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Complete comparison to choose the best puzzle of the moment!

Getting a job done is inevitably something that must be done with rigor and precision, as well as with a minimum of technical knowledge. But to achieve your goals, it is also essential that you are equipped with tools that you can trust in any situation. Regardless of your projects, some portable power tools will always come in handy, like the electric drill screwdriver or the corded eccentric sander for example. But in this article, it is the puzzle that we wanted to talk to you about. Actually, there are dozens of very different models, and finding the device that perfectly meets all your expectations can quickly turn into a real obstacle course. That's why we wanted to bring you this Puzzle Comparison , which should let you quickly know which is the best team in your opinion.

Top 4 of the best jigsaws of the year

Bosch GST 150 CE: The best jigsaw sold at ManoMano!

The Bosch GST 150 CE is an ultra powerful jigsaw that will allow you to perform all your works thanks to its 780 watt motor that will also be very useful for small daily life jobs as well as for large-scale jobs, such as cutting beams or solid wood planks. However, this power is not the only strength of this model, as it will also benefit from the new Bosch saw blade system, which will give you impressive cutting precision.

Of course, Bosch is a brand recognized for the quality of the devices it develops, and if you choose to offer you the Bosch GST 150 CE , you will not be fully satisfied, especially since you will benefit from an ultra-simple and ergonomic device thanks to which you can work in the greatest comfort. Finally, a dust extraction system has been integrated so that you can play cleanly while maintaining perfect visibility on your work surface.

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Comparison of the 10 best jigsaws of 2021

What jobs can be done with a jigsaw?

Actually, the jigsaw can be thought of as a multi-function cutting tool in the sense that it will be essential for you to complete many different projects. In fact, thanks to it, you will be able, for example, to cut wood in a rectilinear way, although it is true that for this scenario it is preferable that you choose a circular saw that will be much more precise. The jigsaw also allows you to make high precision or rounded cuts, even if DIY is not your area of ​​choice.

As you wish, for example, make custom shelves, a piece of furniture in your image or if you want to make a PVC wardrobe for example, everything will be possible for you, always and when you're equipped with the right saw blades. The jigsaw was originally designed primarily to be able to cut wood or some other less robust materials such as plastic and other petroleum products. Therefore, you will not be able to consider cutting metal or concrete, because the saw blade is too thin.

Makita 4329: The jigsaw with the best quality/price ratio on Amazon!

The Makita 4329 jigsaw is a very interesting power tool in terms of price in view of all the qualities that it develops. By choosing to equip yourself with it, you will be able to consider many different types of cuts, always with the certainty that the result will meet your requirements. With its 450 watt motor and its weight of just 1.9 kilograms, it will be perfect for precision or structural work.

If we wanted to talk to you about the Makita 4329 jigsaw, it is also because it has a 3-position pendulum motion thanks to which you can Cut certain materials like wood slightly at an angle for an impressive finished result. In all, you can enjoy a tilt of up to 45 °, remarkable performance for an economically affordable jigsaw.

How to choose your jigsaw? Editor's tip!

Despite some features that may seem very technical, the puzzle is still a relatively easy DIY tool to choose from, as long as you take the time to carefully study each criterion. First of all, it will be essential that you take into account the power of the jigsaw that must be adapted to your needs. If you are planning a major job, then a device of at least 450 watts will be necessary. On the contrary, for smaller jobs, a power of 300 watts will suffice. On the other hand, we recommend that you avoid models whose power would be lower, as you could unfortunately find that the efficiency is not enough.

Next, as with any other power tool you might buy, it will be important that you take the time to thoroughly study the general ergonomics of your next jigsaw. . This applies, for example, to the total weight or even to the coating of the handle which, ideally, should be coated with a non-slip material that will help you to work comfortably. Finally, finish by considering the additional features it offers, such as the ability to cut at an angle or attach a vacuum cleaner, for example. These optional features can play a very important role in your final satisfaction.

Festool PS 300 EQ-Plus Trion: A high-end circular saw for discerning DIY enthusiasts!

If you are a professional or a particularly demanding DIY enthusiast, the Festool PS 300 EQ-Plus puzzle Trion is the device for you, as it is currently considered one of the best devices of its generation, and in many ways. In fact, it is made from only high-quality materials, ensuring that you will be able to use it intensively for many years without ever experiencing any malfunctions.

Equipped with a 720-watt electronic CMM motor, the Festool PS 300 EQ-Plus Trion jigsaw will be able to offer you a depth of cut of 120 millimeters, as well as An inclination of the blade up to 45 °. But what we also appreciate a lot about this model is the fact that everything has been designed for your comfort. From the vacuum connection to the non-slip coating and the weight of just 2.4 kilograms, every feature is perfect. And when choosing this model, one thing is for sure, your satisfaction can only reach new heights!

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