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Comparison Guide to the Best Lawn Mowers of 2021

It is always better to see something that has been taken care of than something that has been left behind. Make your garden feel like this and take care of it. After all, if he's brilliant, who's going to benefit if it's not you? It is its harmonized patio that we will look at in passing, it is what we will envy and it is the owner that we will congratulate. Especially since with technological advances, it is no longer so difficult. We're talking about lawnmowers here, because the saying bears repeating, do people always go where the grass is greener?

So a lawn mower, yeah! We agree. But which ? You are looking for the one that best suits your needs and that materializes in a investment that is both sustainable and affordable. C 'that's why we wanted to present you this review of the best lawn mowers 2021. We have reviewed several models to give you our feedback on them, so you can make an informed decision, which does not happen. not based on short announcements made here and there.

TOP 3 Best Lawn Mowers of 2021

Alpina BL 380E: Best Lawn Mower of the Year!

The Alpina BL 380E lawn mower is a very special model because it is electric and performs as exceptionally as you could benefit from using a gasoline lawn mower. And for good reason, it is equipped with a powerful 1400 watt motor, thanks to which you will be sure to be able to work in the best conditions without having to feel the slightest sign of weakness from your device. However, because it is electric, this Alpina BL 380E lawnmower must be permanently connected to a power outlet, for example via an extension cord.

Whatever the case, the Alpina BL 380E electric lawn mower has distinguished itself from all its competitors by the ease of use it offers. And for good reason, in one click, you can start it up, after which all you have to do is guide it to give you a perfect cut from all points of view and in a single pass. In addition, it offers an adjustable cutting height between 25 and 65 millimeters so that the final result is exactly the same to all your requirements. And for greater convenience, its collection box offers a generous volume of 40 liters, which will avoid having to empty it constantly.

Comparison table of the best lawnmowers of the moment

The 5 best lawn mowers of 2021

These are some models of lawn mowers that might interest you a lot since they all have the advantage of to be very efficient, of course, but also to be offered at prices that may leave you speechless.

Ryobi 5133002343: Ryobi's best lawnmower

This is an electric lawn mower that will be perfect for a medium-sized garden. Ryobi is a brand that excels in landscaping, as evidenced by its superior shredders. And in this case, it once again offers perfect equipment from all points of view. Normally, it can cover up to 300m 2 area . Equipped with a rotating blade, you won't have to worry that this model won't take care of some waste. With 5 different cutting positions you will get the green space you would have thought of before. The Ryobi 5133002343 lawn mower runs on 1300 Watts of power.

The MacCulloch M40-125 lawn mower

It is a product of the Briggs and Stratton industries. The MacCulloch M40-125 petrol lawn mower stands out for its phenomenal power. In fact, it reaches 1600 Watts , or the equivalent of just under 3000 revolutions/minute. Emits a noise of about 79 dB, nothing that totally dulls your hearing. Although it is a thermal appliance, the MacCulloch mower is more suitable for medium spaces if you want it to be a durable appliance. However, the collector can hold up to 50 liters of debris , which is higher than average.

Gardena lawn mower 04075-20


This is a corded lawn mower. Sometimes this is quite disturbing because you need to have an extension cord long enough to cover your garden. This is the reason why the corded electric lawn mower is generally loved by those with limited space. Weighing in at just under 12 kg , pushing the Gardena 04075-20 mower is not difficult and you will be done maintaining your precious outdoor space in no time.

The mower Einhell BG-EM 1743 HW

Regarding this model, we will start by saying that it is the device to clean your garden with complete peace of mind. Also Frustration Free Certificate , is another weight that balances the scales. In fact, it is also a wired product, which therefore has spatial coverage limits. It has a battery but its main power source is still the industry.

