The memory foam mattress will be considered a high-end product in bedding. In fact, it brings many benefits to its users, despite its high purchase price.

What is shape memory?

The memory mattress shaped the desire to adapt to all body types. In fact, it will follow the contours of your body and will quickly snap back into place when rising. Therefore, memory foam will return to an initial shape very quickly. Memory foam mattresses can come in the form of a spring, latex, or foam mattress. The shape memory layer is sometimes featured on both sides of the mattress, but this is not always the case, which may be good for your budget. So please check this point before buying.

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What are the advantages of this type of mattress?

The memory foam mattress has many advantages. many advantages for its user.

1st advantage

First, heat sensitive foam component. The advantage of the latter is that it will react depending on the temperature. It is understood that to sleep comfortably, the temperature in the house where the bed is located should be around 20 °. When a person who sweats at night uses the memory foam mattress, it will help keep the person cooler. In fact, the shape memory mattress has the ability to regulate its temperature thanks to its composition. However, it is true that the circulation of the area between the body and the mattress is limited and can annoy sleepers who sweat at night.

Second advantage

The memory foam mattress is the ideal product to obtain a high quality sleep. If you want to have a good night's sleep, this product is perfect. Easily adapts to everyone's body type. The different parts of your body are better supported, such as the neck, the back, but also the pelvis.

Third advantage

The third advantage refers to life as a couple. In fact, the memory foam mattress is the ideal sleeping product for two. You can do all the movements you want at night, without disturbing your partner. Then each of you can have a good night's sleep. Finally, this memory foam mattress provides excellent support. All your muscles are better relaxed and sleep optimized.

In short, a memory foam mattress will provide many benefits. Despite its high purchase price, this product is an excellent investment for your body and very beneficial for your nights of sleep.

How to choose a memory foam mattress?

It is not always easy to choose your memory foam mattress . In fact, each model has its own technical characteristics. Therefore, it is essential to take into account some criteria in order to make your choice.

Choose the correct mattress thickness and density

The shape memory mattress is a single layer component whose thickness is between 2.5 cm and 12.5 cm. This layer was installed on top of a material. The comfort obtained simply depends on the thickness of this layer. The thicker the layer, the better the comfort. To do it well, you should opt for a memory foam mattress between 6 and 8 cm thick. Density is also an important point. This is even one of the most important features. Therefore, it is significant to choose a bed with a very high density so that the bed is of high quality. So go for a high-density memory foam mattress.

The useful life of the mattress

It is important to know that we spend half our life sleeping. Therefore, it is essential that the useful life of the mattress is long. Memory foam mattress will also deteriorate over time, like other mattresses. So after a few years, it wasn't the same comfort that I had at first. You should know that the useful life of a product depends on its initial quality. Therefore, it is important to choose a product with high density, significant thickness and where the support will be perfect.

Choose a memory foam mattress according to your needs

When it comes time to buy your memory foam mattress, do not hesitate to seek professional advice. In fact, you need to clearly state your needs and expectations. A person with back pain will often not be referred to the same product as a person who sweats a lot at night. You should know that some memory foam mattresses have specific benefits that will be more beneficial for some people. There is no point in investing a large amount of money in a memory foam mattress designed for back problems if you don't have one.

What is the best memory foam mattress?

When the memory foam mattress first hit the market, it was presented as a true revolution for consumers. Memory foam will be completely unfamiliar at that point. This mattress first appeared in the seventies. The first products were manufactured by NASA researchers who wanted to obtain a product whose pressure points would be limited by the astronauts during lift-off. During the 1990s, the memory foam mattress appeared in the medical world and later became a bedding product offered for sale to individuals.

A luxury mattress

If the price to invest in buying your mattress does not scare you and your budget allows it, the Tempur memory foam mattress The original 19 is still number 1 But With a sale price close to € 2000, this product is intended for people who do not look at the price, but only the quality of the product they can have. The best memory foam mattress ensures optimal sleep. Made with quality materials and with a 10-year warranty, it is the benchmark in the memory foam mattress market.

