, we are now seeing the emergence of electric towel dryers. This article will show you several benefits that you can get from one of these electrical equipment. In fact, you will see some tips that will allow you to choose the right material. At the end of this complete comparison of the best towel warmers of 2021, you will know several of these devices that, according to our experts, are worth buying.

Comparison of the TOP 4 of the best towel warmers

Cayenne Jupiter towel warmer: The best in 2021!

The Cayenne Jupiter towel warmer a model of major brands , very efficient, practical and elegant, which is still offered at a particularly attractive price. And for good reason, despite all the qualities at its disposal, it is still one of the cheapest towel warmers of its generation, which also partly explains all the success it is currently having. One thing is for sure, with it in your power, you will visibly improve the charm of your bathroom, but your daily comfort will also be greatly optimized.

If the El Cayenne Jupiter towel warmer sets itself apart from all its competitors, this is also due to its 500 watt power which is perfectly balanced. It's high enough to allow swimwear to dry efficiently without being too high, allowing you to keep control over your energy consumption, which is unfortunately often tricky with most products. heaters like the classic fan heaters for example. Finally, to design this inexpensive towel warmer model, the Cayenne brand has chosen to use only very high quality materials, thus ensuring that you can keep your equipment looking like new for many, many years.

The best cheap electric towel warmer top 10

The need for a towel warmer

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There are several points that differentiate a classic towel dryer and an electric one. As mentioned, this has the advantage of drying clothes as quickly as possible. This action will result in the elimination of a good number of bacteria whose growth is favored by humidity. Therefore, you will have a very dry, uniform and odor-free towel.

In addition to this, your cleaning cloth will be very soft. With heat, the towel will retain its attributes as when it was first used. Besides the health benefits, therefore, you will have something to make you very comfortable with, with a good warm towel after a little shower.

Types of towel dryers

As this device is exempt from any design standard, manufacturers offer several models that are very attractive one than the other. Then it would be convenient to know these different types to clearly identify which one best suits your needs. Next, you will see on the market the electric towel dryer that is undoubtedly the most fashionable. It is often hung on the walls. However, this type tends to be overlooked when consumers learn that there are other types that work in the same ways as an oil bath radiator.

There are also many other models that offer to heat the bath while drying the towel. Currently, it is not necessary to allocate an entire wall area for a simple towel dryer. There are models with floor supports that will allow you to avoid this fact. However, the classic model can save you some space. In any case, the various types that exist are sure to suit you in the context of their uses.

Choosing the right material

Like most It has the same purpose, choosing a towel dryer will not be very complicated. However, there are some rules that you should be aware of before buying something. Above all, you will need to know your needs and your capabilities. For example, which would be more advantageous for you, a wall type or a portable type. Then comes the issue of energy consumption. The use of one of these computers, in principle, will not have a direct impact on your energy bills at the end of the month.

To enable this however, it is better not to exceed the 1500 Watt threshold in terms of power, which is also true for all electrical equipment like better bagless vacuums or some big brand steam generators that can be very greedy on electricity. Finally, since competition is very widespread among manufacturers, it would be wise to study the features on offer. Some can be very interesting, such as those that are programmable or those that can be controlled through your smartphone.

Those that caught our attention

The Cayenne Nina towel dryer

This model is meant to be the best of its kind. This Cayenne Nina towel warmer offers a side opening and displays a power of 600 watts. This appliance has the perfect image of a good towel warmer. In any case, it may satisfy you. It's very powerful and inexpensive, but most of all, it does its job wonderfully, which earned it the title of best.

The model also embeds the latest marvels of the technology that sanitary buildings can carry. In fact, this towel warmer has a control screen to program the appliance according to your preferences. However, what really enchants about this model is its exterior which offers a beautiful and elegant design.

Some technical information about the electric heating of the bathroom: the towel warmer

Stepping out of the bathroom to snuggle up in a warm towel is a real treat. This daily comfort is possible thanks to the towel dryer radiator, either all electric, mixed or powered by boiler (water) or that heats your bath linen thanks to a heat transfer fluid.

The heated towel rail: electric, mixed, connected to central heating?

The electric towel radiator is easy to install (one power supply is enough, a few plugs and you're done). The fully electric towel warmer (a simple resistance heats the dough) is suitable for occasional use. If you have to make it fulfill a function of a real radiator, it would be better to use a mixed towel dryer (heat transfer fluid + resistance), or directly to a towel dryer connected to your central heating if you have this installation.

The electric towel warmer: what power?

Like any electric heater, count around 100W/m². Some add 20-30% power to compensate for the loss due to drying wet swimwear. Of course, this figure must be modulated according to the insulation of the room. Some models are equipped with a fan or forced operation that allows a rapid increase in temperature.

The electric towel dryer and safety heater

The towel warmer must be NF certified, like all devices that work with electricity, such as electric folding treadmills or Braun brand and for your safety it must be installed at least 60 cm (the distance is regulated by a specific standard) from your bathtub, sink, shower cubicle. Consult the professionals, they will give you precise information, so don't joke with the safety regulations, especially when it comes to electricity in a body of water.

The electric towel warmer: the price

The towel dryer radiator can be purchased in a price range that can go from 70 euros to more than 1000 euros depending on its mode of operation, its quality, its design, its power. It is up to you to see and think what to expect from him before deciding. Above all, we remind you that it is best to go see the heating professionals.

Fishtec towel dryer

This model does not It has not the same notoriety as the one mentioned above. However, it is no less interesting. First, this Fishtec model is very practical and easy to use. This is because only two modes are offered, on and off. And surprisingly, this model manages to dry towels evenly and on time.

Choosing this model will also save you energy. in the purchase. Indeed, its price is inevitably the lowest in the current market and its power is only a tenth of the previous one, therefore 60 Watts. If you want an economical solution, this second model would be very interesting for you.

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