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How to choose the right lock model?

Are you planning to change the lock to make your home more secure or because your old equipment is starting to stop working? So this article should interest you as we will explain very precisely how to choose your new lock. Such an accessory, despite what it may be tempting to believe, cannot be chosen at random. In fact, it is essential to take into account several very precise criteria that will help you optimize the security of your accommodation and, consequently, that will guarantee you the greatest satisfaction.

The criteria to respect to choose the appropriate new padlock

If you buy a new lock to replace the old one, it will be easier to find the right model as you will have to start from there 'existing, mainly for reasons of compatibility with your door. Specifically, to choose the correct lock, start by looking at the physical characteristics of your next accessory. For example, you will be able to choose between a recessed or surface mounted door lock. Next, you will also need to identify whether, for your convenience, you prefer a vertical or horizontal lock.

Depending on the orientation of your door, push from the lock will also be important. In fact, if your door hinges are on the left, you will have to choose a lock by pushing to the right. And conversely, if the hinges are on the right, the push of the lock should be located on the left. Finally, also be very careful to perfectly consider the dimensions of your next lock, which must correspond exactly to the dimensions of your door, and in particular the lock case, the face plate, the distance between centers and the bolts, of Otherwise, the Installation of your new lock could be more complicated or even impossible in some cases. Lastly, also consider the lock's locking system, which can be cylindrical or mechanical, which, again, will not offer the same benefits or the same level of security.

Why is it so important to choose only the best lock?

If everyone agrees that choosing the best lock is extremely important, and in particular specialized sites like, this is explained by the fact that that a good lock will be the only wall between your home and the outside. For example, if your lock is too fragile, a malicious person will have no trouble picking it up into your home, while a high-quality lock, known for its strength, will be much more difficult to pick. Some locks are even known to be unbreakable, which obviously gives you the best level of security. It is also interesting to know that a good lock does not have to be very expensive. For just a few tens of euros, you can afford an exceptional accessory that you can count on to effectively protect your home.

Finally, by choosing the best lock for your home, you can also save yourself a lot of trouble when installing it. If the model you have chosen fits your door perfectly, all you need is a few minutes to position it. On the other hand, if the new lock you just bought does not match the door, it will be much more difficult to install, and it may even be that this installation is simply not possible. As you may have understood, choosing the best lock is not complicated, but it is still necessary to be very careful to monitor some very specific criteria.

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