The best at a low price

If you have a limited budget, but want to buy a memory foam mattress, this product is the solution for you. The Merinos Feel Good model maintains a total thickness of 21 cm including 4 cm of memory foam with a better density of 50 kg/m3. Available in different sizes, this memory foam mattress is the entry-level product. The services that offer their correct and will be able to obtain a restful quality sleep have a reduced price. You will have fun on a small budget. You will have to count around € 500 to become an owner. However, keep in mind that its lifespan will be shorter than that of a real memory foam mattress.

The best value for money

If your budget allows it and you want high-end bedding, choose the best price on memory foam mattresses Kinepur Physiotherapist. With an unbeatable value for money. With a thickness of 27 cm and 7 cm of memory foam with a density of 85 kg/m3, the Kiné + mattress is available in 10 sizes. It will cost around € 600 for a 140 × 190 mattress. You will get a high quality product that is totally reasonably priced and you will enjoy a true memory foam mattress. By offering these very different products to you, it lets you know which products are the best sellers and appreciated by consumers. This allows you to set a budget and learn about the quality you can get when purchasing your memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattress for back pain

Maybe you are one of the people who regularly has back pain in the morning? Don't worry, it could come from your mattress. To avoid this type of inconvenience, it is very important to change the bedding, at least every 10 years. Obviously, the age of the mattress is not the only reason, you may already have back problems, in this case the memory foam mattress is a great product. You should know that memory foam mattress is recommended by doctors for people with back pain. In fact, the composition of this mattress will help to relieve back pain and neck pain and will provide excellent body rest. First, the memory foam mattress with back support conforms to the shape of each person's body and will relieve tension. Your muscles will be able to relax and unwind quickly. It is this relaxation that will reduce your back pain. In fact, when the body is contracted, the pains are more present. Muscle relaxation during the night must be total to avoid maintaining back pain. By taking the shape of your body, the memory foam mattress eliminates the need to change position to feel comfortable. This will quickly relieve your back. You should know that mattresses that are too hard are not beneficial for the back and spine. The mattress must be able to present a certain flexibility for the back, which the memory mattress does. The memory foam mattress is heat sensitive. Therefore, the flexibility of sleeping arrangements can vary depending on the temperature of your bedroom. Optimum comfort is obtained between 19 and 21 °, the colder the bedroom, the firmer the mattress, on the contrary, the warmer the bedroom, the more flexible the comfort. However, this principle must be qualified because the influence is not important is the body temperature.

The memory foam mattress for whom?

Each mattress is designed for a certain type of clientele. The memory foam mattress may be for everyone, but it will be more beneficial for some people.

The memory foam mattress for pregnant women

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in a woman's life. A pregnant woman needs to feel comfortable at night so she can get enough rest. Doctors often ask pregnant women to watch their backs because the baby they are carrying is putting pressure on the spine. Rest is also essential because fatigue accumulates. Thanks to the memory foam mattress, the expectant mother will be able to sleep well at night. It is recommended to opt for a memory foam mattress with a minimum thickness of 6 cm. The mattress will be perfect for your spouse and its changes of position during the night will not wake you up. The mattress will be perfect after pregnancy also following its morphology.

The memory foam mattress for allergy sufferers

The memory foam mattress is an excellent product for people with frequent allergies. In fact, the memory foam mattress is an anti-mold, hypoallergenic product, but also a perfect anti-mite. Many people with allergies decide to buy this product. Then they can have much more pleasant nights and reduce the risk of having a seizure at any time.

The viscoelastic mattress for insomniacs

The memory foam mattress is an ideal product for insomniacs, or rather for people who have trouble falling asleep. It can also be suitable for people with restless sleepers. Thanks has its ability to adapt to the shape of your body, feeling that you are pampered and you will fall asleep faster. Your sleep will also be less restless because all your movements will be attenuated by the quality of your mattress.

