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How to choose the right electric router? The complete buying guide!

The wood industry is attracting more and more people, and the proof is the sales of inexpensive electric planers or random orbital sanders have never been better. Experience alone is not enough to produce optimal and satisfactory results. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will need a tool adapted to the requirements of carpentry. It must be sufficiently equipped to achieve quality slots and rounds. Let's see how the Electric Ripper will improve and make your woodworking jobs easier. Then we will help you to choose the appropriate model and to buy the tool.

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Why equip yourself with a router?

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The router and the router are used to make trim and railings. The first is called “finger eater” because its use does not provide sufficient safety for the hands. In addition to this aspect, its lack of precision on the small radii leaves too many touch-ups at hand. In addition, its size makes it difficult to install and its weight makes it a cumbersome and difficult machine to transport. These are the difficulties that the electric router solves. Portable and not very heavy, it can be moved as easily as a quality saber saw or a good impact wrench. Its return spring is a safety device thanks to its automatic ascent, when it finishes its work. In addition, the power of its engine is remarkable. Adjustable on the slider, its power ranges from 600 to 2000 watts . Adjustable to the millimeter, it makes grooves and countersinks above and below the wood with remarkable precision and delicacy.

The router shows great versatility for your machining, preparation, cutting and assembly jobs. Undeniably practical, this tool will give you work pleasure because it saves you from wasting energy unnecessarily. Its assisted steering allows you to correctly steer the device for better rendering. The machine also has an independent steering that gives you the flexibility to multitask. Its depth stop integrated in one of its handles simplifies the adjustment of the device. This makes it easier for you to have jobs with neat shapes . The two handles located near the motor provide good ergonomics for your tool. So you can easily maneuver it for a quality polish. Once the advantages of the router have been established, here is the procedure to follow to choose a quality one.

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What are the criteria What should you consider when choosing your router?

Buying an electric router requires a certain amount of information beforehand. You should start by inspecting the power of the motor. This parameter is essential, as it can affect your achievements based on the uses to which the device will be assigned. To finish the job, a 1000 watt appliance would work for you. On the other hand, if you want to work without staining yourself, opt for a machine equipped with an outlet for chips and sawdust. This type of router allows to directly connect the vacuum cleaner to collect debris. For greater maneuverability, it is helpful to make sure the engine has a switch to start. As far as ergonomics are concerned, we recommend a light machine that you can maneuver without too much difficulty. After the 8kg mark, it will be painful to use it even more if you do it regularly.

Price is a decisive purchase factor, just like when choosing a drill press. We recommend that you inquire about this before ordering. For example, it is recommended that a professional prioritize quality. In general, the more options a machine has, the more it costs. The price of the best routers varies between € 100 and € 450 . On the contrary, if you just like to play, choose one for less than € 100. However, keep in mind that the price does not depend on the quality. There is also the brand. Some brands do not perform well, but they represent a guarantee of strength, durability, practicality and more. Also, some manufacturers have a very strong label due to the authenticity of the products they sell. Above all, keep your priorities and expectations in mind.

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Where to get an electric router at the best price?

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You can easily buy a cheaper and good quality router on the Internet. In fact, on the web you have a multitude of stores which gives you the possibility of benefiting from many privileges. One of those advantages is that it allows you to compare multiple offers from your location. All of this is done in no time, regardless of the time and day. Another advantage of e-commerce is that you can visit the manufacturers' websites to find the approved price for the tool you are interested in. Also, price comparators are available on online shopping sites to inform you of the value attributed to your device. So you can see which platform sells the best devices at low prices. Do not hesitate to consult the promotional offers. They always allow you to save money.

At Amazon, you will find some particularly powerful electric routers with some professional features. This e-commerce platform offers a considerable advantage over many other commercial sites. Not only does it provide you with its own products, but it also selects the best sellers, including individuals and experts. This gives you a variety of options to get your electric router at the best value for money . The website provides you with the Prime service through which it is delivered to you free of charge every day except Sundays. It also offers the ability to receive your tool the same night as the order if you are in an eligible area. Also, this e-commerce giant regularly hosts flash sales. These are the perfect opportunities to help you make real profits. Attention ! These promotional actions are short-lived. So hurry up so you don't miss out on a good deal.

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