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Rotofil: Complete comparison of the best models of 2021

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Summer is usually a good time for many activities. In fact, you can take advantage of the sun's rays to tan your skin, relax in your new inflatable pool or have a feast thanks to its cheap gas iron. Of course, this is also a good time to do a home remodel. When you prepare for garden maintenance, you find that most of the equipment needed for this task is no longer adequate. So if you want to renovate your garden, it would be ideal to use some quality equipment, such as a rotary filler.

It must be said that there are companies in the markets that produce quality rotary wrenches that resemble the best gasoline brush cutters. In this article, so that you know which model will be able to fully satisfy you and so that you are convinced that you are making the best possible decision, we wanted to inform you about the rotofil in the most detailed way possible.

Comparison table of the best thread rotors of the moment

What are the three best Rotoils models available on the market?

Roto-Thread Ryobi OLT1825 M

This is a product with very high precision. This is due to the cutoff factors that are good. In fact, the width of the cut varies from 25 to 30 cm, the diameter of the cut is 1.6 min. There is also a tilting head on the equipment. This allows you to adjust the roto-thread at any time and cut its edges with some precision.

This is a device that has a fairly low weight. Manufacturers have also equipped this model with two handles for easy transport. These are all factors that contribute to the very good ergonomics available to the equipment. The price of the device varies by provider, however, it is still very affordable. One of the only downsides to this tool is the battery life, which is not really high. In fact, the battery of the rotofil can last 30 minutes.

Rotofil Makita DUR181Z

It should be specified from the outset that this Wireless equipment is designed without a battery or charger. However, it has a telescopic tube that can be rotated in any direction for precision cuts. This telescopic tube also provides enough ease for the user when working. The equipment has good ergonomics because it is made with two handles that do not require much effort to move.

It is necessary to bear in mind that the weight of this equipment is relatively low. In fact, when you fit a battery into it, the overall weight weighs just 3.1 kilograms. Despite this low weight, the team's engine power remains phenomenal. It must be said that the power is estimated at almost 400 watts. One of the little extras on this device is also the battery life. This can take up to 40 minutes. The only drawback is the difficulty of the tool to operate when the vegetation is too dense. Therefore, it should be used primarily for maintenance.

Black + Decker GLC3630L20-QW

This is a wireless device which is equipped with a Lithium battery that can be replaced by all Garden products from the Black & Decker range that have a voltage of 36 V. Supplied with a charger that has a fast recharge. In fact, in just 1h30 of recharging, the battery of your tool is at maximum. The user has the option of varying the power in eco-turbo mode for operations with elements a little more difficult to cut. We find in the equipment a rotating head that facilitates precision cutting anywhere.

This rotofil whose price varies between 79.99 and 119.00 euros at a sound level of 80 decibels. The strengths of this device are its good ergonomics, and its high efficiency due to the power of its battery and allowing it to perform quality operations. The only regret about this device is that some weeds are difficult to cut with this equipment. It is important to say that this roto-thread is a product of exceptional reliability. Therefore, it was designed to last long in your garage for your landscaping operations.

Rotofil ST5530CM Black & Decker

This is here a device that has a sound power of 95 decibels. The motor power is estimated at 550 Watts. The length of the roto-thread is approximately 30 centimeters. The user has the flexibility to adjust the speed to their liking with the automatic selection function. It is important to specify that this device can play the role of three teams at the same time: that of mower, edger or edger.

The noise level of the Rotofil mower is 80 db and its price is around 79.90 euros. This model is a team that presents a very good value for money. Besides that, its use is very easy despite the multitude of functions it has. In spite of everything, we noticed that the use of rotofil is still quite noisy.

What are the criteria to follow to choose the best rotary film?

In the ranking carried out previously, we have presented several different devices highlighting their main criteria. Normally, it is they who should serve as the guiding principle when purchasing one of the Rotofil products. However, if you want to make a comparison yourself, it is important to know that the following criteria are essential when choosing a Rotofilter.

How a Rotofilter works

All Rotoils can be classified into two categories: wire models and blade models. Models that have threads have the advantage of having threads that get sharper with use. These are models that have been used for a long time, however in recent years we have seen the appearance of shovel models. They are often valued for the high degree of precision they offer. But it must be added that these are products a little more expensive and that they do not have an impeccable resistance.

The cutting width of the rotary film

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The width of the cut is a factor that varies greatly depending on the device chosen. To make a decision on the width of the cut, you need to think about how you would like to use the equipment. Most basic models are at least 10 inches wide in the cut. However, some models go further by having heads that can be customized according to your desire. So that you can adjust the cutting width according to the job you would like to do. This will make cutting easier and prevent accidental cuts. Therefore, it is the preferred team if you have a game with a fairly diverse vegetation.

The feeding method of a rotofil

Regarding the power supply, it should be noted that the manufacturer Rotofil has two types of devices. There are models that have a certain battery life, the latter work wirelessly. The other models can only be used when connected to the network. Here too the choice must be made according to its use. In fact, if the space where you are working is large enough, it is recommended to opt for models with cables long enough to cover the cutting area. But if, on the other hand, you have a garden with a fairly short area and you do not have jobs that take too long, you can choose a model with sufficient battery life. It should also be said that wireless models are also more practical than those with cables.

The general reliability of your rotofil

It It must be said that rotofil devices are a benchmark in terms of reliability. Therefore, it will be very rare to find a product of this type that is not of superior quality. But if you happen to find a defective product, the warranty mark will replace the product. It must be said that when we think of the Rotofil brand we associate it directly with brushcutters, due to the reliability of these products. It must also be said that the brand offers other high-end products. In case you are interested in these products, you can follow customer impressions to get an idea.

Why should we choose a Rotofil model?

First it must be said that this is a brand that has already proven its worth in terms of quality products. Most of the equipment from this manufacturer are also excellent value for money. Therefore, it is the ideal option for those who are on a tight budget for garden equipment. In addition to all this, the brand has professionals who provide quality after-sales service.

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