The memory foam mattress for those who want to sleep well

Finally, we can say that the memory foam mattress is simply intended for people who want to get an excellent sleep. In fact, if you want to find restful sleep, all you need to do is opt for the memory foam mattress. He continuously sleeps peacefully and very comfortably. Good night awaits you.

The affordable memory foam mattress

It is essential that the memory foam mattress is a premium product and requires a certain financial investment. However, the market for bedding has evolved and now you can buy a memory foam mattress on a budget. In this article, you will learn how to get an inexpensive memory foam mattress. Many brands sell memory foam mattresses such as Tempur, Dunlopillo, and Epéda. If you want a cheap memory foam mattress, forget about Tempur brand mattresses. In fact, the latter offer thicknesses between 7 and 9 cm and are classified as the most expensive products in the memory foam market. If you opt for a mattress with a thickness of 5 cm, you can find products with quite attractive prices. The quality is still correct although less good, the comfort may seem equivalent but the service life will necessarily be shorter. To find cheaper bedding, you can also find different tips. For example, look for a store that offers factory prices without neglecting the quality of the products. Sometimes you can benefit from the end of existence and achieve very good business. Another solution is also to choose the cheapest material. The price of the mattress will vary quickly based on its material, which makes perfect sense. If you want a low price, go for the foam mattress. You will get a good quality of sleep, very firm general support and also good back support. Be careful, it is important to seek to save money, but you should not be fooled either. Don't hesitate to take your time choosing an inexpensive memory foam mattress. Compare prices on the Internet. Many specialty bedding areas frequently offer promotions on their products. It is not important to have the latest product that has just been released. You have to establish a price range from the beginning and look for quality. The French brand Kinepur offers a cheap memory foam mattress, of very good quality, thanks to direct sales.

Memory foam mattress, for or against?

In this article, discover the advantages and disadvantages of the memory foam mattress. You can then form your own opinion about the product and decide whether you are for or against. In fact, despite the many compliments made about the product, some people are still reluctant to buy the memory foam mattress, let's find out why.

The benefits of memory foam mattress

First of all, you should know that there is no mattress on the market that is made 100% with memory foam. The first advantage of the memory foam mattress is that it adapts perfectly to the lines of your body. Therefore, it will adapt very quickly to your body type and give you real relaxation. All the stresses you feel during the day will be reduced and your joints will feel relieved. The memory foam mattress immediately returns to its original shape with every change in position. This adaptability will also help avoid all movements caused by discomfort at night. In fact, your or your partner's position changes will no longer wake you up. If neck pain sulfur, memory foam mattress is highly recommended to relieve it. In fact, memory foam will reduce compression points. The memory foam mattress is also an ideal product for allergy sufferers. In fact, it is designed to be hypoallergenic, anti-dust mite, anti-mold and anti-bacterial.

Finally, the memory foam mattress is ideal for life as a couple. Offers excellent independence for sleeping. You will no longer sentence your partner's movements and you will have a good night's sleep. This quality is very appreciable, especially if your partner wants to have a worried dream.

The disadvantages of the viscoelastic mattress

The viscoelastic mattress also has some drawbacks. It is for these reasons that some people are against this type of mattress. Simply because it does not meet your requirements. First of all, the first drawback of the memory foam mattress is the fact that it does not provide the rebound of the spring mattress. In fact, the memory foam mattress will attenuate all the movements that you feel during the night, so it will not always be easy to change position even if you do not realize it because you are sleeping. Therefore, we can say that the memory mattress is not tonic. A mattress that responds to heat can quickly turn this advantage into a disadvantage. In fact, shape memory will make people who sweat at night uncomfortable. As the mattress adapted to the shape of your body, there are no spaces for air circulation. If the cold is too cold, you feel like you are sleeping in too hard a bed. On the contrary, if the heat is too much, the mattress will become too soft. For your memory foam mattress to express all its qualities, it is therefore necessary that your bed be installed in a room where the temperature is between 19 and 22 degrees.

