How to choose the right massage chair?

The massage chairs allow you to experience sensations of body well-being. The save the trouble of going has a professional massage center for certain treatments or massages. Also, it will cost a lot of money every time he wants to get a massage.

However, with the massage chair you no longer have to spend money. money all the time as they will give you the opportunity to massage your body as many times as you want. But before buying a massage chair you should know that there are several types of massage chairs , some cheap and others more expensive with significant functions.

Our opinion on the INTEY Shiatsu massage seat

How about a seat that combines technology, comfort and good health? Hey Yes! With a Shiatsu massage chair, you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But why choose the INTEY Shiatsu model? All the answers in this guide!

The INTEY Shiatsu massage chair: for optimal relaxation

This Shiatsu massage chair has something for everyone. users with its many functions. With this INTEY product, quickly forget about back pain and muscle fatigue.

Technical specifications of the INTEY Shiatsu massage chair

This Shiatsu massage seat guarantees you an ultra-effective relaxation session. Equipped with 8 massage balls, it will relieve tensions in your muscles. This equipment can support both the cervix and the shoulders along the spine. Characterized by two rocking modes, it is also ideal for rigid necks squid. It also has a function to knead the waist and buttocks. To adapt to all needs, this seat offers 3 levels of vibration. Thanks to all these functions, this massage chair relieves muscle pain caused by the Rigidz.

By emitting infrared heat, this chair warms your body while improving blood circulation in your body. With an automatic function, this chair stops working after 15 minutes of use. This stop prevents misuse of the equipment, but also its overheating.

Equipped with a standard size seat, this Shiatsu massage seat suitable for all body types. In addition, you will have the possibility to adjust its height, according to your convenience. To protect your chair from dirt, this equipment is equipped with a removable zipper. You can clean the cover separately at any time without risking deterioration of the seat's function.

Delivered with a remote control, this Shiatsu massage seat can be adjusted remotely. With a single weight of 5 kg, it can accompany you anywhere: office, vacation, car. To adapt to any type of use, it can be plugged into the network, an adapter or a cigarette lighter. In general, this INTEY Shiatsu massage course model is adapted to all user profiles. It will improve the daily life of the elderly by relieving age-related muscle aches, but it can also be a great ally for those who like relaxation. All you have to do is adopt this massage chair!

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One massage chair but several models

Considered as a unique solution for well-being, the massage chair exists in several models that can satisfy various needs. However, to know what exactly you are looking for, you must first know what the different massage chairs are made of and their respective advantages; These are elements that will allow you to differentiate them to make your choice with total security.

For example, you have the massage chair that works with coins and has a purse that can be installed in a public place, so that all those who wish Get a massage you can come and get a massage treatment during a break or even during a moment of relaxation.

There is also the touch that produces the same effects as a hatching when modifying the weights. To undergo tapping massage frequently with the same force, can use a massage chair, there is only the possibility of feeling better.

It also has grip, which is not easy to do with the massage chair. In fact it is a method that pushes the subject to subject and return to leave the legs or even the hands of the person to massage so that it relaxes and reduces muscle pain.

Other chairs have predefined options developed by designers. In this specific case, you will only have to make the choice of these types of chairs if they meet your expectations. You also have the shiatsu chair that gives you benefits with Japanese shiatsu massage methods. This is a type of massage chair that works with electricity and is capable of giving you massages that make shiatsu one of the best types of massage in the world.

In addition, the Shiatsu chair is equipped with various massage balls and rollers, various actions performed with the fingers in various key places on the body taken from this massage method and which produce the same effects as massage performed on a On the other hand, shiatsu massage offers acupuncture-based massages.On the other hand, with the shiatsu massage chair, you will not use needles.This chair offers a great advantage to its user, who will be massaged at home.In fact, the shiatsu chair allows you to perform a massage choosing your times and places to massage.It will help you increase the capacity of your brain, it will provide you with calm in the extremities so that you are less tense.You have the possibility to indicate the place to massage: back, lower back, upper back.

You finally have the armchair heated massage, which maintains an integrated heating system.This is an advantageous function, which warms the body by relaxing the body and muscles and increases the efficiency of the actions carried out by the chair.It should be noted in passing that the heat it produces It increases gradually when you press a button.

And the most recommended material for the design of this type of chair is synthetic leather.This covers the heated massage chair, to facilitate its operation and make it resistant so as not to self-destruct when heated.On the other hand, you should not be exposed to heat for a long time, at the risk of destroying your health; For this you should consider altering your massage sessions in the heat.

To enjoy the beneficiaries of the massages offered by the massage chair, you must know its different characteristics.It all depends on where you go to massage while sitting in this chair.Massage chairs have their own peculiarities that offer the user the benefit of an acupressure massage, based on acupuncture without the use of needles.

