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How to expand your home? Editorial board!

Do you own your home and need more space, whether it's to accommodate a new child, to improve your daily comfort, or to create additional storage space, for example? In this case, instead of reselling your property to buy a new one, it may be worth expanding your home. This type of project is becoming more and more common because it is actually quite simple to configure. In this article we are going to share with you all our tips so that you know exactly how to gain extra square footage.

The different solutions to expand your home

If you want to improve your house, you have at your disposal several different solutions, thus guaranteeing you to find the project that suits best suit your needs. In fact, if you want, you can, for example, convert an attic (if it is considered suitable for conversion). If not, you will need to call in a professional who will modify the architecture of your roof. But the extension of the house can also take the form of an elevation, which means that the roof of your house will be removed to add an additional floor in its place.

Of course, if you have land around your accommodation, many other possibilities will be available to you as For example, you can create an extension that is not attached to your house or create a horizontal extension or a terrace, for example. Simply put, whatever your needs are, there is sure to be a solution that can satisfy them with the greatest fidelity. To be sure you are making the right decision, we invite you to take the time to list all your needs precisely, as well as the pros and cons of each of these possibilities, allowing you to more easily orient your research towards it. objective. to carry out your project in the best conditions.

What steps to follow to enlarge your house?

Obviously, the extension of a house must be done according to some essential rules that are extremely important to follow. In the first place, you must make a prior declaration of work to your council, for any area less than 40 m². Beyond that, you will have to apply for a building permit, after which you will have to wait for the agreement of your city council before even starting work.

In addition, depending on the extension of the house you want, some additional work may be necessary, such as expanding your electrical network, insulation or even painting for example . When you choose the brand that will do this work for you, make sure that it will take care of all this work, as may be the case with Camif Habitat for example. Finally, if you want to start working on your project right now, don't hesitate to have several free estimates made by professionals close to you, who will give you a relatively accurate idea of ​​the price of a home extension.

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