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What color to choose to give roses?

The red rose is universally recognized as the symbol of love and passion, until point that sometimes we forget that the queen of flowers is available in other colors whose meaning is much less known. Thanks to this simple code, giving a bouquet of roses allows you to communicate a very precise message to the recipient. These are the colors in which you can choose your roses to express all your feelings.

Red roses

Giving a bouquet of red roses is a desperately romantic gesture. Renowned for its beauty, this flower perfectly conveys love passion and desire. Mythology associates her with the goddess of love, Aphrodite, who allegedly scratched her foot on the thorns of a white rose while running towards her lover, Adonis, who was injured. Then the goddess's blood would have stained the white rose, making it a forever symbol of passion and devotion.

Offer red roses to your love!

White roses

Once again, Aphrodite would be at the origin of this sublime flower that, according to the Greek poet Anacreon, was born from foam produced by the goddess emerging from the sea. The Christian tradition, for its part, associates it with the Virgin Mary.

Perhaps because of these connections that are at the opposite end of each other, the symbolism linked to the white rose is quite vast. Remember, on the one hand, innocence, chastity and purity, and on the other, spirituality, new beginnings and respect.

A bouquet of white roses will be perfect for a young woman at a wedding or religious occasion, but also for a bride of several years as a sign of deep love and sincere. Finally, this flower is widely used in dueling compositions.

Yellow roses

In Victorian times, yellow roses meant Jealousy and infidelity: nothing, in any case, especially cheerful. Today, this flower no longer deserves such an interpretation and is considered rather that of friendship. This rose conveys a message of platonic affection and enthusiasm, perfect for congratulating someone or sending to a person in recovery.

Pink roses

In their eponymous color, roses carry admiration, kindness, dignity, elegance, innocence, and happiness! Lighter shades tend more towards grace and benevolence, while deeper pink buds convey gratitude.

As these flowers are lent with multiple interpretations, they will express both romantic and platonic feelings and can be offered as a thank you or to congratulate a loved one.

Orange roses

Their fiery hue invokes fascination, passion, enthusiasm and desire, especially if the hue really pulls on the coral.

Romantic in nature, these flowers are perfect for Valentine's Day or a wedding anniversary.

Peach roses

Sincerity and gratitude inhabit these roses that convey a message of sympathy and modesty. They are ideal as mourning flowers thanks to their delicate intentions.

Burgundy Roses

This unusual color denotes unconscious beauty, inhabited by a lively and deep passion. Beautiful in wedding arrangements, these roses are also perfect for Valentine's Day or any other romantic occasion.

Violet roses

Mystical charm, love at first sight, fascination, adoration and majesty are the attributes of this rare rose. Give it as a token of your love to someone whose spirituality you admire.

Finally, green roses symbolize peace, calm and fertility. the blues the mystery of a secret admirer, and the blacks goodbye, death, but also rebirth.

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