It also helps to stimulate the most significant parts of the body to restore a certain balance and optimize the strength of the body.Strengthens the body's defenses.Acupressure massage can be performed by using a chair shiatsu massage.Its effectiveness lies in the location of the uptake areas of the human body and their arousal during the massage.And by combining computer programs with the mechanical tools used in massage chairs, re The result was satisfactory.

Various sensors have been set up to facilitate recognition of places like the back.This makes this chair even more efficient.Acupressure massage It will allow you to treat headaches, eradicate dizziness, insomnia.You offer an area compression dough, a kneading dough, a roller probing dough.You also have the mechanical rollers, the tapping massage and finally the grip.However, other chairs offer ready-to-use options.

There are several types of massage with a massage chair or seat

You have the massage compression air that relieves the lower extremities such as cakes, calves and the balls of the feet.Complements the action of the acupressure massage.In fact, it uses an airbag option that consists of knots that facilitate the incitement of the areas less important parts of the body.based on the inflation of an airbag that pushes the knot so that it reaches the place to be massaged to provide the desired benefits.

In fact, the actions of the airbags produce pumping effects.Thanks to them you can evacuate toxins and increase lymphatic purification.You also have the mechanical rollers that differ from air compression systems because they knead, manipulate the legs.And when the air bags produce compression, the rollers also produce a real movement.

The chairs contain massage balls, rollers that create rotational movements.This produces kneading effects.You can achieve this by squeezing the affected area of ​​the body.And when massaging, the chair will pass the tension through the roller and become elastic to allow the body to relax and revitalize the body.By activating the rotary actions with the thumb, press the places where the ailments are present.The massage treatment relieves ailments and restores muscle strength.It also helps reduce fatigue while facilitating blood circulation so it can flow easily.

Feel with your massage seat

C 'is a known massage process.When moving vertically, the massage balls and rollers of massage, this gives the patient the possibility to benefit from a quite real rolling touch massage.

Regarding the Rolling massage, you will be able to lengthen your spine.Its effectiveness lies in that it facilitates the relief of the back muscles.Lengthening the muscles facilitated the reduction of tension in the spine.

This massage method improves blood circulation and increases skin temperature, especially when the place where massages and massage rollers are important.


During Their Operation, massage chairs produce the same effects of the line when changing the thrusts.And the massage chair is very effective to perform a recurring tapping massage.You also have other types of massage chairs that give you the perch of more than five hundred beats per minute.

Regarding the grip, we can define it as a painful but possible action to perform.In fact, it is a form of massage that consists of relaxing the lower or upper extremities of the person to be massaged to loosen and relieve muscle ailments.But there are other chairs a system that facilitated the execution of movements.


Massage chairs are sold in specialty stores, in stores that sell household appliances and online stores.As it becomes more and more popular, it is possible to find it at affordable prices.This shows that it is possible to buy a massage chair whatever the budget, as it adapts to the different features offered.

Thinking between going to a massage session at an institute and buying a massage chair once and for all, people prefer the second solution that is more advantageous.As you know there are several models of massage chairs: electric, heated, vibrating massage chairs, coin-operated, shiatsu.

You must also take into account several factors such as the range in which the massage chair is stored, the different features offered, the fabric model used to cover it, the quality with which the chair was designed: particular the different accessories and tools, the shape of the chair.

In addition, other models with better performance are emerging.So if you want to include a massage chair, do not hesitate to visit stores that sell this type of product, in e-stores , in stores that also sell household appliances; but they offer high prices…

How to buy the best economic massage chair

You must buy a quality massage chair if you want to enjoy It is true that the price can vary from one chair to another, but there is always the possibility of getting a cheaper massage chair.For this you just have to choose the best massage chairs from the list of massage chairs.massage available in stores and this according to your economic capacity.

First of all, you must take into account certain conditions such as the Warranty, because the price includes labor and accessories used.Check the components and the different functions it has the massage chair; for this you must check all the characteristics to see if you agree; you can also try it to decide and check that it is a chair that can be adjusted to massage at the corresponding speed, control the quality of the massage, that it is comfortable and that responds to the shape of your body.

Control the tools with which your chairs are upholstered.Chairs are often upholstered with a material that varies from chair to chair.You have armchairs upholstered with fabric vinyl, leather fabric…or designed with wood, plastic, metal, so you have the possibility to choose the material from which your chair will be made.

Remember that the massage chair is equipped with a motor.We recommend that you choose a chair equipped with several motors, this will allow you to alternate between one of the motors, thus ensuring a long life for the massage chair, but for an investment of almost a thousand euros, you will surely return a very good massage chair.

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