What memory foam mattress to buy?

In this article, discover the results of the market leading memory foam mattresses. We have selected simple criteria to allow the most objective comparison possible between various brands. You will be able to get an idea of ​​the characteristics, budgets, compare and choose the model that suits you best.

High density mattresses:

TEMPUR, Swedish brand

Original mattress 19/viola 19cm/8cm shape memory 75kgm3/1989 € The benchmark in terms of shape memory mattresses, but unfortunately too expensive.

KINEPUR, French brand

Mattress Kiné +/height 27cm/7cm of memory shape at 85kg/m3/599 € An excellent inexpensive memory foam mattress, thanks to direct sales exclusively on the Internet.

Medium density mattresses

BULTEX, French brand I-novo 970 mattress/height 26cm/5.5cm of shape memory? kg/m3/1229 € A good mattress with shape memory, with enveloping comfort and too high a price.

DUNLOPILLO , British brand

Relaxima mattress/height 22cm/4cm shape memory 60kg/m3/€ 539 A mattress with a shape memory contact, but 4cm is not enough to convert it into a real shape memory.

TRECA, French brand

Arobase 4 mattress/height 30cm/7cm with shape memory 55kg/m3/739 € A good pocket spring mattress with a good shape memory bed.

Mattresses of low density pap á

SIMMONS, American brand

Cascade Sensoft mattress/height 24cm/4cm shape memory in 50 kg/m²/563 € A good spring mattress with pockets with shape memory contact, but 4 cm is not enough to make a real memory of the shape.

MERINOS, French brand

Beasley mattress/height 21cm/6cm shape memory 45/m3/€ 412 A good mattress, with a good value for money. Too bad the density of the shape memory is a bit low .

All about memory foam mattress

Memory foam mattress will be considered a premium product. It is known for providing unmatched quality of sleep. However, its sale prices Sometimes too high stops customers. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about memory foam mattresses.

What is shape memory?

Memory It is formed by a layer of heat sensitive memory foam. This layer can be offered in different thicknesses and different densities depending on the model. It is known that this m ateri al reacts according to body heat, where it allows it to adapt to the shape of your body and adapt to the contours of your body. This material is called “shape memory” because it is able to quickly regain its initial shape.

Why these price differences in sales prices?

It is true that sometimes we see impressive price differences in the sales prices of memory foam mattresses (from € 200 to more than € 2,000 or even € 4,000 at times), the density and the quantity But the materials do not justify these differences on their own. It is also necessary to take into account the advertising budgets spent by the big brands and the multiplication of the intermediate margins according to the mode of distribution (shops/internet). The finishes can also be tidier for certain products. Note, if the price is high it does not necessarily mean that the comfort is superior.

Advantages of the memory foam mattress

Like any mattress in the clothing market memory foam mattress has certain advantages. First of all, it is highly recommended for people with back pain. Memory foam will relieve your pain during the night. In fact, this mattress was adapted to your morphology by following the lines of your body. This will favor the relaxation of your muscles. Secondly, you also have very good independence for sleep. If you divide your nights together, this is the product. In fact, the movements of your partner do not they will feel and you will not feel ashamed, even if your partner tends to have restless nights.

The disadvantages of the memory foam mattress

Like any bedding product, the Memory foam also has its downsides-no product is perfect anyway! You should know that the memory foam mattress should be placed in a room where the temperature fluctuates between 19 ° and 21 °. In fact, very sensitive to temperature, the mattress will tend to be too firm if it is too cold. On the contrary, it is it will become too soft if the temperature is too high. Finally, memory foam mattress is sometimes not appreciated because it does not have great dynamics. In fact, your changes of position at night may be difficult. Earsto may some people who will then be awakened by this difficulty.