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What is the best circular saw 2021?

Traditional saws have long been the companions of DIYers and professionals. They have taken many forms over the centuries. It is the quintessential tool that a good handyman should have. You can find evidence of this for yourself by looking at frescoes and illustrations dating back to the Middle Ages and even ancient times. Technical progress has brought its retouch to this old saw that led us to the arrival of circular saws.

You will have several models of circular saws according to different manufacturers. In fact, this tool varies according to its designers and can have various functionalities. Eventually, you will have a hard time picking one if you don't meet some choice policies. These are our top tips if you want to buy a circular saw in the future. We will also present two models that may interest you at the end of the article.

Best circular saw top 4 and comparison

Comparison of the 10 best circular saws of the year

What are the tools for

The main function of the circular saw is to cut.It is used to cut various materials ranging from plates to bars.In traditional saws, we had a blade with a toothed part.This blade is now replaced by a toothed disc.The latter will turn on itself by means of an electric motor.This will ensure the torque necessary to produce the cutting force.Despite the existence of several models, it is still very practical and very ergonomic.

This is a resounding success with professionals.The circular saw offers the ability to start multiple jobs on one chain.This saves you You will save time with a Guarantee of the quality of your work.In addition, precision is one of the key advantages of this equipment.

Price of a circular saw

Compared to d For other tools like nail grinders or staplers, the price of a circular saw is relatively expensive.However, this is quite understandable, it is that this tool is still essential for a professional like a carpenter or maintenance personnel.In addition, a circular saw has passed several safety tests.With a speed of several miles of revolutions per minute, it is essential to give a Safety Guarantee.It is for all these reasons that the unit price of a saw remains high compared to other tools.The recommended price of a circular saw is 300 euros.It is quite possible to find one with a slightly lower price.However, 300 euros is still the benchmark for quality equipment with the best Safety guarantees.

How to choose your circular saw

As everything The purchase requires, several parameters must be considered before opting for a These parameters will thus constitute what are called selection criteria.To do this, the first parameter to keep in mind is the power of the device.This reflects the number of revolutions per minute that the disc will be able to reach., the more you can go over various materials without encountering any difficulties.

Analyze the power of the circular saw

In As an indication, opt for saws circular with powers higher than 900W since at 800W , some models have problems cutting some materials.After that, you should review the safety options.This criterion is essential when making a purchase.You should take into account as a high speed rotating disc p You can pierce a wall.Be careful with the models offered by your dealer.Finally, the last criterion to consider refers to functionality and ergonomics.This varies by manufacturer.It is better to opt for something that is useful, such as Example rails mounted in series.

Two interesting models

The Bosch GKT 55 GCE circular saw

Bosch, just By name, it speaks of efficiency and quality.The German assured about this model of circular saw.It is equipped with a motor that works at 1400 Watts.In summary, this figure shows how versatile this tool is.It does not exclude any type of material and thin or thick plates passes with unmatched ease and speed.The motor is also electronically regulated, giving you optimal working conditions.It draws attention for its ease of use while having several features.a dust extraction system to board.So you can always keep an eye on your activity.

The Festool TS 55 RQ

This model from the Festool brand is well known compared to his counterpart from bosch. However, it is still very effective for cutting. It contains a power of 1050 Watts. This power is sufficient to pass various materials under the disc teeth. You are assured of straight, clean cutting lines thanks to the rails mounted on the tools. Therefore, even if you are an amateur, you can feel proud after seeing the quality of your work.

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