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Everything about the vegetable shredder to choose the best one!

Whether you have a small garden or several acres, in any case, you'll agree, getting rid of green waste is a real chore. The incessant trips to the recycling center are countless and, sadly, there are few solutions to simplify this work. However, by equipping yourself with the best plant shredder, you will be able to significantly reduce your efforts as, as the name suggests, the plant shredder is intended to reduce the volume of your waste, which you can then more easily dispose of. or even use as a puree. In this dossier, let's discover everything there is to know about the plant shredder and its advantages. But to get off to a good start, we first wanted to present to you an exceptional model in every way, which we had the opportunity to test and which we consider the best shredder of 2021.

Ryobi RSH2545B: A powerful and economical shredder!

The Ryobi RSH2545B shredder is an impressive piece of equipment that develops extreme power thanks to which you It will be possible to get rid of your branches in the simplest way possible, as long as their diameter does not exceed 45 millimeters. The Ryobi RSH2545B is effectively equipped with an excellent quality blade that ensures fast and reliable shredding. All you have to do is insert your plants into the device, one after the other, and your device will take care of the rest. After the job is done, all you have to do is empty the 40-liter bin.

The Ryobi RSH2545B Electric Shredder offers a power of 2,500 watts, making it one of the most powerful of its generation. And despite everything, its price remains especially affordable, allowing you to equip yourself very well without having to dip into your savings. However, it is important to know that, like all other wood shredders, electric or thermal, the Ryobi RSH2545B is loud, with 106.5 decibels on the meter. Therefore, we cannot recommend enough that you wear a construction noise helmet, but also body protection equipment such as gloves or goggles to protect yourself from possible splinters. Either way, in any case, thanks to its superior performance and extreme reliability, you too will agree that the Ryobi RSH2545B deserves its reputation as the best shredder. electric .

Why use a shredder?

In your garden, do you have hedges or trees? Then the disposer is for you. As you understand, his mission is to shred the branches to reduce the volume , which will allow you to get rid of them more easily from then on. In fact, once the branches are cut, all you have to do is pour them into a sturdy garbage bag, or a gardening bag, and empty everything at the recycling center. This bag can even be installed in the trunk of your car, saving you from having to use a trailer to dump your plants.

even more precise, the plant grinder allows to really simplify the maintenance of your green spaces . No longer will you collapse under a pile of vegetable waste, and you have to admit it, it will change your life. Actually, you will have to take care of the high noise level that accompanies the use of the vegetable shredder, but in view of all the advantages that you will benefit from, you will quickly forget about this defect. Therefore, by choosing to use a vegetable shredder, you will work more efficiently, which in particular will have the effect of minimizing your efforts as much as possible while saving you considerable time.

What power? for a disposer?

Before buying a shredder, many consumers wonder what is the ideal power of such equipment. However, as with gasoline brush cutters or lawn mowers, the answer is not so obvious as the power of a mulcher must be correlated with other characteristics such as blade quality or the maximum authorized diameter of the branch. However, to assist you in your research, we have done a lot of analysis work and therefore can give you some answers.

For home use, you don't need to look for the most powerful shredder, as a model offering between 1800 and 2500 watts will work just fine , provided that it is also provided with a quality blade, that is, sufficiently sharp and resistant at the same time. Because even though you may have the most powerful vegetable shredder, if it's not equipped with a good blade, you will unfortunately not get the desired results. To conclude, when choosing a shredder, its power is, therefore, a determining element, as well as the quality of the blade. Therefore, to be sure of making the right decision, the best solution is to take into account the opinions of customers who are always very honest and objective at the same time.

Which thermal shredder to choose to simplify your gardening?

Are you a gardener or does your property require that you regularly need a large plant grinder? So it could be that you are in a situation where the electric shredder is insufficient in terms of performance. To work in good conditions, the thermal shredder will be obvious to you. But there you have it, choosing a gasoline wood chipper is never easy as there are many features to consider, as well as prices that can range from simple to tripled.

To get to the point, know that a good thermal shredder must offer an engine whose minimum power must imperatively be 10 HP. Below this, yield could be reduced and some relatively flexible plants may not be perfectly crushed. But here again, the ideal power of a thermal shredder is not the only criterion of choice, since it is also necessary to take into account the quality of the blade and the authorized branch diameter. While electric shredders are capable of accepting branches of 50 millimeters maximum, with a thermal shredder this diameter can be increased to more than 10 cm, as is the case with the shredder. Denqbar, which we think is the best thermal breaker at the moment.

How to use a disposer?

One thing is for sure, you don't need to be a gardening expert to get the best possible results with a mulcher, as it is very easy to use equipment. But above all, remember that this is a very powerful equipment and that improper use can lead to the risk of injury. So take the time to read the instructions for use and insert only plants into the device, never anything else. Also, be sure to always wear personal protective equipment to minimize any risk. Then place the plant grinder on straight ground and you can start working.

Once you have gathered all the plants to shred in the same place (ideally near the appliance), turn on the vegetable shredder. Then insert your branches one after another, gently, pushing them gently. This step is very simple as you only need to keep up with the grinding speed of your equipment. Once you have reached the end of this work, turn off the appliance and, as a precaution, unplug it if it is an electric disposer. Next, remove the waste collection tray that you can go and empty directly at the recycling center. Finally, to offer the best life expectancy for your device, be sure to dust it off after each use.

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