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A grinder is a fairly common DIY tool in workshops. Its much is often misleading is that a grinder is not limited to a simple grinding activity. That being said, its versatility is a good reason why a good handyman can't do without it. It is one of those teams that, once in hand, guarantees excellent results for your projects. However, buying any craft supplies has a certain concern . In fact, there are several brands with different models on the market. This article has been designed to help you if you want to get a grinder in the next few days. All our advice comes from professional advice, in which some criteria are important to you. We will also share with you our opinion on two models that we believe deserve your attention.

Comparison of the 10 best cordless grinders

A grinder, why

A grinder is obviously a device designed to grind metal. However, deviated from its primary function, a grinder can serve many purposes. This explains why good DIY enthusiasts hold it in high esteem. In addition to being able to crush metal, it can cut very well together, brush, sand, cut various types of materials such as wood, plastic and of course, a multitude of types of metal. This material can replace a classic hacksaw. With it, you can save considerable time. However, work on a grinder, in addition to grinding, remains in the rough category. To do this, you will have to go through other tools to finish.

Price of a grinder

The price of a grinder is generally affordable for any social class. You don't have to plan a big budget to buy one of these tools. In fact, a good grinder will cost only a few tens of euros, unlike electric saws. That said, the average price of a grinder is still around 50 euros, so anyone can get it to satisfy these DIY desires. It will only be necessary to provide the various accessories such as the disks that are deteriorate as they are used. However, all of this should in no way compromise your financial resources.

Choose the correct grinder

The choice between the different models of grinders can to address a problem, is that it is often difficult to identify this equipment. In fact, a grinder has several technical aspects that must be considered before you can determine which model or model to choose. The choice will have a direct impact on the quality of your work. Therefore, we must first consider the overall ergonomics of the device. This is the end result, it is necessary to define the conditions with which you will have to work. That is, you will have to choose the material with which you feel comfortable, sober everything, monitor the weight, the presence of non-slip coating … Then comes the power criterion. Remember, a grinder is a rotating machine. Therefore, a series of figures must be overcome to make it work wonderfully on any type of material. The best advice is to favor models with powers greater than 300W. Finally, the last criterion refers to the price relative to each one. However, it is better not to exceed the average mentioned above.

Interesting grinders

The Bosch Professional GWS 7-125

This model is designed by the German manufacturer Bosch. It is still the best selling model at the moment. Just for the brand number, this grinder already reflects the quality just with a simple outside view. In practice, various materials such as PVC, wood or even concrete can be very sober. It is equipped with a 720W motor that will give you the greatest possible versatility in any situation. The brand has also emphasized overall ergonomics by equipping the grinder with a tubular side handle. Safety has also been safely monitored, is that the grinder is equipped with a non-deformable protective cover and protection against an unexpected restart. Last but not least, the weight of the equipment is only 2 kg and the price is very correct, 54.90 euros. In short, you will have a solid hand that will relax at nothing to satisfy your desires.

The Einhell TC-AG 125

This Einhell grinder hits first with a confusing technical blade, especially in terms of power at 850 Watts. In short, all this power in the engine will guarantee you the highest quality in your future projects. That said, it is very attractive in terms of ergonomics, there is only a total weight of only 2.15 kg. The side handle is also removable, allowing you to position it to the right or left according to your preference. However, it is sold for an unimaginable price of 28 euros despite all these qualities. If a grinder is worth visiting, this is the one.

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