The best wall shelves of the year!

Decorative and useful accessory at the same time, the wall shelf quickly became an essential element for home furniture, as well as baskets and storage boxes, therefore that today there are hundreds of different models, of all colors, all materials and of all dimensions. And the observation is simple. Being successful in choosing the best wall shelf is not very easy since, in the end, you have to take into account several very specific criteria. Therefore, with the aim of helping you during your research, we have designed this comparison wall shelf in which you will have plenty of time to discover models that may interest you because they 'combine all the advantages you can expect from a accessory of this type. So in a few minutes you will know with the greatest certainty which is the best wall shelf for you.

The Agsivo wall shelf (set of 3)

The Vasagle corner wall shelf

The wall shelf Songmics LWS66W Floating Wall Shelf

The Gadgy Round Industrial Wall Shelf

The Songmics LWS40WT White Wall Shelf (Set of 3)

The King Do Way Vintage wooden wall shelf

Modul'Home wall shelf 6RAN791BC

Shelf Agsivo Gold Wall Shelf (set of 2)

Love-Kankei Wall Shelf in Wood and Iron (set of 3)

Selsey Book wall

How to know which is the best wall shelf for your accommodation?

Before you begin your search for the best shelf, you will need to take the time to identify your needs and requirements for your new home furnishing accessory. In fact, if you are looking for a bathroom wall shelf or kitchen wall shelf, for example, the model to choose will obviously not be the same. Therefore, first identify the room in which you want to install a wall shelf. Then, depending on the decor in that room, choose a wall shelf that goes perfectly with it.

It is also very important that you take some measurements beforehand to ensure that chooses a wall shelf that perfectly matches the room. In fact, it is essential that your next equipment is large enough to accommodate everything you have planned to place, and that its dimensions are also adapted to the destination room. Finally, finish by paying attention to the maximum load tolerated by your new designer wall shelf. In fact, some models can only tolerate a few light decorative objects, while others, the unfinished wood wall shelves in particular, can easily accept several tens of kilograms without risking sagging.

Wall shelf comparison: The 10 favorite models of the French!

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