Bosch Rotak 32: Best Cordless Lawn Mower

In this class, the Bosch Comfort Mower won our first prize. This is the Bosch Rotak 32 cordless mower. It has distinguished itself from its competitors by the ease of use it provides. Adapted to all hands, adjustable according to your size, and that does not tire you even for a more or less long period, all of its strengths are what have allowed it to differentiate itself from all the others, to as long as wireless. This means that its energy is in battery and the latter can support hours of work. This lithium-ion battery is known for its exceptional durability, so you won't have to worry about breaking down in the middle of your business. This Bosch product is powered by so-called “ Ergoflex ” technology. He is certified in the classification of products that free you from your frustrations, better known in Shakespearean language as “free from frustrations”.

It's a lawnmower that you will have to push, but don't worry, it's like doing the job on its own. Just put headphones or ear muffs on your ears and you'll feel like you're high.

What are the different types of lawn mowers?

We are discussing here the questions of form, but also of food. In fact, these lawn mowers are not all the same. There are several different types that should be known in advance in order to make the best possible choice. Generally we make the comparison between manual and automatic lawnmowers and between electric and gasoline lawnmowers

Manual or motorized lawnmower?

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The first is the manual mower . This is the most common way given its price but it still does not suffer from lack of effectiveness. This mower, you just have to push it from the back along your lawn and it will do the rest. We will see the analysis of what is inside this instrument a little further down.

The second way is the semi-automatic mower that has a much more efficient engine and drives like a tractor. Generally preferred for large spaces, its price is a little higher than that of the manual mower and requires a more considered investment.

Next to what mower denotes in its traditional sense, robotics is also embedded in the middle of the lawn. It's good for your information level to know that there are also cheap lawn mowers, which operate roughly on the same principle as the newer pool robots, and now put your gardening tools at the forefront of technology.

Electric or gasoline mower?

When it is electric, the mower does not emit disturbing sound . On the contrary, it is very easy to use and the models are generally constructed in such a way as to offer unmistakable comfort to the user, which is also the case with chainsaws that run on electricity, compared to those that run on gasoline. On the other hand, it is not really suitable for gardens of relatively large dimensions. There is a small risk of jamming and overheating. On the other hand, if you want a lawn mower for your home, a small garden outside your home, the electric lawn mower is perfect.

The ones that are thermals are the opposite. Ideal for entire parks, botanicals, gasoline lawn mowers require professional know-how in their use. Obviously, they cut very well and withstand heavy workloads.

Bosch ARM 32: the lawnmower for a tight budget

the models proposed below are actually the most efficient. On the other hand, we do not always have the budget among all the mandatory expenses that we have to face these days. No panic! Our site thinks of everything and everyone. If you're on a budget, here's what we've found for you: Bosch brand is once again our lucky winner for this entry-level corded mower.

So the problem is that requires sector operation . Apart from that, it really is a product that has it all: powerful engine, steel blades, guidance system, large capacity container of about 50 liters,…

You can get hold of it for less than 200 euros . Bosch, you know his reputation. Despite a relatively lower price than the market, the quality is still there, as well as the guarantees that accompany the sale of the product. There is no exception even for a lower sale price.

Our site's contributions to the world of lawn mowers

Manufacturers make every effort to offer us lawn mowers capable of meeting all our requirements. They fight not only for the technical advantages of their products, but also for the marketing environment. Everywhere, you will see gladiatorial fights to say that this or that make or model takes precedence over the competition. Our independent site and totally dedicated to you, consumers , aims to be a trusted platform to advise you on everything related to the lawn mower in general and the accessories that come with it. But of course we also suggest you discover tests of the best gasoline brushcutters or our opinion on the most powerful roto-threads.

Selection of the best lawnmowers to discover at!

Above all, we recognize that there are brands that have built their reputations by providing quality products for decades. Therefore, it is quite objective to guarantee the properties of your productions. Black and Decker, Bosch, etc. you can enjoy this history. We are also making room for emerging brands and those that only appear in the entry-level class. In short, whatever your need, when it comes to grass, we are the benchmark. You can trust us like many consumers before you. Small, medium, large gardens, special requirements for user comfort, extravagant cutting capacity, a composted result with a very high sheet precision or simply an indication of your means-our site will provide you with all the information to help you make up your mind.

This will avoid wasting time wandering around stores and seeing labels that say the same thing about products. Click on the different links on our page for detailed instructions.

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