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What composter to choose for your garden? Our full 2021 comparison!

TOP 4 of the best garden composters in 2021!

The French are more and more attentive to the classification of their waste and to ecology more generally. In fact, in recent years a collective awareness of the need to minimize the volume of waste we produce has become visible. While many solutions have been developed to meet this urgent need, some have turned out to be more remarkable than others. And this is particularly the case of the garden composter that will allow you to combine business with pleasure, take advantage of our comparison to make your choice. In fact, in addition to reducing the volume of your organic waste , you will transform it into a very high quality fertilizer that you can later reuse for your crops. But which composter to choose according to your needs? And what is the best team at the moment? In this review of the best composters of 2021, we tell you everything.

Neudorff 775 DuoTherm: The best thermal composter of 2021!

The garden composter Neudorff 775 DuoTherm is completely ecological equipment thanks to which you can recycle your various organic waste with truly exceptional simplicity . Designed from recycled plastic, this XXL composter model offers a volume of 530 liters, so it will offer you the possibility of creating compost in large quantities that you can obviously reuse later to enrich your soil.

The Neudorff brand is recognized in the field of gardening for the quality of the equipment it develops. And this Neudorff 775 thermal composter lives up to its reputation as it has the distinction of being UV resistant so that its various types of waste can benefit from the best possible recycling conditions. Designed for gardens with a medium or even large area, this model also has a plug-in system that will allow you to mount it easily but also and above all to recover your compost without the slightest difficulty.

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Why buy a composter? All the right reasons!

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The composter is above all an ecological equipment that will allow you to make a small gesture for the planet at your level. In fact, instead of throwing away your various recyclable wastes, like fruit or vegetable peels or egg shells, for example, you will simply have to put them in your composter to be reprocessed. by worms, after which they will be transformed into fertilizer that you can then use to nourish the soil with your various plants. Also, when you garden with a battery-powered rotary cutter or when you use your ride-on lawn mower to cut the grass, all the waste generated can also be placed in the composter. A composter requires very little maintenance since all you really have to do is be careful not to incorporate non-recyclable waste such as potato peels that can carry disease or citrus remains that contain an insecticide.

But in addition to its ecological aspect, the composter will also allow you to realize savings that, together, could significantly improve its power purchasing. Indeed, if you are used to gardening regularly and using fertilizers, then you are aware that such a product is relatively expensive, especially since it must be used in large quantities. Now you can create this fertilizer yourself, so you don't have to buy it all the time. Finally, the last advantage of the composter concerns you very directly since by choosing to equip yourself with it, you will inevitably experience great satisfaction linked to your self-sufficiency. As you may have understood, the garden composter only offers advantages, and at no time will you regret having bought it.

How to choose the right composter?

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Choosing the correct composter is not complicated and, unlike having to choose a new robotic lawnmower or the best gasoline brush cutter, there is no catch that can affect your final satisfaction. In fact, the different selection criteria will be relatively simple, but they must be perfectly respected anyway. First, start your research by focusing on a composter whose volume suits your needs. You don't need to choose very bulky equipment if your waste is very limited or you only need very little fertilizer. Conversely, a model whose capacity is too low might disappoint you if you want to recycle a large volume of organic waste.

So, it will be important that you take. It's time to choose the type of composter that really meets your needs. You will be able to choose between garden composters, in the form of blocks, kitchen composters with a much smaller volume, composting barrels that will allow you to mix the waste to obtain a more homogeneous process or even compost containers that can be they can easily be transported within your garden. Feel free to study these different kits to make sure you find the one that will, in all respects, be perfect in your opinion.

The great Deuba 380 liters: The best economic composter of the year!

The Deuba composter is a model that has the double advantage of being very generous thanks to its volume of 380 liters , but also for be very inexpensive, making it the best cheap composter of the year. However, do not rely on this low price to judge its overall quality, as it is actually a very satisfying model as a whole that will satisfy all your needs. Designed in black plastic, this garden equipment will be able to efficiently recycle your organic waste since insects will not suffer the ultraviolet rays of the sun or significant variations in temperature.

But the Deuba composter is not only interesting because it is bulky. To make it practical, the brand has chosen to make it with several floors that can be removed independently of each other . And if at first glance this only seems to be a detail, it is actually a particularly ingenious principle since, for example, the compost located at the bottom can be recovered without having to remove everything. Clearly, if you want to be satisfied for sure, the Deuba 380 liter composter is the product for you!

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